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The United States needs to cut Military Aid to Israel and recognize Palestine

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Started: 12/12/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The United States is currently supplying 3.9 Billion Dollars to the Government of Israel. This money is going towards a military which violates the inalienable human rights which the Palestinians are given by international law, and is also going towards the formation of a second Apartheid. The War Crimes committed by the Israeli defense are extreme, and uncalled for. The government claims these crimes are for their own self defense. Self-defense, as determined by Article 51 of the UN Charter, applies when the facts of violence alone justify the act, leaving "no choice of means and no moment for deliberation" Yet from the 2010-2014 time period almost 7,000 Palestinians have died while less than 1,000 Israelis did. They are also knowingly in violation of the NPT with the production of Nuclear Weapons. How could America support such a rouge state.

A relationship with Israel has also hampered relations between the US and the rest of the Middle East. It was cited by Bin Laden in his letter to the United States that one of the main reasons behind the tragedy of 9/11 was the United States backing Israel as they tried to keep expanding beyond the agreed upon terms which were set by the UN. This has also caused the relations between multiple middle east countries and the United States to not reach their full potential. 90% of the current problems in the Middle East could be solved if America simply cut the aid, and identified Palestine as a country.


The United States should continue to support the nation-state of Israel, and should continue to supply military aid to the country.

Support for Israel in terms of military is more than the debate between Israel/Palestine. This conflict looks back to the end of the Holocaust, and the perception of support for a defeated and attacked people as a whole. There was a conflict with the sense that Israelis, and specifically the Jews who primarily encompass what Israel's population is today were are the end of the Holocaust fearful for return to any home due to the vast amounts of anti-semitism that swooped through Europe and other parts of the world. With this in mind, there were only so many supporters of the Jewish people at the end of the Holocaust. Western allies such as Great Britain, France and the United States in particular were some of the only left who were in support of building up and protecting a devastated people (

With the spread of anti-Jewish figures in the Eastern World, there was a need for the United States to begin to support Israel more heavily. In 1945 Harry Truman got involved with the protection of the new state of Israel (Green, "Why Does the United States Give So Much Money to Israel?" The Atlantic).

And even into today, there are more than plenty of reasons for continued military support. With the threat of continued nuclear attack, there is an importance of having a nuclear ally in the Middle East to aid in the cut-off war happening overall. Plus, the support from the United States is taking the load off Israel, allowing them the true time to work on building themselves stronger over time. Thusly supporting a stronger military in the long-run (Green, "Why Does the United States Give So Much Money to Israel?" The Atlantic).
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Hello, Thank you for responding to my debate! I look forward to the challenge!
In your argument you are referencing the creation of Israel. Israel has the right to exist. This is not the argument, my platform is not one of a one state solution that is Palestine. My argument is for cutting aid to the government on the basis of human rights issues. Which you did not acknowledge. It is also because an Apartheid against the Palestinian people is forming.1 That was not addressed, the one point you did acknowledge is their nuclear arsenal. While it provides protection, it is against international law.2 As a global super power we should not be supplying aid to a country with a nuclear arsenal that is against the NPT while we are threatening the DPRK with war for doing the same thing. The war crimes the Israeli government is apart of is not something that I want my government supplying billions of dollars too. Palestinians are people too, and while they have also committed crimes they have repented, and Israel hasn't even though their crimes are much worse. The fact we won't acknowledge the state is appalling. If we cut aid what bad would happen? They aren't a threat to our military. We would strengthen our relationship with rule abiding countries in that region such as Jordan, Morocco, and more. Iran would be willing to talk to us. I'm sorry, but we would a small country verse the rest of the world... I like this better than going against 2 P5 nations, and the whole Middle East.

Thank you and please refute my points I said or else I will just assume that you don't have an answer to them..

2. NPT
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Posted by Truth-Over-Emotion 2 years ago
What America really needs to do is stay out of the Middle Eastern wars.
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