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The United States should lift its embargo against Cuba.

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Started: 5/5/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I affirm that the United States should lift its embargo against Cuba.
Round 1 is clarifying remarks.
Round 2 will be constructive arguments.
Round 3 will be rebutting the opponent's arguments.


I disagree that the United States should lift its embargo against Cuba, reasons why:

-Because of how much of a threat was Cuba in the Cold War.
-Because Cubans are suffering under that regime, so if USA keeps its embargo they might change.
-USA might look weak.
-Cuba is still not very friendly to USA.
-Cubans in the US support the embargo.
-Cuba hasn't still released its political parishioners.
-USA represents free trade and not communist regimes.
-USA should not lift its embargo until they change their government.
Debate Round No. 1


I affirm for the following reasons:

A) Medical Care
- Cuba is communist, meaning everyone receives free, universal healthcare. However, because of the embargo, these Cubans are being deprived of proper medical care. They're universally covered under a bad policy. In fact, right now, 80% of US patented medicine is unavailable simply due to the laws and regulations of the embargo. (Rodriguez, The Atlantic, 2016)

B) International Legitimacy
- 188 countries oppose the embargo (Donam, Reuters, 2014)
- lifting the embargo would increase US credibility, soft power/diplomacy (Gerz-Escandon, Christian Science Monitor, 2014)

C) The Embargo Simply Hasn't Worked
- The embargo was put in over 50 years ago to 1) promote democracy and 2) bring an end to the corrupt, Communist Castro regime. Has it done either of those things? No! Any policy that has been in place for over 50 years and has not done what it was put in place to do should be changed.

D) Promoting Democracy
- The best way to promote democracy and therefore the best way to take down the Castro regime is through free trade- aka lifting the embargo (Griswold, eJournal USA, 2006)

E) US Economy
- Cuban embargo costs US way too much, from $1.2-3.6 billion annually (Flows, Forbes, 2016)
- Even by just lifting a few restrictions, the US economy has benefitted tremendously. US farm exports would increase another $250 million if restrictions were lifted on export financing. (Griswold, Guardian News and Media, 2009)
- With no embargo, the US could export $1 billion in food and ag products, creating 13,500 jobs for the US economy (Rosenblaum, Washington Office on Latin America, 2002)


I disagree with you:

A) Regarding the Medical Care, USA should keep its embargo, even if it worsens the Cubans health care. We have to take into account that Cuba threatened USA with nuclear bombs and is still not friendly to the US. The embargo should be kept so that Cubans are even more encouraged to leave that regime.

B) Regarding the International Legitimacy
- This does not affect the USA, in fact other many people from other countries recognize that Cuba has to get rid off that regime in order to have some sort of international recognition.
-Lifting the embargo would indirectly make many others think that USA is a weak country that can't beat that country that in the past threatened the USA and its population with nuclear bombs.

C) Regarding if the embargo worker or not
- The embargo may not work as intended but it sure puts some pressure on Cuba to try to get rid off that regime, the fact that there's an embargo to a communist country automatically makes this an indirect promotion to democracy, which is positive.

D) Regarding the promotion of democracy
- That is in fact not a good way to take down Castro's regime, that would make the regime even stronger, the best way to take down its regime is put them more pressure to change, this way Cubans will see that its regime is pointless.

E) Regarding US economy
- That way the US cannot promote democracy, simply because if they do so they might look weak to other countries.
- The US can get way more benefits if Cuba gets rid of its regime, by: American company's being able to sell in Cuba if it is not communist anymore.
Debate Round No. 2


1) Regarding Threat during Cold War
- That was a long long time ago. The world has changed a ton since then. Cuba was a threat in the Cold War simply because of support from the USSR, not because it was a strong, independent country! The USSR has fallen, and Cuba is not a threat to the US any longer.

2) Regarding Cuban Suffering
- They have suffered for over 50 years and nothing has changed under the embargo. Why would that just all of a sudden change now?

3) Regarding USA might look weak
- Actually, you can turn that argument to me it would actually make the US look stronger. Remember, 188 countries oppose the embargo. 188! Literally almost the entire international community! If the US lifts the embargo, then it will increase US credibility in the eyes of the international community and increase US soft power/diplomacy, especially in Latin America.

4) Regarding Cuba is still not friendly
- When you say "not friendly," I'm not quite sure what you mean. In any case, this is non-unique in the sense that in either world, I don't know if Cuba would necessarily be "buddy-buddy" with the US. However, remember, the best way to improve relations (the only possible shot we have) is to lift the embargo. (You can cross-apply the Griswold citation about free trade being the best way to spur democracy)

5) Regarding Cubans in the US support the embargo
- It doesn't matter what a select group of people think. The policy needs to do what' s in the best interests of the two countries as a whole. (Utilitarianism) Besides, these are Cubans that live IN THE US! These aren't Cubans in Havana! They haven't been affected by the embargo and what it has done to the country of Cuba.

6) Regarding Cuba still hasn't released its political prisoners
- Again, cross-apply my refutation of your argument how Cuba is still not friendly to the US. THE ONLY WAY we could POSSIBLY see things like these human rights violations decrease is if the embargo was lifted and democracy was spread through free trade. Besides, how are human rights violations being deterred through the embargo in the status quo? They aren't.

7) Regarding US represents free trade and not Communism.
- While this is true, the US also represents/stands for democracy promotion, and that is not being done with the embargo in place. Turn this argument to me because as I've said, 188 countries oppose the embargo, and so the US would be doing itself and those 188 countries a disservice if it did not go with the best policy for promoting the most democracy- free trade.

8) Regarding US should not lift until they change government
- Has the government changed in 50 years? No! As I keep saying, it all goes back to the Griswold evidence. The best way to promote democracy and bring an end to the Communist regime is through free trade.

Responding to your responses to my case:

A) Medical Care
- My opponent doesn't refute the fact that the embargo deprives Cubans of medical care. That is the clearest reason to vote for me.

B) International Legitimacy
- He refutes this by cross-applying his "weak country" argument, but remember, I rebutted that. Remember, 188 countries oppose the embargo, and so if the US lifts the embargo, it would do what the international community wants. This would increase US legitimacy and diplomacy.

C) Embargo hasn't worked
- My opponent concedes that the embargo hasn't worked as intended. That's another clear reason to vote for me! Any policy that has been in for 50 years and hasn't done its job should be terminated.

D) Democracy Promotion
- My opponent says that this would empower the regime, but he doesn't give you a reason WHY this would be the case.
- My opponent says that the embargo is there for pressure; however, its pretty obvious the Castro brothers haven't felt the pressure! Actually, you can turn this to me because as my original argument stated, the best way to promote democracy (the best way to pressure the regime) is through free trade.

E) US Economy
- My opponent refutes this by saying the US will benefit of Cuba gets rid of its regime. Turn this argument to me because as I keep hammering, the best way to promote democracy and the best chance we have of taking down the regime is through free trade.
- My opponent doesn't refute the fact that the embargo hurts the US economy and is basically a sunk-cost fallacy, which is another clear reason to vote for me.

Overall, because free trade is the best way to promote democracy and for the other reasons above, I strongly affirm.

P.S. For the people voting on this debate, keep in mind credibility of argumentation. I give you lots of sources to back up my arguments, whereas my opponent cites not one source throughout the entire round.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jscmedley 1 year ago
Haha don't worry about it. Thx for accepting btw!
Posted by meteogold 1 year ago
I have no idea why the spelling corrector has replaced prisioners for parishioners...
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