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The Wanted is better than One Direction.

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Started: 7/16/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The Wanted beat One Direction at X Factor.


I would like to thank my opponent for this debate, I will happily argue that The Wanted is not better than One Direction.
I would also like to point out that I am not a Directioner, but I believe that One Direction is better than The Wanted. Without further adieu, I will begin my argument.

First off, One Direction has more fans than The Wanted, which shows that they are liked by more people. The fact that they are liked by more people shows that they are better than The Wanted popularity wise.

Secondly, although One Direction is not very mature, they are more mature than The Wanted. I suppose my opponent has heard of the feud that was going on between The Wanted and One Direction. The Wanted just want to fight. They can't just move on from one insult. One Direction has moved on and forgotten about the insults and immaturity of The Wanted, but The Wanted just keep bringing it up. Their want for an argument and inability to move on shows that One Direction is better (and apparently bigger) than The Wanted maturity-wise.

Lastly, The Wanted barely have any songs with strong vocals. Their songs are all auto-tuned, party-style, songs with no powerful, strong vocals that show their true voice. One Direction does have songs that are like that, but they also have some songs that have strong vocals. For example, One Direction has songs like "Gotta Be You," "More Than This," "Summer Love," "Over Again," and many more. This shows that One Direction is better than The Wanted voice wise.

As I have shown in my argument, One Direction is better than The Wanted in many categories such as popularity, maturity, vocals, and songs.

I eagerly await my opponent's argument.
Debate Round No. 1


TheBunnyAssassin forfeited this round.


I am sad to see that my opponent did not provide an argument for round 2.

I hope my opponent will respond for round 3.

I am not sure what to argue so I will wait for round 3 in hopes that my opponent will provide a response.
Debate Round No. 2


I am sorry for the delay, since I was on vacation for a few days.
Now, back to business:

Even though 1D has more fans than TW, there is something I would like to say. The majoroty of the 1D fans are female, while TW has a mix of male AND female fans. 1D may have more fans, but they are eager for their looks, not songs. TW fans are more loyal and are not ashamed of being TW fans. For ex. if you are a male at your typical school, yell out "I love 1D!". The first response you might here is either: "Please bequiet." or "You're gay.". I will explain this next.

In addition to the 1D is not mature arguement, they are quite immature than more than TW. As you can see on the web, 1D posted a video of Niall and Harry kissing each other. This has sparked many controversies that they are gay, thus losing support from male fans. Any band who wants to earn fans instead of losing them would not do that.

Finally, though TW has songs that are auto-tuned, TW can change the pitches of their songs. You can hear them changing from high to low, while 1D uses the same voice in their songs. Some examples of voice change can be shown in The Wanted's "I Found You" (High) and "Warzone"(Normal).

Thank you for your time spent.


No problem, I understand.

I would like to say that One Direction has male fans as well. I know boys who are fans of One Direction, and they don't get teased for it. I would also like to add that the majority of The Wanted's fans are also female. Also, females do not only go for the looks. They go for the complete package: the looks, and the music. This shows that if One Direction has more fans that The Wanted, it's not only for their looks, but their music as well. I understand that it's the music that counts, but this debate is about who is better overall. According to the amount of fans, One Direction is better in both charm, looks, and music.

Additionally, my argument was not that One Direction was mature, just more mature than The Wanted. Maybe not all the time, but most of the time. In reality, neither of them are mature (I mean, they're in their around their 20's, they haven't fully matured). Although One Direction have kissed each other, The Wanted has had their immature moments, too. For example, when One Direction had stopped fighting with The Wanted, The Wanted just kept wanting to fight. Not only did they insult them during an interview, but they even proposed an actual boxing match (in which The Wanted "chickened out" of). One Direction knew when to draw the line and move on from one insult, but obviously, The Wanted didn't. Also, The Wanted has a picture of them in their underwear taken at a photo hoot. The only reason One Direction would end up in their underwear would be when they goof around, but not in a magazine.

Lastly, One Direction has changed their pitches in their songs, too. For example, in the song "Kiss You," their pitch was a bit high. In "Little Things," it was low. This does not make either of them better, it shows how they can be the same, therefore this is not a valid argument to prove that The Wanted is better than One Direction. The point I was trying to make in my previous argument was that One Direction has more powerful vocals.

You are welcome, and I would like to thank you for this wonderful debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Sandy8 3 years ago

Ignore my earlier rant then.
Posted by PeriodicPatriot 3 years ago
Ha! JK again about me kinda hating 1D back then! I was a directioner in the beginning.
Posted by PeriodicPatriot 3 years ago

Chill. I was JK. I'm a fan of both acts. I used to kinda hate 1D back then. But I am a fan now.
Posted by RobinMarlyse 3 years ago
The wanted Is better than one direction and I believe anyone who has to say otherwise is out of there mind I don't know true musical talent .. for whoever said the wanteds music has whatever done to it autos shopped or whatever apparently hasn't heard there new album word of mouth on that album these five boys spilled there hearts out with meaningful songs about relationships love and everything other people can relate too and they sing very well on this album my 2 favourite sons are heartbreak story and show me love and the wanted has just as many fans as 1d but they are more tamed and mature like the wanted I am both a directioner and apart of the wanted fanmily but my opinion is the wanted is better Word of mouth is a better Album then midnight memories 1D is still finding there sound and trying to get there fans to follow when the wanted is already there I probably know more about all 10 of these boys then any of you do so please support your statements with facts the wanted are chart topping with over 9million downloaded singles and 1D are just some band that shouldn't even be compared to them my case is closed
Posted by Sandy8 3 years ago
Oh and The Wanted is pretty cool too! Don't get me wrong! I just prefer One Direction.
Posted by Sandy8 3 years ago

Can you please stop hating and listen? With all due respect, your opinion is based off of a false conclusion. All singers sing for music, but the media twists everything and makes it so that image is everything. That doesn't mean that the band doesn't care about music in their hearts. All bands have a "look," it's just that One Direction is more popular for it, and that's not their fault. They do sing for music, and now they are writing more of their songs. Don't you think it bothers them when people look at the monster the media created and and say "One Direction sucks?" Of course it does! They're being hated for something that they're not. They truly care about the music, that's why they're suffering through all this, to make music and make fans happy.

As for the Directioners, yes I have to agree, they can be delusional at times, but that doesn't mean you have to be like them to be a Directioner. I like One Direction, do you see me telling the Wanted fans that they stink? No, because I, like some other fans out there, understand that people have different opinions. You can still be a Directioner without acting crazy, and if people make fun of you for it, then so what? If you truly care about them, you wouldn't mind the insults.

I'm not trying to convince you to like them again, but I am trying to say: be open to other opinions. Don't just immediately hate One Direction because of Directioners or liking The Wanted more. There's nothing wrong with liking both, you don't have to choose a side. Hating them like this is wrong. They didn't do anything to you, they didn't physically hurt you, they didn't mentally hurt you, they did nothing to you. Directioners might have been cruel, but One Direction isn't Directioners. It's One Direction, a band that suffers for the sake of music, and entertaining the public eye.

Please no hate, I'm saying this with all due respect.

Thank you if you read this, have a lovely day.
Posted by PeriodicPatriot 3 years ago
Actually, The Wanted were nor in the X factor. They were in a audition. However, two members of the wanted did go to the x factor but failed.
Posted by PeriodicPatriot 3 years ago
One Direction sucks!!!! The Wanted sing for the music and not for the looks, which is good. I have seen youtube videos of The Wanted music videos and Directioners put hate on The Wanted. I used to be a Directioner before knowing how bad they could be. The Wanted rule forever.
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