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The United States should stay out of wars against ideas and concepts and focus on domestic issues.

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Started: 7/8/2015 Category: Politics
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The last three wars the U.S. has waged are the Cold War (including the Korean and Vietnam Conflicts), the War on Drugs, and the Global War on Terrorism. The United States would be better off not fighting wars on ideas and concepts. The money used for these wars would have been, and could be, better spent on domestic issues.

I will be arguing the anti-war on concepts and ideas (pro) side, while the con side will be arguing that the US is, and has been, better off engaging in these wars against ideas and concepts, instead of spending money on domestic issues.

This debate will be 4 rounds:
Round 1- Explanation of Topic, Defining Sides, and Acceptance of Debate Terms
Round 2- All Arguments Given From Both Sides (No rebuttals from con)
Round 3- Rebuttals From Both Sides
Round 4- Restating Arguments/Defending Rebuttals and Conclusion


I accept. I await your response.
Debate Round No. 1


Teege forfeited this round.


The Pro forfeited the round, but I will state my argument anyways.

By your definition, we should stay out of the War on Drugs, which is a domestic issue, and focus on domestic issues. I am just not understand the logic behind that statement. That is like saying we need to stay out of the Middle East and go to Syria. Just makes no sense.

You stated the Cold War. The Cold War began in 1949 and ended in 1991. The Cold War started because of The Soviet Union acquiring the nuclear bomb, and their willingness to use it. They divided half of Europe, and brought Communism to many parts of the world. Cuba was against us, Eastern Europe was against us, China was against us, and Vietnam was against us. China got the nuclear bomb soon after which added to the threat of an imminent war.

Let me sum up the Korean War, as that is a big toll on this debate. During World War II, Japan invaded much of the Asian Pacific islands and nations on the oceanic border. It conquered much of Oceania, many islands in the Pacific, all of Korea, and much of northern China, which is the Manchuria region. It then committed massive human rights violations by slaughtering countless amounts of people. When we nuked Japan, they were forced to surrender. Korea was soon taken by the United States. The North belonged to Russia, the South to U.S. Russia and China then started to fund North Korean forces into taking South Korea. They almost succeeded, but then a U.N. backed coalition, mostly U.S. troops, drove back the North Koreans, and established a border along the 38th parallel.

South Korea now is the 12th largest economy, and one of our biggest allies. It is a modernized country with a strong and advanced military. If we did not fight for them, there would only be 1 Korea, led by a Communist leader with twice the land and twice the resources, as well as no challenges in the South. It would also pose a threat to Japan as the shipping route from Western Japan has to pass next Korea, and the North Koreans could use this as a tactical advantage.

Let me move on to Vietnam. I agree that Vietnam was a stupid idea. That is all I have to say on that.

The War on Drugs is bad. It is executed poorly. The Justice system is putting people in jail for something that only affects them. If we put people in jail for their own stupidity, 90% of this country would be imprisoned! However, we should have strict control on drugs. Marijuana should be the only legal drug, and that should be very hard to get access to. Instead of having this corrupt and stupid system, we should just focus on the drugs coming in from the Southern border. Install an extensive amount of guards, secure the border, build a giant wall, and keep those damn illegals and druggies out!

Let me move on to the war on terrorism. Both Obama and Bush did a HORRIBLE job on the war. Actually Obama did no job at all. He moved out the troops, which was a stupid idea. The land they were occupying was heavily destabilized. I am not against these conventional wars that you speak of, I am against how we do them.

The War on Terrorism should be very very brief. No contact with the Middle East. Embargo every since non-allied country. Restrict trade. Do not give a single weapon to anyone. The CIA armed and trained Al Qaeda to fight an insurrection against a dictator we did not want. Now they hate us and flew an airplane into our building 14 years ago.

What concepts are we fighting? Terrorism? Radical Islam? Communism? Those concepts should be fought!

You have forfeited the round, so there is no way for me to argue against what you say, since what you said was very little.
Debate Round No. 2


I would like to thank bballcrook21 for accepting my friend request and this challenge. I'm sorry, that due to a family emergency I have not been able to post my argument. I would like to re-open this debate again, specifically to my current opponent.

Since it would not be fair to offer a rebuttal in this round, due to Con not being able to rebut, I forfeit this round also.


I have spoken to the Instigator and we have agreed to redo this debate. No need to vote.
Debate Round No. 3


I would like to Thank Con for their understanding. If you decide to vote, then cast all your points to him, for showing his grace and integrity.


This debate was rather short lived. I don't know about Pro, but personally I care very much about my win percentage and stuff like that. No one vote for either side as this would not be fair and detrimental for the opponent, depending on who you vote for. We will re do this debate at some point, so feel free to vote then.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by mentalist 3 years ago
There is a difference between helping and exploitation or manipulation.
Posted by stargate 3 years ago
NO we need to help the world, the wrold would be a lot worse without us helping out here and there.
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