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The World is Flat

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Started: 2/6/2016 Category: Science
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I believe that the world is round.

It has been proven throughout history and science. There are pictures from outer space confirming this. It is seen all over the internet and in text books. All the rules and discoveries of science revolve around the fact that the world is round. Equations for calculating movement in outer space is based on the fact that the earth is round.

Although I have never actually been to outer space myself I think that the most reliable source of knowledge comes from the common knowledge of other people and astronauts.

This is my first debate ever and I'm excited to participate on I hope my opponent accepts my challenge. I am very curious about what he has to say on the matter.


Thank you for yet another chance to resolve this interesting and very important topic.

The horizon always appears perfectly flat 360 degrees around the observer regardless of altitude. All amateur balloon, rocket, plane and drone footage show a completely flat horizon over 20+ miles high. Only NASA and other government “space agencies” show curvature in their fake CGI photos/videos.

The horizon always rises to the eye level of the observer as altitude is gained, so you never have to look down to see it. If Earth were in fact a globe, no matter how large, as you ascended the horizon would stay fixed and the observer / camera would have to tilt looking down further and further to see it.

The natural physics of water is to find and maintain its level. If Earth were a giant sphere tilted, wobbling and hurdling through infinite space then truly flat, consistently level surfaces would not exist here. But since Earth is in fact an extended flat plane, this fundamental physical property of fluids finding and remaining level is consistent with experience and common sense.

If the Earth were truly a sphere 25,000 miles in circumference, airplane pilots would have to constantly correct their altitudes downwards so as to not fly straight off into “outer space;” a pilot wishing to simply maintain their altitude at a typical cruising speed of 500 mph, would have to constantly dip their nose downwards and descend 2,777 feet (over half a mile) every minute! Otherwise, without compensation, in one hour’s time the pilot would find themselves 31.5 miles higher than expected.

Tycho Brahe famously argued against the heliocentric theory in his time, positing that if the Earth revolved around the Sun, the change in relative position of the stars after 6 months orbital motion could not fail to be seen. He argued that the stars should seem to separate as we approach and come together as we recede. In actual fact, however, after 190,000,000 miles of supposed orbit around the Sun, not a single inch of parallax can be detected in the stars, proving we have not moved at all.
Tycho Brahe famously argued against the heliocentric theory in his time, positing that if the Earth revolved around the Sun, the change in relative position of the stars after 6 months orbital motion could not fail to be seen. He argued that the stars should seem to separate as we approach and come together as we recede. In actual fact, however, after 190,000,000 miles of supposed orbit around the Sun, not a single inch of parallax can be detected in the stars, proving we have not moved at all.

Errortosthenes falsly claimed the earth was a globe by measuring shadows of sticks, (or some similar experiment with shadows), but he was assuming that since the sun was 93 million miles away, all rays hitting the earth ran parallel to each other. This is simply not the case as anyone who has looked up on a cloudy day can tell that they run in every direction. Therefore the sun is no farther than approximately100-200 km away from the earth.

If the Earth and its atmosphere were constantly spinning Eastwards over 1000mph, this should somewhere somehow be seen, heard, felt or measured by someone, yet no one in history has ever experienced this alleged Eastward motion; meanwhile, however, we can hear, feel and experimentally measure even the slightest Westward breeze.

) On a ball-Earth, Johannesburg, South Africa to Perth, Australia should be a straight shot over the Indian Ocean with convenient re-fueling possibilities on Mauritus or Madagascar. In actual practice, however, most Johannesburg to Perth flights curiously stop over either in Dubai, Hong Kong or Malaysia all of which make no sense on the ball, but are completely understandable when mapped on a flat Earth.

Wikipedia has a list of maps and the flat earth map is listed, not only that, it is the only map (scroll down to Azimuthal equidistant map, then scroll to the far right) used by the USGS, the official world lawmakers of the U.S., and the world.;
It is also used as the official symbol and flag of the United Nations.

I could go on, but I'd like to hear from con at this time.
Debate Round No. 1


The World is Flat debate:
Here are my rebuttals to my opponent"s claims:

The reason you see the horizon as flat is because the world is so big that you cannot possibly notice its curvature. Even if you are high enough up it still gives the illusion of being flat. The Earth has a circumference of 24,901 miles. If you go 20 miles up, the apparent earth size would be:
24,901/20 = 1245.05 miles
Which is still pretty big. The distance to the horizon could be:
679.6 miles away and that is being generous assuming you are 62 miles up in the air[1].

So you should see the curves right? No, actually you can"t. Where the curving part of the earth cuts off you can"t see any more since our vision goes in a straight line. If you hold your arms out in front of you and curve your fingers forward you can"t see them. You only see your knuckles. Now rotate your arms in a circle at that same height and fingers bent the same way. You still can"t seem them. Even though your fingers are curved you can"t see them. This is what happens when you see the earth. You can"t tell it is curved and appears flat. Depth perception is really hard to determine when you are at a great distance as well. The same principles apply for bodies of water in your second argument.

Pilots would not fly off into outer space either. Gravity pulls them down and keeps them level. A plane does not go nearly fast enough or have enough power to escape earth"s gravity like how you described. Let"s compare this to tether ball. Think of a plane as a tether ball, gravity as the rope, and earth as the poll. If you hit the ball it will go around the pole. The rope prevents it from leaving and the ball is about the same distance from the pole all the way around once. (Obviously if it goes around enough times the rope will get shorter, but I think you can understand my analogy and what I mean by it).

Tycho Brahe has not proved the Earth is flat. The only thing his study shows is that the stars are very very very far away. If you walk left of your computer, it will be on your right. If you walk right of your computer, it will be on your left. Try this with a landmark in the distance like the Statue of Liberty and you"ll have to go further. Try it with the sun and you"ll have to go much further. Do it with a star" yeah, you really can"t. The nearest stars to us excluding the Sun is the Alpha Centauri system composing of 3 suns. Note that these stars are 4.37 light years away from the earth. That means the light takes 4.37 years for the light to even reach us. Moving a small distance in comparison is going to have little effect. Don"t get me wrong 190,000,000 miles is quite the distance, but compared to the nearest sun it is nothing. You have to go 5,878,625,373,184 in order to go a light year just to put that in perspective. That is 5,878,625,373,184/190,000,000 = 30,940 times greater distance for just one lightyear. 4.37 light years is even further.

Saying the Sun is 100k-200k miles from the earth does not help prove the point that the earth is round. In fact, the person you are talking about helps my case more than yours since his study shows the earth was round. If we actually were as close to the sun as you said, we would all burn up. Moving on to your shadow theory: on a cloudy day there could be little holes in clouds that light can pass through. That light would disperse at different angles in a funnel shape showing shadows at different angles. If you were observing shadows from two points on earth away from each other you could notice this. Even if what you were claiming was true minus my rebuttal, this would prove the sun is much closer. Like a couple miles. Fortunately, this isn"t the case.

You can"t feel the speed of the earth spinning, because we are so small in comparison. Also the motion is in a circular pattern. The inertia is flowing in the same direction. If you are on a plane, you don"t feel yourself moving at 500 mph do you? Nope you don"t.

When taking a trip from Michigan to Florida you can go straight down, but there are other flight patterns as well that can save money. Other flights need to stop at other locations in a network like appearance to not crowd any airport. If there was a flight to a single German airport from every place in the world there may be some problems with overcrowding. Also some countries are not friends with others and could cause jurisdiction problems. We are not the airlines so we won't be able to know for sure either way. I"d like to make another point on the matter. This is probably the most important one. The map you used for the round Earth is supposed to be on a globe. If you look at a globe it actually looks a lot different. Any useful flat map that is made actually has some proportional disproportions to our round earth. If you look at Antarctica on a lot of maps it will appear super large due to the disproportion of it being a flat depiction. Since people don"t really go to Antarctica it is usually good for standard traveling purposes.

That map makes North America and Europe look more proportional to their accurate sizes. It wouldn"t surprise me if this was intentional to show that the United Nations want to give the impression that they are going to hear all countries input. Originally maps were made to make the US and Europe look bigger. On typical maps the US looks about the same size as Africa when in reality Africa is about three times bigger. Another thing, that map logo looks pretty cool. Much cooler than some other maps in logos. Either way, it doesn"t prove the Earth is flat.


I could make some points proving the Earth is round, but that is kind of common knowledge and I"d be repeating what everybody was taught in school and life in general.

I do, however, have a couple points that could destroy your whole theory:

(1)Where is the edge of the Earth that we would fall off of?
If the Earth was flat, naturally there would be an edge where people would fall off of if they reached the ends of the Earth. By now you would think people would have videos or pictures of this. With social media these days it would be pretty much impossible for us not to know.

(2)If you travel around the world in one direction you end up back to where you started. How can this be in a flat world?

Just out of pure curiosity is the Earth square flat, circular flat, or rectangular flat. What kind of flat is it?



The curvature of the earth, if it were a globe would be an easily measurable 8" per mile squared. Every part of a sphere would have a degree of curvature. This means from left to right also, as you rise in altitude, no matter the size of the ball, the horizon will not stay eye level, but it does. The math is fairly simple, and is as follows.

Basic Geometry on a Sphere

The Global Earth theorists for 500 years have been telling us the Earth is a sphere. IF the earth is a globe, and is 25,000 English statute miles in circumference, the surface of all standing water must have a certain degree of convexity"every part must be an arc of a circle.

From the summit of any such arc there will exist a curvature or declination of 8 inches in the first statute mile. In the second mile the fall will be 32 inches; in the third mile, 72 inches, or 6 feet, as shown in the diagram above. Spherical trigonometry dictates that a ball-Earth 25,000 miles in circumference would curvate 8 inches per mile varying inversely with the square of the mile, so after six miles there would be an easily detectable and measurable 16 feet, 8 inches of downward curvature.

To determine how much the Earth falls away on the curve you take miles squared X eight inches. This is an inverse relationship so the farther one travels the greater the distance of feet or miles the Earth will fall away.

Let the distance from T to figure 1 represent 1 mile, and the fall from 1 to A, 8 inches; then the fall from 2 to B will be 32 inches, and from 3 to C, 72 inches. In every mile after the first, the curvature downwards from the point T increases as the square of the distance multiplied by 8 inches. The rule, however, requires to be modified after the first thousand miles. 1

Miles squared X 8 inches
one foot = .000189394 miles

Curvature of Earth
1 mile 5.33 ft. or .12626 mile

10 miles 66.666 ft. or 1.2626 miles

100 miles 6,666.66 ft. or 12.626 miles

So the farther one travels the greater the drop (or rise) in distance.

Using this information we can see that the curvature should very well be noticeable, and as we rode in altitude, we could see the horizon drop, no matter the size of the ball. The fact that it stays eye level at any altitude proves the earth is not a globe.

Con ignores the fact that the natural physics of water is to find the lowest, and most level surface. The idea that a hump could even exist naturally on an extended surface of water goes against any common sense we as humans have left. Between Hawaii and California, about 2500 miles, the supposed hump would be over 700 miles high. Which is higher than any plane could fly.

The comparison of a tether ball tied to a pole and a plane travelling is far etched. Firstly, the ball is attached by a physical object, (not an imaginary one like gravity) a string, secondly the ball would be in a continuous downward path, creating the circle. This in turn creates another force, pushing everything outward from the center of the circle. The fact that pilots are not clinging to the ceiling, and that they often fly thousands of miles perfectly level is a proof the earth is not a globe.

We cannot see stars on the same side of the globe that the Sun is on, because it blocks the light coming in from the stars. Therefore if the Earth spins around the Sun and is on the other side of the universe 6 months time the light would be blocking the stars that we saw before and we would see a whole different set of stars. If the earth's axis is tilted away from the sun, and Polaris is at the top of such axis, we'd see it and the others roughly six months out of the year only.

Eratosthenes "proved" the earth is a globe by assuming that the sun's rays hit the earth in parallel lines. They don't. The same exact conclusion can be obtained on a flat earth with the sun much closer that we are told. The sun doesn't burn us all alive because it is the same size as the moon. If the sun were 93 Brazilian miles away, how does the heat get to us through the vacuum of space? It has traveled this distance to give us 100"+F at the equator, but travel to Antarctica, only a few thousand more miles away, and we never get above freezing temps! At this rate, (I'm sure I don't have to do the math) if you approach the sun to the next planet, would be worse than molten lava, much more the next one, as they are millions of miles away, towards the sun! No such terra firma could exist in such temperatures.

Comparing the force in a plane going in a straight line at about 500mph (which, if you start at the front and go to the back, it is easier than going the other way) to the force of an object spinning at 1,000 mph (let alone the 18 mps orbit around the sun, which is orbiting at 500,000 mph around the Milky Way, while the entire galaxy rockets a ridiculous 670,000,000 mph through the Universe, with all of these motions originating from an alleged “Big Bang” cosmogenic explosion 14 billion years ago) is like comparing apples to oranges. Go to the fair and ride any ride that spins you, and see if you feel that. This spin is a fraction of 1,000 mph. Planes also have a solid enclosure. Earth has no such solid enclosure. It amazes me that people just stopped thinking, just letting the "smart people" handle this for them!

Going thousands of miles into the northern hemisphere when, if you trace the path in a globe, you would go into a southward arc, is not cost efficient at all. Overcrowding he says. You've never heard of the Antarctic treaty? Which bans any and all flights over, or even close to Antarctica. I thought for sure you at least we're familiar with the flat earth theory if you were going to debate against it. Sigh.

Looks cooler indeed. More proportional? Have you seen Antarctica on that map? Look closer. Antarctica is the ice ring going around the world. Compared to the globe's size of Antarctica, it's monstrous.

The edge.
As you can see, right after they found whatever is deep into Antarctica, it is from then on off limits to civilians. No one has ever circumnavigate the globe from north to south. Ever. It may go on forever, with more suns supporting other life. (you really think aliens came from billions of light years away?)

Which leads us to circumnavigation.
The flat earth model is disc shaped with north being dead center of the disc, and the universe for that matter, going from this point in any direction will take you south, taking a left or right will take you east or west respectively. Taking the path of the sun moon and stars as shown here.

As for the last question, the earth, as we know it is a circle as in the map I've provided. The circle of the sun's path carves it out of the ice. What's beyond Antarctica is unknown. There may be an edge, or it may go on infinitely.
Debate Round No. 2


I’m uncertain about the hump that is between California and Hawaii that is in theory 700 feet high. This doesn’t have much to do with the world being flat or round. Water would act the same on a flat earth as it does on a round earth.

Stars are so far away that they could pretty much be considered constant. The earth travels around the sun on an axis, but the north star is still so far away that it does not appear to move. This star and some of the area around it is always visible in the clear night sky. This happens in the north hemisphere. In the south hemisphere you cannot see the north star in the sky ever. On a flat earth you could use a telescope in somewhere like South America, direct it at the center, and see the north star. You can’t though. Another thing that this brings up is the earth’s seasons. It is warm in the northern hemisphere when the southern hemisphere is cold. When the northern hemisphere is cold the southern hemisphere is warm. This is due to the earth’s natural tilt on an axis. Not sure how this would work with a flat earth.

It isn’t the distance to the polls that affect the temperature. It is the angle that it is hit at. If you put your hand in front of a fan you can feel the pressure of the wind hit your hand. Move it up and down and not much will change. If you put your hand parallel to the direction of the air flow, then it glides by. Wind isn’t the same as heat, but the principle being described is the same. On a flat earth it would only be a coincidence that the equator happens to be warmer than the rest of the earth. On a round earth there is a solid explanation.

The g-force felt is not due to open or closed enclosure, but rather the centripetal force. G-force = V^2/r where V = velocity and r = radius [2]. The little merry-go-round-looking-picture ride you posted has a greater speed in comparison with its radius. The Earth may be going fast, but because its radius around the sun (93 million miles) is so big we don’t feel it. Same can be said about our orbiting around the earth. The earth’s velocity is 460 meters per second and 6,371,393 meters in radius. This means the g-force = .03. This is so small we don’t even notice it [1].

The Antarctic treaty is not really that suspicious. The countries agreed to not do any military testing there and use it for scientific research. If they truly were hiding the world was flat what would be the purpose? Same thing for NASA. Why would they lie about going into outer space? Faking a space expedition may be cheaper than actually going into outer space, but that is a bit wild. Who would go through all the work to try and make money like that when there are so much better ways. Wouldn’t there be more people coming out saying “the world is flat!” If there is one thing that people can agree on is that a large population is horrible at keeping secrets and much more people would be talking about it.

The circumnavigation theory contradicts a point that my opponent already made. He stated that if the world was round we would have to tip the plane down in order to prevent going into outer space, but then the pilot of the plane in the picture of the flat earth would always have to steer to the right every so often to prevent going straight toward Antarctica. Since these ideas contradict each other the argument falls apart.

How can the moon appear to have different phases at different parts of the world in a way that would indicate that the world is a sphere? Certain times of the year the sun’s arc isn’t as big, because of where the Earth is in relation to its orbit around the sun. On a flat earth this cannot work. When nighttime is coming the Sun sinks into the horizon. On a flat earth it would be falling into the Antarctic. A total eclipse happens when the moon his blocked from the sun by the earth. It is hard to figure how this would happen on a flat earth.


[1] =

[2] =



Con drops the curvature argument.

I did not say 700 feet high I said 700 miles high. The math is here and you can check it your self. And no, water on a round earth would form an arc which we know is impossible, the flat earth water remains flat and consistent with everyday knowledge and common sense.

Stars that are farther away would move differently than those closer to us, and the moon, but they don't, they move around us together in the firmament.

When the temperature I said the distance to the Sun determines the temperature sense the the poles are farther away from the Sun by a few thousand miles the temperature drops significantly. A greater angle is the same as a greater distance. If you do the math and take the distance from the equator to the poles and figure out the difference in temperature you can use this to go to the next planet and figure out what the temperature is supposed to be using this distance. It would be astronomical. The sun, on a flat earth is just closer to the equator. It is not just coincidence.

Your math did not include the suns spiraling around the galaxy and the galaxies orbit around the center of the universe, add 670,561,000 mph to velocity, and try again.

Your cognitive dissonance stops you from seeing that the Antarctic treaty is suspicious. However, the voters have that opinion to make now. Would circumnavigation be considered scientific research? Many people try to go there for scientific research, it's just not allowed, and the MILITARY stops them.

There are several reasons they would hide it from us. #1 in my book is that it proves my other book is true, making it The most reliable source. Others can include treason, using $1 trillion of American taxpayer money to continue a lie. You've.

People coming out and saying it's flat, let's start with famous rapper b.o.b., tila tequila, this guy
This guy
This guy
A few dozen You tube channels
People are just now waking up to this, so we haven't reached the 100th monkey yet(1), but 2016 is our year(2), mostly because a lot of people are smoking marijuana, which breaks the brainwashing process(3)Some people in NASA may not know much, you know they're on a need to know basis and all the ones that know about the hoaxes just think they're trying to keep America on top in space exploration and to keep that secret, they wouldn't even have to know about the shape of the earth.
You do realize they're not flying completely around the earth, they fly from point to point in straight lines until they have circled the plate

A lot of questions in that last paragraph. Last rounds don't usually consist of new topics, so I ask voters to understand why I won't evaluate with so little time. Lunar phases :
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Edlvsjd 2 years ago
Thanks for voting!
Posted by Edlvsjd 2 years ago
Wonder why they feed this heliocentric horse feces to us since birth? It's called programming. Whenever you hear earth, the famous blue marble image comes into the mind full view. What follows anythin opposing this view is met with cognitive dissonance.
Posted by Edlvsjd 2 years ago
Ok, should I start or accept in the first round?
Posted by Edlvsjd 2 years ago
You sound like a pretty reasonable guy. Are you familiar with the flat earth their at all?
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