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The World V. Santa Claus

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Started: 12/28/2014 Category: Funny
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This Debate is impossible to accept. If you wish to accept then please say so in the comments section and if you find some magical way to accept this debate without my permission then you will forfeit the debate plus all of your Christmas presents to me.

This debate is the Companies of the world which will be listed to bellow, but is not limited to the following list:

-General Motots










-Wal Mart

-Toys R Us

-GI Joe

-Cartoon Network




-Star Wars


-Fox News











First round is acceptance.

Second round is opening arguments, no rebuttles shall be made.

The Procicuting side will call witnesses to the stand in Round 2.

Third Round is Rebuttles.

Forth Round is Rebuttles and conclusion.

Wikipeadia is not an acceptable source.

Pro is the Prosecuter while Con is to defend Santa Claus.

You may use movies and such as video evidence.

In order to win the debate you must win at least 2 out of the 3 Court Cases for your side.

By accepting the debate you will be accepting that the following facts are indeed true.

1. Santa Clause is real and lives at the north pole.

2. Elves make toys of Santa at the North Pole.

3. Santa has magic Reindeer to pull his slead.

There are multiple court cases going on at once.

Court Case 1: PETA V. Santa Clause

Suing Santa for the mistreatment and abuse of the Reindeer.

Court Case 2: Corporations of the World V. Santa Clause

Suing Santa for illegal use and production of their pattoned products.

Court Case 3: Child Protection Services (CPS) and OSHA V. Santa Clause.

Suing Santa for illegal use of child labor and child abuse all over the world.

Together these cases are put together as the Wolrd V. Santa Clause.



I accept, and look forward to an interesting debate! My client wished for me to tell you the outcome of these cases will not affect your status on the "naughty/nice" list. Good Luck, Pro!
Debate Round No. 1


PETA V. Santa Claus

Santa is running a drug opperation where the Elve that wanted to a Dentist and his very own Reindeer Blitzen stated that one of the things behind his crazy addiction to fly around the world was to drop cococaine to Drug Lords. We now call The Elve that wanted to be a Dentist to the stand.

Lawyer: Mr. Elve can you tell us about said alligations?

Elve: "It was all about the coke man! Santa had us elves hid the blow in the crappy wooden toys. Then he would make the drop...and the sale was complete. He tried using some other ways to sneak the product in. Did ya ever see a Yeti with a dozen condoms full of coke brust in his belly?" (

Lawyer: No further questions.

As you can see he is doing a terrible thing to an endangered specis killing them as the incident led to the death of several and the Yetti being shot to death. It’s his recklessness that is causing harm to the animals of the world.

*”Animals are people too” Shouts a PETA supporter trying to break into the court room. The police escort him out by force.*

The next is terrible as Santa has gotten his own Reindeer Comet in a well trying to save the boy and they drop a genade in to try to save the boy, but it works! Except it kills all the reindeer except Comet who is now legless. He trained his Reindeer to do stupid acts like this and how people have caused this kind of chaos thanks to Santa and his terrible pet owning skills. (

In another event the News as well as Yankovic covered the event of Santa loosing his mind. Santa busted into the workshop drunk and armed link Rambo. He then killed all his Reindeer and as Yankovic reported on that fateful day, “You can hardly walk around the north pole without steppin’ in Reindeer guts.” It is here that Santa has killed an Endangered specis in the Reindeer and even ate Blitzen like he was BBQ chicken. It’s friggin’ sick. (

The Corporations V. Santa Claus

Santa himself has been very naughty this year as he has invaded and killed severally Coca Cola Executives along with Britny Spears and Coca Cola is just one of the several corporations demanding that Santa is imprissioned and severly fined. If we observe the Robot Chicken Security Cameras that were installed in their meeting room saw Santa's terrible acts killing everyone. Coca Cola had just planned earlier that day that they had over 1 trillion dollars ready to go to Santa as a Holiday gift, but now they are cancelling the gift giving.

Santa makes his elves work year round making Toys. Now these toys are illegal as they are not given to the pattoned companies nor is their any profit made from it so the fact can be seen that the prices and the value of the product decreases significantly due to the devaluation of the product and the amplified amount of the product on the open market and for free means that there is a less demand and the prices will have to drop as well as the production meaning that people will loose jobs because of this. This robs companies of profit and they are forced to close factories which harms the public as it lowers jobs and then they become poor kids and then Santa hates them.

CPS and OSHA V Santa Claus

Santa has repetitively abused children across the world. As a matter of fact a child named Jaiden made the naughty list and Santa invaded the child's home killing both the mother and the child. Here is footage from the Robot Chicken Security Camera. (

The today show reports that his children are the elves. We can also cross apply this with the fact that Santa abducts children and brings them back to the North Pole when they’re short staffed. He claims that they just so happened to “climb” into his bag like Will Fearell in the Movie Elf. He makes his children work all day and all night for 364 days making counterfeit and illegal toys for children across the world. These children need to be in school and the fact is that they’re practically slaves for that man and it’s sickening.

If we observe the diaries of Your Favorite Martian we can see that Santa is both racist and a sexual predictor. He hates the Poor as he discriminates against poor and the blacks and the Jews. Robbie has stated that Santa hates you if you’re Jewish, so I’m sorry Airmax, Santa isn’t bringing you anything this year just because you’re Jewish. If we look we can see that Billy got a Bently Power Wheels and a stripper Pony from My Little Pony while Sally got a slave. A friggin’ slave. Santa enslaved some poor black person just so that one rich white girl would be happy. This is something that is just so horrible. To add to everything YFM has noted that he has woken on several Christmases to find Santa there Jerking one off to the kid. Makes you wounder why he only comes around when you’re sleeping. They have also reported that he likes to touch Scottish kids under the kilt due to the accessablility. Why do you think he makes all the children sit on his lap? It’s to appease his sexuality. (



Thank you, Pro, for your very interesting arguments. Per the debate rules, I cannot rebut allegations from the prosecution in round 2. I will instead establish the character of Santa and how (and where) he runs his operation.

Santa: the animal lover

Santa has a special place in his heart for animals. Consider Rudolph! He was being bullied and was not allowed to play in any reindeer games by the other reindeer. St. Nick decided it would be helpful to give Rudolph a special job leading Santa’s sleigh. This decision really had little to do with Rudolph’s nose (it is really not that bright). Thanks to Santa and his compassion for the red nosed deer, Rudolph has gone down in history. [1]

Santa: Businessman

Santa is quite an entrepreneur! Through the branding of his image (red suit, bushy white beard, sleigh, and reindeer) he has been able to expand his operation from a small local provider in the 19th century to the worldwide operation we all know today. Through hard work, clever marketing, sponsorships, the help of parents and volunteers, and a little magic, Santa has been able to cover his extensive overhead expenses and achieve his goals of giving the children of the world a special gift every Christmas. [2]

Base of Operation and workforce:

Santa’s world headquarters are based at Finnish Lapland. This little known fact was discovered in 1925 and is actually for the sole purpose of reindeer grazing. [3]

Santa’s workforce consists strictly of elves and he himself is an elf as illustrated by the well-known “T’was the Night Before Christmas” [4]

“He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf,

And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself”

In the next round I will address the serious allegations the prosecution has submitted, and I am confident my client's innocence will be proven.
This concludes opening statements for the defense.





Debate Round No. 2


I would to point out that Santa did not follow all the rules as one of the terms of acceptance in this debate was point 1. "Santa Claus is real and lives at the North Pole." Thus via penalty he shall be stripped of his Conduct point at the very minimum.

PETA V. Santa Claus

Now Santa may say that he's good with animals, but that doesn't explain what he's done to them.

If we look at the Santa Claus Elve Training Video we can see that the Reindeer aren't as good as Santa claims. You see if we observe the video that the Elve provided us we can see that they quote on quote, "Eat Elves like they're Funyans and they just don't eat you. They play Reindeer games with you and then they eat you." ( You can see that Santa is a bad person because he simply doesn't train his own Reindeer right and has them be vicious as they eat Elves like their Funyans, not Doritos, not Cheetos, but Funyans.

Santa was also a terrible person as he ruined the Great Christmas Miracle of 1914. It was the worldest greatest triumph of humanity and here comes Santa Claus bee bopin' in here with a gangster gun and his reindeer killing Germans. He put his own Reindeer in danger killing Germans when there was a truce. Heck the War could've ended early, but because of they conflict there the Germans could never trust the Brittish and French. (

Corporations V Santa Claus

Though Santa has been a world Icon his crimes still go though by making counter-feit toys. I will now add on to the negatives of such a thing. It will be a vicious cycle that will the dollar to be worthless and have a devastating effect on the Global Economy. The higher the inflation rate also affects international trade as the higher the inflation is the higher the interest rates. ( According to Paul Krugman, the devaluation of the dollar (caused by the resolution here) will lead to a decrease in people people buying product which hurts the economy of the nation. (

People would have to spend more money, becuase of the inflation and with the devaluing of the dollar we can see that if I spent a dollar on the US maket in the 1960s it would be a whole lot more then if I spent a dollar on the US market today. Economist Gagnon has shown that devaluing of the US dollar caused by the inflation can lead to a massive increase in import prices and since we get many of our things from abroad it will be even harder to get that new XBox video game you were wanting. He also shown that it harms nation's holding our debt, because the value is worthless and makes other nation's not want to purchase from us. The US in turn raises the interest rates, but we cannot afford to raise them any higher. ( Why's this you may ask? If we observe the graph bellow the US interest rate on debt alone dwarfs most of the US federal budget. The US federal debt is getting so enourmously large that the US is getting to a breaking point in economic trade to were we have to pay off a massive amount of debt or commit financial suicide and raise the interest rates. If we observe the chart bellow we can see the different rates that a our interest rates will cost the US in the future. We have no choice, but cannot decend this slippery slope and further devaluing of the US dollar will harm the American economy by forcing us to lose jobs and rely more on imports causing the the nation to slide into the interest disadvantage furthering harming our nation's economy causing a world wide economic collapse greater than that of the Great Depression and rising the minimum wage will cause us to go flying off the fiscal cliff. ( The collapse of the dollar and the American economy means that the world will be plunged into a Greater Depression then what occured in the 1930s. (

CPS and OSHA V Santa Claus

If we observe the Worker Video brought up in the privious Court case we can see that the elves are under constant threat of death. Meaning that Santa Claus is in some serious safety violations. For example they don't mark crevasses which is an OSHA violation for safety hazard unmakred. Also we can see the constant threat of them being killed by Reindeer and Zarlons are a constant threat to their health. I mean if we view towards the end of their video we can see a gigantic list of elves that died due to these attacks which is a terrible number.

If we observe the following picture we can see that the elves at the north pole are children.



Thank you for a very interesting debate, Pro!

Compliance of Debate Rules

Let me address Pro’s call to strip my conduct point. Pro stated Santa must live at the ‘North Pole’, and he was not specific about a magnetic North Pole, a terrestrial North Pole, a workshop by the name of North Pole, or some combination thereof. I chose the third option. According to my source:

Located in the Arctic Circle, the Santa Claus Village is now renowned as Santa’s official “North Pole” residence and is one of the top tourist destinations in Finland with thousands of tourists flocking to meet Santa each year. [5]

Am I in violation? I plead “not guilty”. That being said, this trial is about Santa - Let us get to his defense.

PETA V. Santa Claus

Round 1:

[a]Cocaine smuggling Yeti:

The Defense moves the evidence from the “Elve that wanted to be a dentist” and “Blitzen” be stricken from the record (unless the prosecution is attempting to sue a dead man). They state Santa was murdered, and Pro must accept all of their evidence, or none. Santa is either dead and beyond prosecution, or Santa is innocent. My client assures me he is very much alive, therefore, I maintain my client is innocent.

[b]Legless Comet

Pro’s video shows Santa attempting to save a little boy trapped in a well, and if it weren’t for Santa's decision to stop, the little boy probably would have died. The prosecution’s evidence also shows Santa attempting to stop Comet from his ill-conceived actions (to no avail), and Santa played no part in the grenade being lobbed into the well by the other reindeer. This tragic event has deeply saddened Santa, but his decision to render assistance allowed for the child to be saved. Comet and the other reindeer involved have faced consequences of their own desicions.

[c] Yankovic’s testimony

According to the Yankovis testimony, Santa is in Jail. If Pro is pursuing a criminal case against Santa for actions he has already been prosecuted for, then that is 'double jeopardy' and invalid. If Pro is pursuing a civil case, then Pro will need to establish damages suffered by PETA. Defense appeals for dismissal in either case.

Round 2:

[d] Elf training video

First off, unless Pro is asserting elves are animals (and not children - see CPS/OSHA argument r1 [b]), I am not certain how PETA has any interest in the claim. Secondly, none of the actions shown are Santa’s doing, and in fact, the training video is warning against such careless actions.

[e] World War I

The video made me laugh, thanks for that! As seen in multiple instances of Pro’s evidence, reindeer are self-aware, and as such, are capable of making their own independent decisions. Santa cannot be held responsible for reindeer using their own volition.

Corporations V Santa Claus

Round 1:

Pro asserts Santa’s guilt, but provides no evidence of “pattoned” (patent) violations.

Round 2:

Once again, the prosecution fails to meet its burden. Pro provides no evidence of Santa violating patents of any corporations.

Per the debate rules, no new arguments can be introduced in round 4. Therefore, I move this lawsuit be dismissed.

CPS and OSHA V Santa Claus

Round 1:

[a] Jaiden

This is not a case of abuse, but of self-defense. Jaiden’s mother mistook Santa for a burglar on Christmas Eve, and Santa was forced to defend himself. When Santa went to break the news to Jaiden, he was again forced to defend himself when Jaiden went for a weapon. Santa is beside himself with grief.

[b] Elves are children?

Pro makes the assertion Santa’s elves are actually kidnapped children, and he forces them to work day and night 364 days a year. This is a very serious allegation, and the prosecution has provided only assertions.

[c]Sexual predation/discrimination

There are many allegations here. Let me address them directly and concisely:

1. Santa does not visit Jewish families out of respect for their religious views.

2. Santa ensures poor children get presents too [5], but unfortunately, some parents/legal guardians steal these gifts and cover their actions with poor replacement gifts and lies. Santa has no control over the actions of parents.

3. Billy and Sally were given gifts from their rich parents in Santa’s name. Santa has no control over the actions of parents.

4. As I covered in round 2, Santa relies on the help of parents and volunteers since Santa can only be in one place at a time. He employs impersonators to interact with children in the malls and other gatherings. It has recently come to his attention some impersonators are acting inappropriately. Santa acknowledges his screening process for volunteers needs to be more stringent, and he is in the process of implementing appropriate measures. However, he can in no way be held accountable for the actions these individuals have done while pretending to be Santa. These individuals will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Round 2:

[d]Elf training video (OSHA)

Santa’s workshop is not located in the US, and OSHA has no jurisdiction in the North Pole. However, to address prosecution’s concerns, Santa has developed this training video in an effort to educate his elves. “An uneducated elf is a danger to himself and those around him”, is one of Santa's workplace motto's.


Debate Round No. 3


PETA V Santa Claus

a) Their evidence shouldn't be striken from the record, because thanks to the CIA they were unable to thaw Santa out and bring him her today. Let's all give the CIA a round of applause.

*Court Room slowly claps. Children in the room chear.*

B) My opponent is trying to plead innocent as he tried to keep his reindeer from killing themselves and making Comet legless, but we can see that Santa is negligent here. He has been a failure when it has come to the training of his animals wrongly and thus abusing his animals. We can also see that from the Elve training video that Santa is guilty of animal neglection due to him not taking proper care of them and forcing them to be attack dogs as they kill elves, Germans, and themselves. It's obvious that they've been trained this way and Santa is guilty of it. (

C) Santa has gotten out of Jail, this is just a list of complaint against Santa and things to discredit his good behavior.

D) I'm not asserting that the elves are animals. I'm stating that the Reindeer are attacking the Elves and Santa hasn't done a single thing about it. As a matter of fact we see an elve sitting near there and he get's eaten like a funyan. The reindeer also play reindeer games with it's dead carcass which Santa had taught the reindeer and this shows how much of a bad pet owner that Santa is.

E) Santa instantly ordered the Reindeer to help break through the German line and the video shows the Reindeer doing as their owner ordered killing Germans during the Christmas miracle of 1914. It's sad that Santa had to ruin this and cause Hitler to happen killing more Jews which I'll get into more later.

Corporations V Santa Claus

Santa admits that he's killed Coca Cocal COEs which is already one strike against Santa. Now my opponent repetitively dismisses the fact that his elves makes toys. Now these toys are counterfeit as he goes out and brings kids all kinds of toys that would normally be made by the companies, but are made by eleves instead. It's because of this very fact that it's counter-feit, because Claus has yet to refute or bring up any evidence that he has done any compensation for said toys. Thus meaning that Santa Claus continuing to make said toys will cause the unrefuted collateral damage that my opponent failed to refute in the last round. So with nothing else to refute there should be no other reason than to see that Santa is guilty of counterfeit and destruction of international trade and several corporation's profit.

CPS and OSHA V Santa Claus

a) Jaiden's mother was attacked by Santa. In the video he ask for his mother and then asked how she died. Santa blatantly killed her. Santa immidiately killed Jaiden just because he flashed the maid. That's too far Santa. A simple timeout by his mom and then an appology from Jaiden should've sufficed and if you thought that the punishment wasn't harsh enough then you couldn've given him coal, but didn't you shot the kid.

b) I have shown valid evidence from several sources that this is the case and my opponent has dropped it and in this court room silence is confirmance meaning that Santa kidnaps children!

c) 1. This is were I will continue from the last part of the first case. Santa has caused Hitler to rise to Power by continuing World War 1. This shows why he hates the Jews. Sure they don't celebrate Christmas, but they celebrate Hannikah, which Airmax1227 told me once was Hebrew for Jewish Christmas. You see Santa they do Celebrate Christmas. They just get 1 gift a day instead of 20 on one day. It's just that you hate the Jews and don't want to deliver the Jews Presents every day. That's just sick and disgusting.

2. My opponent has not shown any evidence while my evidence from YFM shows that Santa had evicted YFM from his home just because he was poor. He wanted an Xbox, but instead he got an eviction notice.

3. These gift's read "From: Santa" this means they're from him and that Santa hates black people because he got Sally a slave. He also supports beastality and rape, because he got Billy a stripper from My Little Pony. That's not cool Santa. You are breaking so many laws here. (

4. Once again this is a negilgence case here as Santa is responable for these representatives and is thus to blame for thse things and cannot deligate the blame since he contracted the deal off, but he himself is still held liable. ( This is an example of Tort and my opponent here falls under it's liability. (

5. Though he did make that appearance and said that we can see by the Elve training video that Santa does not have a safe working envirnment.

In conclusion, we can see that Santa is guilty of several things at the end of this debate weather it's slavery, tort, rape, negligence, misuse of Reindeer, Plagerism, theft, or just outright racism we can see that Santa is Guilty of several crimes and must be severly fined and jailed. Thank you and have a happy Christmas Break.

Thank you and please vote Pro!


PETA V Santa Claus

[a]Cocaine smuggling Yeti:

”..the CIA they were unable to thaw Santa out...”

If Santa is dead according to the witnesses (which is untrue), then the charges must be dropped since the witnesses are obviously unreliable.

[b]Legless Comet

In regards to ‘Legless Comet’, lack of training/insufficient training (to which the defense does not concede) is irrelevant to actions which would not be covered by training. Grenades would not be covered by any reasonable training course on the delivery of gifts and/or rescue missions.

Santa has furnished all the necessities for the reindeer to thrive and is not guilty of abuse.

[c] Yankovic’s testimony

“Santa has gotten out of Jail, this is just a list of complaint against Santa and things to discredit his good behavior.”

You have forced our hand, Pro. In fact, Santa was acting on behalf of the US government as a matter of national security. According to intelligence reports, the elves and reindeer were plotting attacks in multiple locations in the continental United States in with improvised explosive devices and dirty (radioactive) snowballs. Santa was cleared to eliminate them with extreme prejudice. If you have ever seen the damage high velocity candy cane shards and yellow snow can do, then you understand the clear and present danger to the citizens of the United States. Santa’s actions in this matter should be perceived as that of a hero. Your Honor, the defense request a gag order to be placed on all parties involved in this trial.

[d] Elf training video (PETA)

The reindeer are trained to protect sensitive areas. If anyone enters these clearly marked areas, they do so at their own risk. Here are a few of the signs marking these areas:

[e] World War I

Attack dogs are often used in an aggressive manner in all types of situations, including war. Santa has found the temperament of the reindeer to be spectacularly well suited for support in wartime with the proper training. The reindeer are properly trained and equipped (as necessary) for this activity.

Corporations V Santa Claus

The prosecution has failed to present any valid evidence of Santa’s patent infringement. In round 1, Pro presented a picture of an individual partially dressed in a Santa suit engaged in apparent criminal activity. The activity does not appear to be patent infringement nor does it appear to be Santa. In the second round, Pro proceeds as if this picture is evidence, and suggests ways in which Santa’s alleged patent infringement is detrimental. The defense demands dismissal due to lack of evidence.

CPS and OSHA V Santa Claus

[a] Jaiden
Jaiden’s mom and Jaiden both attacked Santa. He feared for his life, and defended himself according to his training as a secret agent. A
t any rate, this is not a matter of child abuse or workplace safety. It would be a matter of homicide, and that is outside of the scope of these trials.

[b] Elves are children?

Pro has provided no evidence Santa actually kidnaps children. More specifically, the prosecution has not met its burden of proof. Defense moves for dismissal.

[c] Sexual predation Discrimination

1. It would be inappropriate for Santa to encourage the celebration of Christ’s birth by Jewish boys and girls who do not believe Jesus is/was the messiah. This is clearly out of respect, not hate.

2. Santa owns no properties outside of those for his own personal use, and does not act as a property manager on behalf of other homeowners. Therefore, Santa does not have the authority to evict anyone from their home, and any binding eviction notice left as a pseudogift for a child was not done by Santa. The defense submits these actions were likely done by a malicious parent, guardian, or sibling.

3. The fact that there is a “from: Santa” is not conclusive evidence these gifts are absolutely from Santa.

4. Santa cannot be held responsible for the criminal activities of other individuals. Also, Pro has claimed a tortius claim against Santa, but has established no actual damages from the parties which are suing Santa (CPS and/or OSHA) nor that Santa has been negligent. This case should be dismissed outright.

[d] Elf training video (OSHA)

The natural environment in the North Pole is dangerous, but that is due to no fault of Santa. By analogy, the Bering Sea may be dangerous to crabbers, but that is not by the design or negligence of the ship captains.


The prosecution had the burden to make a case in respect to patent infringement, workplace safety, child abuse, or animal abuse. No evidence was provided for patent infringement. Pro has shown the natural work environment to be dangerous, but has not established this is through any negligence of Santa. The prosecution has established someone is treating children unfairly, but again, he has not shown this someone is Santa. Lastly, Pro has failed to show Santa’s animals have not been given an environment in which they can thrive. The charges of slavery, rape, plagiarism, theft, bestiality and racism are irrelevant to these court cases since they are outside of the purview of the respective governmental agencies represented here.
The defense has shown the case against Santa to be lacking.I thank the Jury for its time!

Thank you for an interesting debate, lannan13.

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TheChristian 2 years ago
He sees you when your sleeping. He knows when your awake.
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
After a short discussion with Skepticalone, I realize that I misinterpreted the burdens. Pro presented charges R2 that went beyond the scope of the case brought by corporations against Santa Claus that he'd laid out in R1. Since Con's burden was to defeat those R1 cases, Con technically satisfied his burden by defeating the case that Santa is pursuing "illegal use and production of their pattoned products." Ergo, despite the fact that he overlooked one of the charges, Con still wins on this case, and as a result, defeats 2 out of the 3 cases brought against Santa, winning the debate.
Posted by Skepticalone 2 years ago
Thank you
Posted by Ragnar 2 years ago
Sadly a bit low on time with the first week back in school. However I'll post an extra vote request for you both to try to drum up more voters.
Posted by Skepticalone 2 years ago
Are you planning on voting, Ragnar?
Posted by Ragnar 2 years ago
I strongly suggest typing your arguments in a text editor, as you're less likely to have to redo everything.
Posted by Ragnar 2 years ago
Admittedly I haven't read the debate yet (with class, probably not enough time), so I can't speak for their S&G choice. However regarding conduct
Posted by PGA 2 years ago
I don't see how the first voter marked spelling and grammar as a tie, nor gave more credit to Pro for having better conduct when Con clearly exhibited the more polite attitude.
Posted by Skepticalone 2 years ago
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
Next on my list, guys. I'll get a vote up before time's up.
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Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:51 
Reasons for voting decision: Whilst this debate was extremely close, I found Pro's arguments slightly more convincing because he used more statistical/reliable evidence and tied his claims better to realistic situations and scenarios (Pro's arguments would be more likely to be found in an actual court case). Spelling and grammar go to Con, while sources go to Pro. Overall, both of you did a great job! :D
Vote Placed by whiteflame 2 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:04 
Reasons for voting decision: If this debate was about whether most of Pro's claims were held up by his arguments, I'd vote Con. However, the onus has been placed on Con to defeat 2 out of the 3 cases in their totality, and he has simply failed in that burden. Based on Yankovic's testimony, I find in favor of PETA - the reveal in the last round by Con was simply too new too late. I find in favor of Coca Cola with regards to the assault and murder of its executives, which was never rebutted nor supported by Con. I do find against CPS and OSHA, as their claims never had enough evidence or showcased obvious reason for self-defense, but 2 out of 3 was the burden, and Con failed to meet it. I am, however, affording Con S&G, mainly because Pro's arguments were incredibly difficult to read at times. Vote edited in comments to reflect a change in decision.
Vote Placed by PGA 2 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Made more convincing arguments:--Vote Checkmark3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:02 
Reasons for voting decision: I read the debate and think the arguments are futile and meaningless when there is no facts, just contrived fiction to base the argument upon. Thus each side manufactures their own fictitious argument and manipulates the data accordingly. Based on this reason I don't see merit in either argument. Skepticalone had better grammar and spelling and was more polite, thus I awarded him points in those two categories.
Vote Placed by dsjpk5 2 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: Con violated the rules concerning Santa's existence, therefore, his arguments are based on straw man assertions. Conduct and argument to Pro.