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The Vow is better than The Notebook

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Started: 2/22/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I will be arguing that The Vow is better than the Notebook. I believe the Vow is better than the Notebook. The Main Actor is better and it is a better love story also.
Round 1 acceptance
Round 2-5 debate


I will argue that The Notebook is better than The Vow. The Notebook features better actors and has proved longevity, for it was released in 2004 and is still regarded as one of the best romantic movies of all time. The Notebook has a pleathora of critical acclaim and has been referenced, positively, a number times in other avenues.

The Notebook is better than The Vow for it provides better acting, storytelling, and has proved longevity.
Debate Round No. 1


The Vow has better acting. Channing Tatum is much better than Ryan Gosling. Channing is bigger, stronger, and just better. He is also much better looking than Gosling. The main actress is the same in both movies so I will not talk about her.
The Notebook is taking place in the past. They are both old people and the movie goes back in time to explain it. The Vow takes place in the present for the movie. This makes The Vow better because you really do not know what to expect.
The Notebook has only been a good movie for longer than the Vow simply because it came out before The Vow. The Vow will be a great movie and a top romance film but it only just came out. The Notebook cannot even beat Dear John so I do not see how it will ever beat The Vow.


The Notebook has better and more able actors than those featured in The Vow.

The lead male, Ryan Gosling, has been nominated for an Academy Award for lead actor for the film "Half Nelson (2006)". He has also been nominated for four Golden Globes, for the movies "Lars and the Real Girl (2007"), "Blue Valentine (2010)", "The Ides of March (2011)", and "Crazy Stupid Love (2011)". His performance in "Drive (2011)" has also garnered him critical praise.

Channing Tatum has not been nominated for any of these prestine awards.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and neither of the men's level of attractiveness determine whether or not they are good actors.

Though Rachel McAdams is featured in both films, her performance in The Notebook basically launched her career, with her being nominated for various small awards for the role, as well.

Sam Shepard, also in The Notebook, was nominated for an Academy Award for "The Right Stuff (1983)".

Gena Rowlands, also in The Notebook, was nominated for two Academy Awards for "Glora (1980)" and "A Woman Under the Influence (1974)".

Joan Allen, also in The Notebook, was nominated for three Academy Awards for "The Contender (2000)", "The Crucible (1996)", and "Nixon (1995)".

Kevin Connolly, also in The Notebook, has been nominated for a Golden Globes for his role in the Television Series "Entourage".

Because of a plethora of critcally recieved actors, it is safe to say The Notebook has better acting than The Vow, for it features better actors.

The Vow has a 6.5 rating on the Internet Movie Data Base, while The Notebook holds a 7.9.

Also, on Rotten Tomatoes, The Notebook holds a 52% rating, while The Vow holds a 28%.

Contrary to your argument, The Notebook does in fact beat Dear John, for it's rating on Rotten Tomatoes is a 29% (actually better than The Vow itself...) and a 5.9 on the Internet Movie Data Base.

By audiences and critics alike, THe Notebook is perceived to be the better film, and the ratings prove it.

The Notebook features better actors, therefore featuring better acting.
Debate Round No. 2


All of those awards for the actors in the Notebook were awards for other movies. Mccadams is in both and Tatum has won awards for other movies but that does not matter to the movie of The Vow. Tatum has won awards at The Sundance film Festival, Gij´┐Żn International Film Festival, and Teen Choice Awards. He has won awards before. The actors might have learned from being in other movies but that does not really matter to the topic of The Vow being better than The Notebook.
The Vow is already considered an instant classic. Also it is more than just a chick flick. Men as well as women enjoyed this movie.
I have a quote from Imdb. com to prove this point.
"More than a Chick Flick
3 February 2012 | by Rola2 (United States)
When I went with my two friends to see this movie, I thought we were in for a ladies night out and a teary chick flick. I was pleasantly surprised. The drama and dialog were very believable and realistic, and it was pleasingly funny in places. The fact that the setting was clearly Chicago without any effort to try and hide street signs and restaurant placards only added to the charm and believability of the movie. Quickly into the film I was wishing I was friends with this couple and could hang out with them and be part of their lives. When the credits started rolling I desired our relationship to continue. O.k. maybe I had a couple of tears, but I would definitely see this movie again and take my husband. After seeing the number of men in the audience who enjoyed it, I think he would feel comfortable attending and glad that he went."
Men clearly have enjoyed this movie and it is more than a love story. You can enjoy the people as people not just lovers.

The Vow brought in 12.5 million dollars on its first day in theatres. This is a lot of money for one day.


The Notebook has better acting than the The Vow. This is proved by the fact that mutiple actors featured in the film have been nominated for Academy Awards. The better the actors in a film, the better the acting, the better the film.

A Teen Choice Award for Channing Tatum doesn't surmount the the honor of being nominated for an Academy Award, as Ryan Gosling has. But sure, Ryan Gosling has won five Teen Choice Awards, coincidentally all for The Notebook.

A review from a user from the Internet Movie Data base hardly constitutes The Vow as being a good film. Now, if an actual film critics were to say that, it'd be different. But they haven't. In fact, The Vow has gotten, for the most part, horrible reviews, reflected in the Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

The Vow made a good box office debut because it was released the week of Valentine's Day, strategically. I work at amovie theatre, and saw as the weeks went by the vlomue of people coming for the film dwindled. There were not other romantic movies out of Valentine's Day this year, so of course people would go and see the ONE that was out.

The Notebook didn't need tricks to make money. The movie came out in June, and still had an impressive debut, making 13.5 million dollars it's first weekend. If the film had come out a few days before Valentine's Day, it too would've had an even stronger debut. Also consider that in 2006 movies were less money than they are now.

The amount of money a film brings in has nothing to do with if the film is good or not. Breaking Dawn made $281,287,133. Does that make it a good film? Certainly not. The Tree of Life was nominated for an Academy Award this film season and only made $54,303,319. The amount of money a film makes doesn't warrant the conclusion that only films hat make money are good.

There is nothing memorable about The Vow.

There is, however, an iconic scene in The Notebook:
The kiss has become a modern day romantic cinema iconic moment.

The Vow has already begun to fall down the box office list, while, 6 years later, The Notebook is still revered and talked about, as evidence by this debate itself. You could've chosen ANY movie to debate The Vow is better than, but you chose The Notebook, which came out 6 years ago, proving its longevity.
Debate Round No. 3


I picked The Notebook to prove just how bad it is and that The Vow is better. Channing Tatum is a lot better than Gosling. Neither of them won major awards for these two movies. I also pointed out Channing's awards to show that the past awards by actors for different movies do not matter to these two films.
The kiss scene is considered a great scence but it is really not that good. There are many kisses in many great movies. Dear John has a kiss scene in the rain also but that does not mean that that one kiss makes it the best romance movie ever made. Just like how the Notebook is not great from this one scene.
The Vow also does have many great scenes. They are married in a museum. They have that one restaurant that they are always at. Channing punching the exboyfriend. Channing fighting for his wives love when she does not even remember him. Channing stepping back when he has to to protect the one he loves even though that could have meant him lossing her. That is very romantic and shows strong will by the character.
Also The Vow is based off of a true story so that makes it that much better that this has actually happened.
The Vow shows the real strugglkes of the real couple.


marisaj forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


The Vow has not even been out for a month yet and it already has more promise than The Notebook. People will begin to loss interest in The Notebook. Channi8ng Tatum proves he is one of the top rising stars in the movie business. He is a great actor and this is a great movie.
The Vow shows real love and emotion.
Rachel Mccadams is her usual great self.
The movie is a masterpiece.
There is even a fight scene where Channing punches a guy in the face.
This is a great movie. The Vow is better than the Notebook.


marisaj forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Zaradi 5 years ago
You guys do realize The Vow actually isn't based off of a true story, right?
Or if it was, they got a huge amount of the details wrong.
Posted by RandomName 5 years ago
They are both just awful.
Posted by alexrose 5 years ago
Do you mean the book or the movie?
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