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The United States should cut funding to Israel

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Started: 2/19/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The United States of America was, without a doubt, the biggest advocate for human's rights and freedom. It was freedom and justice that had distinguished our country from so many others, and it was freedom and justice that caused us to intervene in Iraq, Afghanistan, and even supporting the nation state of Israel after the second World War. Ladies and Gentlemen, I say this all using past tense to tell you all about the severe lack of american global leadership when it comes to the situation in Israel. Now, I will admit Israel is one of our closest allies, but when 3 billion dollars of US taxpayer money is being sent annually to assist in genocide; we have to see this money cut immediately.

Friends, Israelis and the jewish people understand genocide, racial discrimination, and suffering better than anyone in the world. It's the Jewish state itself that stands today as a beacon of hope and light for the oppressed and discriminated. Or so we thought. The truth is, that while Israelis ought to be the most empathetic to people suffering under discrimination, they aren't. Israelis have become the fourth reich. Israel has passed laws making it so that Palestinians can't ride the same buses as Israelis. This sounds a lot like the Jim Crow era in the US, where things were "separate and equal". So, where's Rosa Parks in Israel? Well, she's probably being shot. The number of innocent Palestinian women and children killed as compared to Israelis is around a ratio of 3 to 1. Furthermore, Look at that, Israelis know absolutely no limits. Ariel Sharon, the knight in shining armor, former prime minister, etc, even killed over 100 innocent Palestinian civillians during the war with Lebanon, for NO REASON. There are also settlements being built all around the Golan Heights, gaza Strip, and west bank. Folks, If I came to your house where your family and their family and their family lived and told you to get out, you wouldn't go quietly would you? Then if I kicked you out by force and delegated a shed in the backyard to your family, then proceeded to kick you out of there, Just how would you feel? Lets say I killed your dog in the process of moving, would you stand quietly? Probably not, and its the plight that thousands of palestinians have had to face. Furthermore, when settlements are built soldiers are shown to kill innocent Palestinians for no reason. Key word here guys is NO REASON. Palestinians are people. Palestinians are human beings. Palestinians are being killed off slowly. Zionist Leaders have even publically stated that Israel's job is to check Palestinian growth. This slow but consistant genocide will lead to further complications down the road for the US. Our money has a tag, it says we support you.Our money is going into the hands of genocidal monsters, who are just like the whites in south africa under apartheid, and are just like we were during the early 1900s. We can stop this. We can take away the 21% of money that we give to their defense budget. We can stop the genocide, lead the world in an effort to promote freedom. We can inspire change, and be the change once more. America has lost its touch when it comes to global leadership and advocacy for democracy and freedom. But let's regain it, and start by cutting funding to Israel.


To start, I would like to say I strongly, strongly, strongly disagree with what you have to say here.

The State of Israel is a nation of about eight million people, who come from a variety of walks of life. They include Jews, Christians, and Arabs. Israel is entirely surrounded by nations which either are passive (do not help it) or enemies (which attack it). History has shown in several wars in just the past seventy some years, that a lack of providing sufficient protection to Israel will result in it being attacked.

To the north, Russia demonstrates a lack of respect for Israel by aligning itself with Syria and other Muslim nations. Egypt is no friend to Israel (just look at the wars that the two of them have fought), Iran is developing nuclear weapons with intent to wipe Israel off the map...and it seems like Israel is under attack from all sides.

For you to label the Jews as a 'Fourth Reich' I find to be completely out of line. Claiming the Jews are in any way practicing neo-Nazi (or Nazi-like) practices of any kind (which is the idea I get when you say 'Fourth Reich') is completely outrageous. The Jews were given a homeland by God and others have attempted to uproot this from them. Some have taken it to extremes.

Don't forget that $3 billion a year represents a very small fraction of the United States federal deficit, which is for this year, I believe, to be over $750 billion! For us not to be defending American interests in the Middle East (Israel being the only major stronghold for capitalism, American-values, etc) by a comparatively small investment of $3 billion would be disastrous.

If you feel we should withdraw funds from Israel in terms of foreign aid, we should not discriminate as to exclude the Jews alone from foreign aid would be 'racist'. Thus we should also, by your argument restrict all foreign aid altogether, which, as you should know, probably would not pan out well in our favor.

In conclusion, to put an end to funding towards Israel would be disastrous.
Debate Round No. 1


I'll begin by rebutting what you just said, then reaffirming my main premise. Yes, Israel is a country with Arabs, Jews, and Christians. Interestingly enough, the Zionist jews publically stated that "Gentiles were created by God to serve the Jewish people". Sounds awfully similar to the nazi aryan ideals of Mr. Adolf Hiter, who claimed that the Aryan race was supreme and thus persecuted and eliminated those who deemed to be racially impure. So, instead of saying I'm out of line for declaring Israel the 4th reich, look at the facts,which you conveniently ignored in my first argument. But I like what you said, "The Jews were given a homeland by God". First of all, that is no reason to send them 3 billion dollars of Taxpayer money, and is thus irrelevant, but secondly, was it not the Jews who uprooted the Palestinians who lived there for 2000 years previous to 1948? Yeah, I think some people would try to uproot them. Maybe its because there were native Arabs living there for more than 8 generations before 1948, and the Jews came and forced them out. The sooner you realize the facts, you will come to see that the only thing outrageous here is the fact that Israel is killing innocent people through our money.

Moving on, I love how ignorant you are when you talk about issues like allies, nuclear proliferation, and the economy. Yes, Israel is a powerful ally in the middle east. The real question is: so what? We have other allies too, such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Turkey. Why aren't they recieving 3 billion dollars in aid? You call me racist and discriminatory in that I believe we should withdraw foreign aid from Israel, but conversely wouldn't you agree that apportioning more funding to Israel than some of these neighboring countries is discriminatory? What makes Israel so special? Oh, it must be because Israel kills the most amount of innocent people! Right, okay. So, ur logic in calling me racist is flawed, and untill you can answer why Israel DESERVES to recieve that money, you're fighting an uphill battle. Next, you talk about the economy. 750 billion deficit spending? Son, do you even know what deficit spending is? We ought to deficit spend to create growth, jobs, and stability. 3 billion dollars every year isn't creating growth, jobs, or stability, rather its adding to the already tremendous debt of over 17 trillion dollars. We've pulled out of Iraq and are almost out of Afghanistan, there is no need for 3 billion dollars going to Israel. It's merely straining our economy. As unemployment holds steadily at 6,2%, any american would agree that is detrimental to the economy to spend so lavishly. TO add to this sentiment, I'd like to quote Israel's Prime minster Netayahu himself who said in front of the UN that "Israel doesn't need nation building, we're already built". Even their own prime minister doesn't want our aid, why give it? In addition, you are completely wrong when u call Israel capitalist, because they have a quasi-socialist type of economy.

Finally, you bring up Iran and nuclear proliferation. Oh man, this is my favorite part, A 1970s US CIA report claimed that Israel had a fully prepared nuclear warhead arsenal. They were not a part of the NPT (nuclear non proliferation treaty)last I checked, and so Israel having these nukes is completely against International law. Iran, on the other hand, signed the NPT and is upholding to international inspections and law. In fact, ISRAEL is the only nuclear proliferater in the middle east. See, if you knew half of what you were actually talking about, you would know IRAN is trying to nuclearize in RESPONSE to Israel. Furthermore, Israel is adding to their nuclear arsenal and still refuses to adhere or even acknowledge their nuclear weapons programme. Yet, in your logic, we should just ignore Israel's illegal activity and blame Iran? Iran doesn't even have 1 NUCLEAR WARHEAD yet, and Israel has hundreds. In your logic, we should support, through aid, a country that refuses to adhere to international laws, and could be the start of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Fun idea, right?

In conclusion, our money is basically being sent to racist, law breaking, ungrateful people who provide absolutely no benefit to the US. If you look at cost-benefit analysis of US aid to Israel, we're only getting hurt economically. Thus, I affirm


markusabernathy1998 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


So, while markusabernathy1998 forfeited the last round, I'm going to continue to reinforce my three main premises, and they are that first, we should cut funding to Israel because of human rights violations, second, because its costly, and third, because we serve to gain nothing.

Now, its not just markusabernathy1998 who has been trying to refute my human rights arguments, but there have been many comments saying that the US is a hypocrite who took lives and thus have no right to blame Israel. The US of A has always stood for freedom and justice. After the attack on the world trade center, we avenged every one of those lost lives. the United States has fought many wars, and have thus killed many people over our nation's history. But we fought for freedom, we fought for country, and we fought for justice. Let's not forget that, and refer back to Israel. Recently, a UN report showed that North Korea had human rights violation and torture methods similar to that of Mr. Adolf Hitler. Everyone was off and scolding North Korea. These are people like markusabernathy1998 who ignore the crimes of Israel, and point their finger at nations like North Korea. It might seem like North Korea is more inherently evil, and that is most likely case. But a crime is a crime, and saying one murderer is better or cleaner than another is unacceptable. That's american law and principle. So,let's stick to our principles of freedom, justice, and liberty and work to put an end to ISrael's crimes! What better way to do so than to withold aid. By doing so, Israel will be pressured into stopping their abuses. Enough about ideology, lets just talk as human beings. Israel's former prime minister the late Ariel Sharon allegdly killed more than 200 innocent women, children, and men (palestinian) at a refugee camp during the war with Lebanon. That's 200 innocent lives lost for no reason. Ariel Sharon paid no real punishment for his crimes, and was quietly let go. You see, folks, it's because of moments like these that we have Palestinians crying out and begging for the US to help. But like most of the human rights abuses and crimes, these pleas for help never reach America's shores.

But let's move on to the next important topic, which is our economy. 3 billion dollars. That is 1/5 of our foreign aid budget in itself, and it's being sent to Israel. When we talk about our economy, we should imagine the frugal man. If we continue spending lavishly just because we want to, we will never fix this nation's economic crisis. With debt over 17 trillion, unemployment just under 7%, and a stock market that has had its worst days since 2011, we are in no position to be wasting 3 billion dollars. I say waste, to mean that we don't gain any real inherent benefits.


My turn! I apologize for forfeit, I was busy but am now ready to pick up where I left off. Thanks for your comments, and now I'll make a harsh rebuttal. Hold on to your butts! :)

You cannot generalize this, sir. "Zionist Jews publicly stated that 'Gentiles were created by God to serve the Jewish people." I will have to, respectfully, ask you to provide a source for this argument.

Israel is not the 4th Reich. The concept of the first three Reichs were devised by the Nazis. They claimed the First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire, the second the German Empire (the one from WWI), and the third being their own Nazi Germany. For you to claim that Israel is the legitimate successor to Nazi Germany is ridiculous -- Nazi Germany and Israel are about as alike as fried chicken is to a quilting class. So don't go making silly comparisons like this.

Actually, I need not only your source for that claim about Gentiles serving Jews, I also need you to send me the links to source these facts of yours. By the way, I do not consider myself to be ignorant (I put value in proper grammar, composure, etc), but if that's what you think then fine.

Allies, nuclear proliferation...economy...alright, let's get to that. You are correct in agreeing with me on Israel being a powerful ally in the Middle East -- but I find that to be an understatement. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Turkey are all Muslim nations who are hostile to Israel! As I have already said, Israel is completely surrounded by enemies. I NEVER once called you racist or discriminatory -- I called you 'wrong'. Putting words into my mouth...but anyways. What business do we have sending money over to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, or Turkey? Saudi Arabia is an extremely rich nation, thanks to oil. Jordan and Turkey are doing just fine as well.

I would like, again, sources on Israel killing innocent people. 'Ur logic in calling me racist' -- again, show me where I called you racist, sir. Israel deserves the money because Israel -- the Jews -- are our brothers in Jehovah God! It is not just a political issue, it is also a moral issue -- that we should be giving the the funds they need to defend themselves from their generally hostile neighbors.

This is demonstrated here.
Israel has been attacked because its neighbors hate her, and we are becoming just like her hateful neighbors by making deals with the Islamofascists in Iran and bowing to the Saudi king. We need to be standing WITH Israel, because if we don't, just think about what things could happen. More wars! Do we really want more wars?

Please don't call me 'son'. I know what deficit spending is, and what our president and government is doing now is called 'Keynesian Economics' -- spend spend spend to stabilize the economy. It works for awhile but in the long run it eventually costs us big time.

And, again, that 3 billion is not just a moral gift to our friends who need it, but it is also an investment. Stability in the Middle East obviously means lower gas prices -- and that's great for America. We want lower gas prices for a variety of reasons, and Israel is a voice for stability in the Middle East -- our key to keeping the cost per barrel nice and low.

Unemployment is not 6.2%, it is much higher. Counting illegal aliens, those who are on welfare, and those with incomes so low they need assistance from the government, it's AT LEAST 10%. I understand times are tight, so I would suggest that we cut all foreign aid except Israel's. African dictators just use the foreign aid money for the wrong purposes anyway. At least Israel puts it to good use -- for its own self-defense and the betterment of its fledgling economy.

Here's lavish spending for you, sir: 25% of our federal budget are non-essentials -- education, science, housing and community, etc. By cutting funding in non-essential areas, we will be able to take care of citizens who really need food stamps and welfare checks to stay afloat, and we'll be able to defend out #1 ally at the same time -- plus, we'll actually be yielding a profit and we can use some of the positive numbers to increase military spending to increase US influence over the world so that we can be taken seriously again. People say the budget is complicated, its not, it just takes good people in the government to fix it.

I believe it is extremely important that Israel has nuclear weapons. They are a small country and even with their large armed forces, foreign nations could try to dominate them. These nuclear weapons are Israel's way of defending herself. Israel is subject to no laws other than God's, so they don't have to sign any Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (though it wouldn't hurt if they did). I do believe they already have a large stockpile of nuclear weapons.

In order to keep the Middle East stable it would be an excellent idea for (if we use my budget plan) use our enormously expanded military, with the help of Israeli forces, seize control of the Middle East and give all of it to Israel. And, no, don't cry imperialism, because I'm talking about handing the Middle East over to the Israelites -- and then there will be no more Sharia law, mistreatment of women, high oil prices, etc!

I think you are a pro-Muslim, anti-Semite. And I mean no offense; that's what you are demonstrating by calling self-defensing Israelites racist but ignoring the anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Jew, anti-Israel neighboring Islamofascist states (such as Iran!).

As for human rights violations: Israel is far from it. In your eyes, same-sex marriage is PROBABLY what you believe to be some kind of constitutional right. Well, Israel is the only state in the Middle East to recognize it (though I disagree with gay marriage of any kind, though that's for another debate). Israel is also a fair democracy, while so-called 'republics' such as Iran are actually led by Sharia dictatorial principles (Iran is led by a Council of Guardians -- I think that's what its called) By the way, I'm not ignoring that any state hasn't committed crimes in the past -- the US has committed atrocities -- so has China, so has Russia, Iran, even Israel. Every country in the history of the world has done something wrong -- usually on part of someone's foolish decisions in the course of a war, not by the decision of the country itself. So don't point fingers at Israel, because they are just a country that wants to be left to itself in peace.

It's important -- Ariel Sharon ALLEGEDLY killed 200 people. You know, our government was ALLEGEDLY responsible for 9/11, but that doesn't make it true. You can't judge anyone based on pure speculation. There must be proof (I'll be happy to look at any evidence you present). By the way, I do not agree with everything the late Mr. Sharon proposed (such as permitting the Palestinians to have their own state).

Again, the economy -- I already said, just cut non-essential funding (which makes up 25% of the economy), kick the illegals out, use the extra money to expand the military (we'll be making an actual profit at this point)'s all very simple. Semper Fi.

P.S: Close the borders
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by kangjys 3 years ago
theindividualrights, for all the examples you cite, you don't seem to be able to read. This debate is on ISRAEL's CRIMES, and why the US should cut funding to ISRAEL. So your comments are not even relevant, but ill address them anyway. You claim the US killed innocent men and women for oil, and you dare to mention 9-11. I'm glad u did. Our wars in the middle east were not for oil, they were for justice, for retribution. for the 2000 americans who died on September 11th, 2001. We sought and killed Osama Bin Laden. You and your friend legit debater's claims are baseless and stupid, because importing Middle Eastern oil is extremely expensive. Metalman is absolutely correct, if you ignorant blockheads did any research, we get the majority of our oil from CANADA and MEXICO. Why? Because its close, convenient, and cheaper than oil from Iraq. That's why theres even debate for a KEYSTONE pipeline. Get your facts straight, or just shut your mouth. I move toward the latter.
Posted by Metalman59 3 years ago
Don't know if you've noticed, but that oil went to fueling most of the infrastructure in this country and most likely your car. Now, of course, we do not get the majority of our oil from the Middle East, but rather from North America. I didn't see the impoverished Iraqis receiving any benefits from our taking their oil, which just goes to show how the Iraqi war was fought to exploit.
Posted by TheIndividualRights 3 years ago
Pro: "The United States of America was, without a doubt, the biggest advocate for human's rights and freedom.

Lol, if advocating for human rights and freedom counts as killing innocent men, women, and children by means of getting oil, I think that you're absolutely correct.
What was the killing of almost 3,000 people on Sept 11,2001 called?
As far as oil goes, where is that oil? Who is getting it? Check it is China.
Posted by kangjys 3 years ago
The US has made mistakes in the past absolutely. Operation Iraqi Liberation=OIL. I totally get where you are coming from. But, as a country who has sponsored democracy and freedom,we have a responsibility to see where our money is going. Let's be honest here, the US might not be the perfect policeman, but when it comes to Israel we need to cut foreign aid. It's apartheid, it's racism, and it's wrong. Wouldn't you agree?
Posted by Legitdebater 3 years ago
Pro: "The United States of America was, without a doubt, the biggest advocate for human's rights and freedom.

Lol, if advocating for human rights and freedom counts as killing innocent men, women, and children by means of getting oil, I think that you're absolutely correct.
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