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The Vongola, Varia and Archobaleno could defeat Konoha and Akatsuki in an all-out fight

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Started: 12/17/2009 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Before I begin the debate, I would like to define some key variables:

1) The future versions of the Vongola and Varia fighters will be included , but if the status of certain future fighters are dead, not unknown, they will not be included. The present versions of the combatants are all also to be considered alive. Also, in terms of the Naruto fighters, this takes place just before Pein invades, and all Akatsuki members except for Madara will be included.

2) The fight will take place in a fully-intact Konoha.

3) Friendly fire is impossible, the attacks will just phase through allies.

4) Vongola boxes and summons are legal, as they are part of their skills.

As a courtesy, I will allow my opponent to make the first argument. I urge you to vote PRO.


I would like to thank my opponent for proposing this debate.

My Members:
All of them have Extreme Physical Prowess, which means very high levels of strength, speed, and technique, and are very adept at hand-to-hand combat with the exception of Nagato.

1.) Hidan - Abilities:
Immortality; prowess with triple-bladed scythe; Jashin Ritual and Curse which allows him to take the appearance of a grim reaper and depending on who's blood is used in the ritual any damage done to him is also done to that person as long as he stays in the symbol.

2.) Kisame - Abilities:
Extremely high physical strength; the sentient sword Samehada; Water Release which allows him to create bodies of water and floating large, floating spheres of water, giving him a large advantage in physical combat; Earth Release which allows him to travel through earth as if it were water. His level of chakra is compared to that of Naruto's.

3.) Nagato - Abilities:
Rinnegan, eye technique that allows him to use any ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu technique; Control of the Six Deva Paths via use of his chair.

4.) Deva Path Pain - Abilities:
Rinnegan Eyes; Gravity Manipulation, the ability to control a localized gravity pull or push; Chibaku Tensei which creates a large gravity well that pulls in all matter within a large area.

5.) Human Path Pain - Abilities:
Rinnegan Eyes; Ability to read minds by placing a hand over the head of its target; Soul Removal, by placing its hands on an opponents head and ripping out the soul.

6.) Shikamaru Nara - Abilities:
Extremely high intelligence and strategic ability; Shadow Imitation Technique which allows him to manipulate his shadow in order to control another's body; Shadow Neck Bind Technique extension of Imitation that allows him to chose his opponent with his shadow; Shadow Sewing Technique which allows him to turn his shadow into physical tendrils that can bind an opponent; Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique allows him to throw his shadow via a chakra storing piece of equipment; Shadow Endgame Technique which allows his shadow tendrils to hold objects.

7.) Naruto Uzumaki - Abilities:
Shadow Clone Technique which allows him to create several thousand weaker copies of himself; Toad Summon allows him to summon toads that help him in battle; Rasengan/Rasenshuriken, a ball of power that creates what is known commonly in manga/anime as vaccum blades that slice using air, these are very powerful; Senjutsu which allows Naruto to enter Sage Mode; Naruto also has strategic intelligence that rivals the most intelligent of characters.

8.) Lady Tsunade - Abilities:
Regarded as the strongest ninja in the land; Extremely high level of endurance; Medical jutsu that can heal even the most dire of wounds; Creation Rebirth which grants her a type of localized immortality via healing herself at an incredible rate, even regrowing organs.

9.) Kakashi Hatake - Abilities:
Years of Battle Experience; Extensive knowledge of elemental jutsu such as Chidori and many unspecified fire, earth, water, and wind jutsu; Mangekyō Sharingan which allows him to copy movements, use hypnotic suggestion, perform genjutsu, see through illusions, and use the attack Kamui; Kamui, an attack that causes a focus point to collapse in on itself and be transported to another point in the time/space continuum.

10.) Might Guy - Abilities:
Extreme Physical Prowess; Eight Inner Gates, which allows him to add to his already immense strength and speed; Proficiency in both ninjitsu and genjutsu.

Many members of my opponent's team have proficiency only in the physical realm and their powers augment these abilities, such as Takeshi, Ryohei, and Kyoya. These members have few other abilities that would aid them while fighting shinobi. The shinobi have trained for combat their entire lives and there is no comparison in their skill levels when it comes to fighting hand-to-hand or with weapons. My members that focus mainly on physical combat (Kisame, Tsunade, and Guy) also have other useful abilities and are of superior strength and skill level.

Tsuna is capable of using many abilities that could put him at a level of physical strength and speed that is equal to the shinobi, but he still does not have the talent. On top of that his main attack, X-Burner takes a very long time to use which would render it useless in most contexts of this battle.

Hayato's main area of expertise is ballistics, this will help my opponent's team, but he is on a lower level than other combatants when it comes to actually fighting. Unless he is protected very well I would predict that if this fight were to actually take place he would be the first to fall. This standard also applies to Colonnello but to a lesser extent.

The only two that I think pose any level of threat to my team are Reborn for his abilities that I would rank similar to that of Kakashi's in the contect of the Reborn! manga, and Mukro for his ability to create reality out of illusion and control the bodies of others. It is unlikely however that the former ability would be of any use because it requires that a hit be scored on the opponent by the trident.

I look forward to my opponent's defense.

All of the information provided here can be found on all of the character's respective pages on :
Debate Round No. 1


Note: I will be adressing all of my characters by their last name except for Tsuna, Ryohei, Mukuro and Reborn
Before refuting my opponent's points, I would like to list my fighters and a summary of their abilities, but I have changed who I am fighting with:

My members:

1) Tsuna ( Abilities:
Control over the X-gloves: Version VR and his Sky Vongola Box Weapon. Able to transform into the "Hyper Dying Will Mode," which allows him to see people's weak points and see through illusions

2) Yamamoto ( Abilities:
Extremely proficient katana swordsman, Control over his Rain Vongola Box Weapon.

3) Gokudera ( Abilities:
LOTS of dynamite, Control over Storm Vongola Box Weapon and Sistema C.A.I

4) Hibari ( Abilities:
Extremely proficient user of tonfa, control over Cloud Vongola Box Weapon. He is the strongest guardian.

5) Ryohei ( Abilities:
Extremely proficient boxer, control over Sun Vongola Box Weapon.

6) Mukuro/Chrome ( , Abilities
Able to use the "6 paths of Reincarnation," similar to Nagato. Extremely proficient at illusions, and seeing through them. Also able to possess the bodies of others.

7)Xanxus ( Abilities
Able to use the "Flames of Wrath," a very rare type of flame. Also able to use X-guns(Similar to Tsuna's X-gloves).

8)Colonello ( Abilities
expert combat specialist and able to transmit Dying Will Flames through his rifle

9)Squalo (Future)( abilities
Extremely proficient katana wielder and control over the Rain Varia box

10)Reborn ( - Abilities
Strongest of the 7 archobaleno, Reborn excels in combat and gunsmanship

To refute my opponent's points:

1)Yes, Yamamoto, Ryohei and Hibari's main attributes are physical, but what my opponent refused to mention is that they all excel at what they do, enough to keep up and defeat shinobi. My opponent also forgot to include the Vongola Box weapons and Dying Will Flames, which play a significant part of my side of this debate. . Also, doing something for longer does not nessiss

2) Yes, Tsuna's X-Burner takes a long time to use, but it isn't the only attack Tsuna can use. He's also proficient at Hand-to-hand combat. In order to use any attack that would take a while to charge up, he could just fly out of the reach any opponent and use it from there; if Kisame or any other Naruto character tried to stop him, one of Tsuna's teammates could attack him.

3) Hayato is indeed at a slightly lower level of physical fighting than the rest of the team, but he makes up for it with his box weapon, Uri ( , and Sistema C.A.I. ( which increase his range greatly . Colonnello's attacks are usually rifle-based; rifles have not been proven to exist in the Naruto universe, also, Colonnello's fighting skills are above average, being an Archobaleno; this is shown in the first Archobaleno Trial, when he faced Tsuna and Gokudera.

4) My opponent says that only Reborn and Mukuro, which he spelled incorrectly, are the only two threats to his party. If Mukuro is a threat, shouldn't Tsuna, who had beaten Mukuro in a fight, Hibari, who is said to be stronger, and Colonnello, who is an Archobaleno and therefore stronger than the guardians, be included as well?

Onto my own points:

1) My party has something that my opponent's party does not: guns. advanced Guns, let alone rifles and pistols, have never been shown in the 'Naruto' manga, despite the fact that the terms have been frequently used for numerous jutsu. (e.i. Wind Release: Toad Gun, Water Release: Water Pistol) Using guns, Reborn, Xanxus, Lambo and Colonnello could kill at least one person before they could figure out that the contraptions that the toddlers are pointing at them could kill them. Naruto may have a healing factor, but i doubt it's powerful enough to let him survive a bullet to the head.

2) In relation to my first point, because of their minuscule bodies, Reborn, Lambo and Colonnello will be underestimated by the opposing team; Underestimation is a fatal flaw in a fight, especially in one of this calibur, but Naruto is the type of person who would rush in without a plan and brashly declare that he would beat all of them.

3) Tsuna and Xanxus have more than enough raw power to decimate Konoha and its inhabitants, as shown by their fight and the moves that they use in it, the first half of their fight is on the two bottom videos.

I look forward to a great debate, and urge the audience to vote PRO.


This is an explanation of my opponent's team's abilities as I understand them:

Tsuna can use the X-Burner to attack with bursts of power and it good at hand to hand combat. He can also see opponent's weak points and would be protected against genjutsu.

Yamamoto's box weapons create rain, makes a water barrier between attacks, and allows him added movement. Good with swords.

Gokudera throws lots of dynamite and uses an arm attachment to fire projectiles, magical and physical. All attacks fire directly forward. A powerful leopard could possibly be summoned if circumstances allow.

Hibari is the best physical fighter on your team. Can use hedgehog to create spiked handcuffs that multiply to surround and crush an opponent. He can also use his hedgehog to suffocate an opponent. I ask my opponent to describe this as can find no good description of the process.

Ryohei is a good boxer and can use rope to bind an opponent, use his box weapons to heal and fight, also to create flame-wrapped weapons that allow him to fly. It also shoots him with a beam that increases his physical attributes for 3 minutes. Leopard can only be formed by going into this pouch.

Mukuro/Chrome; I still maintain that this person's abilities would be the one's that are most difficult for Kohona's team to overcome, but since you make the point that this person is unable to use their abilities to defeat other characters with lesser abilities I'm a little relieved. Their abilities may be useful but only being able to enter 1 realm at a time limits them. I also say that this person's abilities are nothing like Nagato's. This person would also have a fairly good defense against genjutsu.

Xanxus's abilities and skill levels are very similar to Tsuna's and while his flame's description says that it turns things to ash; based on the video it actually creates an explosive projectile when fired from the gun.While this is effective it is a fairly direct attack.

Colonello's are accurately described by my opponent.

Squalo is only a proficient sword wielder and uses an attack that sends a flame shark through the air that attacks people.

Reborn is a good fighter and I will again say that in the context of the Reborn! manga he plays a similar role and has powers that are scaled to Kakashi's. This makes him an impressive fighter but his powers aren't really all that detailed.


1.) I did mention how their abilities augment their powers and even though I did not say exactly how good they are at doing what they do I still maintain the point that the shinobi that I provided as examples have superior physical attributes and abilities. I also assume that the last part of this point was meant to say that "doing something for longer does not necessarily someone better." This statement is true, but the reason that it doesn't apply is that a majority of my opponent's team has been fighting for only a few years whereas 80% of my team are adults that have devoted their lives to being shinobi and are among the most powerful in the land.

2.) The problem with the X-Burner is that not only does it take a long time to use, it fires in a strait line and is predictable. No deception is utilized when using this attack which makes it easy to dodge. To counter him flying away my team could use their various long-range techniques such as Naruto's Raisenshuriken, Kakashi's Kamui, and Shikamaru's Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique. These are all attacks that my opponent's team would have a hard time countering as the only defense is to get out of the way.

3.) These points are addressed lower.

4.) I did not say that these two members were the only threats, merely that if utilized correctly their _abilities_ could post significant threats. This statement is also addressed lower.


"My party has something that my opponent's party does not: guns. advanced Guns, let alone rifles and pistols, have never been shown in the 'Naruto' manga...[They could] kill at least one person before they could figure out that the contraptions that the toddlers are pointing at them could kill them. Naruto may have a healing factor, but i doubt it's powerful enough to let him survive a bullet to the head."

[My opponent makes the point that Colonello and others use guns and that this is the ultimate downfall of Kohona's team. This is not the case. From my observations all of the characters that use artillery only use it to channel their flames. These flame bullets travel at considerably slower paces than bullets and can therefore be dodged. Before my opponent brings up the point that they could just use regular bullets I will propose this argument. They wouldn't. Tsuna's "Family" and the other characters of some "Good" alignment are honorable fighters. Honorable fighters tend to shy away from fights that wouldn't allow them to gain credibility as fighters. This is why my opponents argument for guns is ultimately a frail one. There are other reasons that I will explain below.]

"...because of their minuscule bodies, Reborn, Lambo and Colonnello will be underestimated by the opposing team; Underestimation is a fatal flaw in a fight, especially in one of this caliber, but Naruto is the type of person who would rush in without a plan and brashly declare that he would beat all of them."

[It is true that underestimation often leads to downfall, this is the main reason that Xanus lost to Tsuna from what I've watched of their battle. Underestimation of an opponent was a prevalent part of the Naruto universe before Shippuden. However after Shippuden begins the characters of Kohona as a whole tend to not underestimate anyone that they fight. The only two that would do this are Hidan and Kisame. This really is not a prolem because Hidan is immortal and Kisame tries to destroy those he considers weak with a full on attack.]

"Tsuna and Xanxus have more than enough raw power to decimate Konoha and its inhabitants, as shown by their fight and the moves that they use in it, the first half of their fight is on the two bottom videos."

[This is a moot point. Most of the members of my team also have enough raw power to destroy their village and kill most of its inhabitants.]


My Points:
1.) I will again say that the members of my team have a physical level of skill and technique that dwarfs that of my opponent's team. I will also say that strength does not decide a battle such as this but my team has the three strongest characters listed here; Tsunade, Kisame, and Might Guy respectively.

2.) If my opponent insists on staying with the using artillery normally argument I submit that the shinobi could easily make that artillery useless by using techniques that even the lowliest of ninja know such as cloning, substitution jutsu, the more advances genjutsu, and the rarest of all talents, true immortality utilized by Hidan.

3.) While some members of my opponent's team have abilities that would be useful against my team such as those of Mukuro I doubt that they could effectively use those abilities against the shinobi which is a statement that is supported by my opponent when he states, "...Mukuro is a threat, shouldn't Tsuna, who had beaten Mukuro in a fight, Hibari, who is said to be stronger, and Colonnello, who is an Archobaleno and therefore stronger than the guardians, be included as well?" I still maintain that Tsuna would not do well in a fight against the shinobi and this point has not been effectively refuted.

4.) Uri is a fairly useless tool in this fight as until it is turned into a leopard by Kangaryu it is a weak creature. For this tool to be utilized this transfer of power must take place in the heat of battle which is an unlikelihood.


In conclusion I would only like to say that changing your team after posting one is bad form and I look forward to the rest of this debate.
Debate Round No. 2


Shadowparadox forfeited this round.


Since my opponent has forfeited the round I extend my arguments.
Debate Round No. 3


I would first like to apologize for not posting an argument, I did not have a chance to use the internet, it being Christmas time.

Note: I will also be addressing the Naruto characters' jutsu by their japanese counterparts.

My opponent is fairly accurate in describing my characters' attributes; the way I would describe Hibari's box weapon's techniques (named Roll) is that it can absorb either Hibari's or other people's Flames to multiply. (

Counter defense:

1) My opponent states the truth, there is nothing to refute.

2) X-burner does take a fairly long time, but that's only in its perfected stage. By using the unperfected stage, Tsuna can speed the attack up, at the price of sheer power, much like Naruto's Rasengan. Also, if he does use the X-burner it would be impossible to sneak up behind him as he fires flames from both his hands during the attack, leaving only two sides exposed. I defend my argument by saying that all of the suggested techniques would take too long, the rasenshuriken takes roughly 28 seconds to form and only counts as a long-distance jutsu if he is in Sage Mode; Kakashi's Kamui requires the user to be relatively unmoving and exhausts him, and Shikamaru's Kagemane Shuriken no Jutsu (Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique in English) is so far only proven to work against foes on he ground, Tsuna has no such limitations. In addition, I never stated that my team would have to counter attacks in the first place, it is just as easy to dodge the attacks.


1) I never stated that having guns was the ultimate downfall of my opponent's party, I simply said that it would play a moderate role. No matter what, Reborn is still a hitman, and he can and will use regular bullets, and other artillery, as well as bullets comprised of Dying Will Flames. This also applies to Colonnello

2) While it is true that the ninja in Shippuden usually don't underestimate anyone, I think it's fair to say that even they would underestimate two people who are barely 50 cm, which is about the height of both Reborn and Colonnello. By taking advantage of their size, the two Archobalenos can lower the ninjas' guard and maim, if not kill, at least one of them.

3) It may be true that the members of his team have enough raw power to destroy Konoha, but my opponent failed to give examples like I have.


1) This point is irrefutable, except for the fact that, like my opponent said, strength does not decide a battle like this.

2) Using Bunshin takes hand signs, and hand signs take time, something that they don't really have. Add that onto the fact that clones are illusions (my opponent has not specified what types of clones, so I assume that he means the most basic type) and the fact that both Tsuna and Mukurocan see through illusions, renders this useless. Kawarimi is most definitely not faster than a bullet, Dying Will or regluar; Genjutsu is, as I have stated before, useless against Tsuna's Hyper intuition and Mukuro's perceptiveness. Hidan has been shown to survive lots of things that would kill anyone else, but if his head is separated from is body, only his head is responsive; so if his head were to be separated from his body, he would be useless without Kakuzu.

3) Tsuna has shown multiple times to have the ability to be able to keep up with shinobi (e.g. Xanxus, Genkishi and Torikabuto), and my opponent has made no point to prove to me that Tsuna is unable to put up a good fight; He's fast enough and strong enough to keep up with any of my opponent's party.

4) I would like to say that this takes place in Konoha, a place with lots of hiding spots. Even if most of the opposite team is from Konoha, only Kakashi has enhanced senses to detect them, but by then it might be too late.

My points:

1) Teamwork; Tsuna, Yamamoto, Gokudera, Ryohei, Hibari and Mukuro-Chrome have all worked together as a team (against Reborn), Reborn and Colonnello have more than likely worked together multiple times, and Xanxus and Squalo both have knowledge of each other's abilities. On my opponent's team, on the other hand, the only people that have worked with each other are (in list form to make it easier):
a) Kakashi and Guy
b) Naruto and Kakashi
c) Naruto and Shikamaru
d) Deva Path, Human path and Nagato
My party's teamwork is much better than my opponent's party.

2)Mukuro can use his ability to possess people to cause confusion amongst the ninjas. Because it's technically not 'friendly fire' [it's Mukuro attacking, not the person(s) who's body he's possessing], they become vulnerable to attacks.

I am aware that changing my roster is bad form, but technically, because I never put the original roster in my argument, I never changed it.
*Just in case no one knows about the terms I use (Dying Will Flames etc.) here are some links:
Dying Will Flames:
Box Weapons:
Mukuro's Six Paths of Reincarnation:
Gokudera's Dynamite:

Thank you for reading this, and please vote PRO


Response to Counter-Defense:
1.) Here my opponent concedes that my team members have considerable skill in their fields of expertise.
2.) The points my opponent makes here are true but only serve to help my argument in round 2 when he says that instead of countering they could dodge which disrupts the attack.

Response to Defense:
1.) My opponent maintains the viewpoint that those that use guns will use regular bullets in those guns. I will show that this can be easily countered by my team a bit lower.
2.) This point uses a fallacious appeal to majority argument. Simply the fact that many would underestimate a 50 cm tall opponent has no bearing on this argument. the same fallacious logic could be applied to underestimating the elderly which no character in Naruto would do. this is evidenced by the superior fighting ability of the late third Hokage [1] and that of Lady Chiyo [2]. These two would be underestimated by most but they are not the members of my team.
3.) This video does a good job illustrating the raw destructive power of Naruto and shows off Shikamaru's skill [3].
Here is Deva Pain destroying kohona at about 45 seconds into the video [4].
Here is Might Guy fighting a 30% power Kisame [5].
Here is a video that illustrates Tsunade's healing ability and sheer power [6].
There are more examples but I think these prove my original point.

Response to Refutations:
1.) Here my opponent concedes the point that my team is better than his team in every way, the point did not only included strength, skill, and technique. These three factors always decide battles and my opponent agrees that my team is superior.
2.) It is true that the basic clones are illusions and that Mukuro and Tsuna can see through illusions. this does not help the members of their team that use guns. My opponent can make the argument that Tsuna and Mukuro can tell Colonello and Reborn which of the clones are fake, this is true. To counter it I submit this video and source [6] [7]. These clones can then use another basic transformation jutsu to look like the other members of the team [8].
3.) It is not possible to compare the speeds of two things that never existed in the same virtual universe. Therefore saying that Tsuna is as fast as a shinobi is mere conjecture. I'm not refuting the point that Tsuna would put up a good fight because I don't need to. You've already stated that my team is stronger and more skillful than yours.
4.) Yes Konoha has hiding spots, my opponent seems to think that this gives his team an advantage. He forgets that my team is comprised entirely of _Ninjas_. Ninjas are masters of stealth combat.

Response to my Opponent's Points:
1.) My opponent's assessment of teamwork is a bit misleading. Those are only the teams that have worked together extensively. All of the members of my team that are from the Konoha Village have worked together. They may not have done so for very long, but they are not meeting in a combat setting for the first time. My opponent knows this to be true, but if he required it I will post sources in the comments section at his request.
2.) In order for Mukuro to possess people he must first get some of their blood on his weapon [9, Possession Shot]. This gives this ability a hefty limitation because he has to actually hit one of the members of my team. I will also accept my opponent's definition of friendly fire because it allows Shikamaru to actually harm my opponent's team while controlling their body.

I look forward to this debate's conclusion.


[3] Video 1
[4] Video 2
[5] Video 3
[7] Video 4
Debate Round No. 4


Shadowparadox forfeited this round.


Since my opponent has forfeited I extend my arguments and strongly urge a vote for the Contendor.
Debate Round No. 5
7 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 7 records.
Posted by GeorgeCarlinWorshipper 7 years ago
Yes, it is fatal; the only way to be restored to life is by another of Nagato's techniques.
Posted by Maikuru 7 years ago
"Soul Removal, by placing its hands on an opponents head and ripping out the soul."

What exactly happens when you remove the soul? Is it fatal?
Posted by Shadowparadox 7 years ago
Change of plans; my opponent has proposed that, for the sake of simplicity, each side will have 10 fighters here are mine:

1)Tsuna Sawada (current)
2)Takeshi Yamato(current)
3&4)Hayato Gokudera(current and future)
5)Ryohei Sasagawa(current )
6&7)Kyoya Hibari(current and future)
8) Reborn(baby)
9)Mukuro Rokudo/Crome Dokuro (current)
10)Colonnello (baby)
Posted by Shadowparadox 7 years ago
To GeorgeCarlinFan: No, I will not include other help for the Naruto side; they've got Akatsuki, including everyone who is currently dead (Except for Madara) and Konoha has all the ninja just before the Pein attack.

On the "Reborn!" side:
1)Tsuna Sawada (current)
2)Takeshi Yamato(current and future)
3)Hayato Gokudera(current and future)
4)Ryohei Sasagawa(current and future)
5)Kyoya Hibari(current and future)
6)Mukuro Rokudo (current)
7)Chrome Dokuro (current)
8) Superbia Squalo (current and future)
9) Xanxus (current)
10)Leviathan (current)
11)Viper (current)
12)Belphegor (current)
13)Fran (current)
14)Lussuria (current)
15)Reborn (baby)
16)Verde (baby)
17)Lal Mirch (baby)
18)Fon (baby)

Naruto side:
Everyone involved in Pein's attack (Inoichi, Tsunade, Shizune, Naruto, etc.)
Everyone in Akatsuki (No team Hawk or Madara.)

I hope that clears things up a little, if it doesn't, tell me.
Posted by Maikuru 7 years ago
Wow, you just said a lot of things I don't understand.
Posted by johngriswald 7 years ago
lol wut is this.
Posted by GeorgeCarlinWorshipper 7 years ago
For the sake of both myself and others, could PRO post a list of the members of each team and their respective numbers in the Comments field? Also, if the future versions of characters and the adult Arcobaleno are counted as separate combatants, is the Shinobi alliance allowed to bring in outside allies or help from other sources (possibly outside Naruto) to balance the battle?
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Vote Placed by Korashk 7 years ago
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Who had better conduct:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:05 
Vote Placed by GeorgeCarlinWorshipper 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:-Vote Checkmark-2 points
Total points awarded:07