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The Weeaboo species needs to be banned

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Started: 1/8/2017 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round for acceptance ONLY
Vote me to win
No swearing
I am pro that weaboos need to be banned from everything
look at the sources so you can see how cancerous the weeaboo spiecies is in my sources

First good luck. Now for my arguments.

Weaboos they think they are japanese just because they read or saw some anime wierdo stuff and know how to use chopsticks and learned the language online.

These creatures of the underworld are very cringy with there anime girl/boyfriends(it's a real thing).

Also they are very violent using there Katana and ancient japanese weapons to spread fear among the populus don't belive me did you hear about the weeaboo named jones who attacked a man named frank

Image result for history colorized meme typical weeboo inspecting his katana in orde
r to kill of his american ancestry 1943 colorized
-this girl thinks she is japanese because she reads manga

look at this savage player going full weeaboo
Image result for anime girlfriend weeaboo

Image result for weeaboo jones this is weeaboo jones the one who asulted the man named frank


I see where this debate is going and I like the direction...

So without further ado

"Weaboos they think they are Japanese just because they read or saw some anime wierdo stuff and know how to use chopsticks and learned the language online."
Don't really know what to think of this definition so I'll provide my own from urban dictionary.

"A negative term directed to anyone overly obsessed with Japanese culture to the point where they become annoying.Used frequently on the image boards of 4chan.

Most weaboos are uneducated about their obsession of choice and are often noobs who are overly zealous, trying to impress others with their otaku knowledge. Another trait of a weaboo is their desire to "be Japanese".

While the two terms are often fused together, weaboos are very different from anime fans or enthusiasts. A fan may be just as enthusiastic and knowlegable
about Japanese culture, mainly anime, but they neither boast about their knowledge nor call themselves otaku(because of its known negative connatation)."
-Urban dictionary

There really isn't anything noteworthy about these people besides their obsession with japanese pop culture, there is no reason to ban them from anywhere.

As for the image you have provided of a "typical weeboo inspecting his katana in order to kill of his american ancestry"
That's a meme. Clearly a meme.

The cringe compilation is entertaining at best and again, does not warrant the banning of weaboos.
The other two links you have provided just take me to the youtube homepage and since I don't know what'll be there I have no option but to ignore them.

Lastly we move on to weaboo jones, after looking around for weaboo jones on the internet I have found a video by filthy frank titled "WEEABOOS"

Weaboo jones is introduced at minute 7:20
In this video (which I may or may not have seen before) a background check of weaboo jones reveals he is from realm: 9.12 and has a special attack named sharingan. He does in fact attack a man named frank but from what we see he did not hurt frank as much as frank hurt him. Frank has clearly defeated weaboo jones with his own special move; reality check which utterly demotivates weaboo jones.

It is my belief that if we keep reality checks with us at all times, the weaboos cannot get to us
Debate Round No. 1


You said it your self " a background check of weaboo jones reveals he is from realm: 9.12 and has a special attack named sharingan." If weaboos are not violent why would they need a special attack also frank was attacked by the weaboo and acted in self defense also why did the guy have a Katana wether it was a meme or not?

you said "It is my belif that if we keep reality checks with us at all times,the weaboos cannot get to us"

I want you to think of the cost of reality checks I have many weebs in my school and I see them every day so a single box of reality checks can only last me a day so that is 24.53$(cost of check at bank of america) times 365(days in a year) you end up spending up to
8953.45 dollars a year and if you saw the video you would see that frank had to use multiple reality checks on weaboo jones so in the end it would be cheaper just banning weaboos


After a more in depth check on weaboo jones's powers, I have discovered that he is a Mangekyou Sharingan user. I have discovered this by taking notice of his eyes in frank's video and comparing them to others online. But what exactly happens when you activate this sharingan?
"The Mangekyou Sharingan is an upgrade of the regular Sharingan. It can only be unlocked upon going through the psychological trauma of seeing a loved one die in front of the Sharingan owner. The shapes differ person to person.
The Mangekyou grants additional, extremely strong powers to the user at the cost of severe vision impairment, and eventually blindness."

Now to counteract this sharingan easily, we can use basically anything, the dude is blind after using it. Use whatever you want: toater, butter knife or even an attack helicopter. It's that easy. The reason for why weaboo jones needs a special attack is easily answerable if you have been to his dimension. Unfortunately is is completely overrun by weaboos, that is why he needs his special attack. It is too dangerous to enter without a special attack such as sharingan. They regularly have clan wars and thin out their own population in an attempt to be the best clan the virgin realm has ever seen. I got this information from a former weaboo formerly know as "xXPussySlayer&KingOfAllHentaiXx". He has a truly tragic story about how his clan was wiped out and how he had to develop black magic in order to survive. This is why weeaboos need their special attacks and katanas.

As you said before, reality checks are very expensive. Which is why I make my own. Obviously, this is the more economical option. To create your own reality check just scream out something painfully obvious to non-weaboos. You can also deeply offend them with such statements
Such as:
The best thing about these reality checks is that they are re-usable and can be recycled by other people fending off weaboos

Now, as you said "it would be cheaper just banning weaboos". Yes, it would but by that logic it would also make more sense to ban katanas and other weaboo weapons. This just isn't feasible as it they already exist, just like weaboos.
This raises another concern of mine, if the human population were to discover the special attacks weaboos possess, they may try to use them to make an army of super-soldier-weaboos. We all know that they would willingly suubmit in exchange for some high quality hentai anf letting the people know that weaboos are dangerous may just lead to this.
Debate Round No. 2


Notice I said banning the weeaboo SPECIES this is because they are not humans they are sperate species you see humans have 46 chromosomes and weeaboos have 420,000 chromosomes they are not humans so they should not be treated a such. they are from realm 9.12 (virgin realm) not even the same realm as us so this proves my point they are not even human wich also explains why they are not intrested in humans but waifus instead. They are so unhuman they think neckbeards are normal

link from last time should work



The entire weaboo species deserves the same treatment as humans, this situation reminds me of Nazi Germany where Jews were banned and hunted down. Proof that Pro is literally Hitler.

Now 420,000 chromosomes may not be as great as it sounds. You only need one extra chromosome to have down's but imagine what you'd have with over 400,000 more.

Regarding the weaboos' home turf, the virgin realm. Whilst it is true they can traverse it like weaboo Jones, it is also true that you require the blood of 100 virgin waifus, something that is very rare in the virgin realm, seeing as all "waifus" run at the sight of as weaboo for fear of sexual assault.

Speaking of which, weaboos are indeed attracted to humans, you have provided a picture evidencing this yourself. (with the caption "look at this savage player going full weeaboo").

Inserting image...
Or check the image on Pro's first round

Lastly, neckbeards. Whilst it's true they think it's normal, many of them are unable to grow a beard of any kind. Also, humans grow neckbeards as well. Frank himself has one in his video starring weaboo Jones
Neckbeard spotted at 7:03
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by electricsnakeman 1 year ago
i agree
Posted by Dirty-Morgs 1 year ago
Its a joke dude
Posted by DJMay 1 year ago
Can't help but just laugh... hahahhhaa! You're taking the weaboos too seriously, man.
Posted by Dirty-Morgs 1 year ago
Do you think I am serious
Posted by canis 1 year ago
Hi.. Banning is impossible..
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