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The Xbox one is better than the PlayStation 4

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Started: 6/23/2015 Category: Games
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First round is for acceptance, the others are for your arguments and rebuttals, I will be arguing that the Xbox one is better than the ps4.


Hello, my friend deathwish188. This is my first debate on and I look forward to it. While I couldn't quite grasp the concept of an acceptance round with what I read about debating on this site, it led me to believe that the acceptance round's purpose is for you to, well, accept the offer from the instigator and to affirm your position with clarity, and as so, that is will I will do.

I hereby accept your debate and declare that my position in the matter at hand is that the Playstation 4 is superior to the Xbox One, both in terms of hardware and available games.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your acceptance, now, yes, the PlayStation 4 has the slightly Stronger hardware indeed. But both are very capable of 1080p 60fps, it is sometimes the laziness of the developers that leads to games being 720 or 900p for the Xbox one, not every game runs at 1080p for both Xbox one and PlayStation 4, such as assassins creed unity. The Xbox one is not only cheaper, but it has monthly updates to improve the system, it now has backwards compatibility, it has the most reliable network, and it can do much more. The Xbox one is larger in size, but it has many vents making it more reliable. Microsoft is always striving to improve. The Xbox one is getting Windows 10, that will allow you to stream from your Xbox one to pc, tablet, or phone. You will soon be able to play online with pc gamers as well. We are getting DirectX 12, this will allow the developers to work with the system even more, and games will run more smoothly on it. Moving on to games, this year, we will be getting the most anticipated Halo 5 Guardians, gears of war ultimate edition, forza motorsport 6, rise of the tomb raider, fable legends, and more. Though PlayStation does have many good exclusives, they will not be coming out until 2016 and some 2017 and many, such as journey, and no mans sky, have no release dates. Remember, power and sales do not make a system better than another, Wii U is the worst selling console out of the three and the weakest, does that make it inferior to Xbox one and PlayStation 4? Not at all. What matters really is the games, one of the most important as well is the network reliability, and no doubt Xbox live is still the most reliable. No one wants to get hacked, I would never trust a network that was hacked and down for 23 days. Sure, Xbox was hacked before, but the servers were always back up within the day. Microsoft has much more money than Sony, therefore is able to invest more money into important things, Sony now makes you pay for PlayStation plus when it is not much of an improvement in security. Microsoft has been running laps around Sony when it comes to improvements and updates, while Sony has been standing still, they get updates once every few months, it might give you a new feature, but it usually is to stop the system from crashing. No doubt the Xbox one has many more features than PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 4 is mainly a gaming console, the Xbox one is a gaming and entertainment console. Like it or not, it is very sad but true that Sony pays for media coverage, the media is now biased towards the Xbox one, sites such as neogaf, n4g, ign, and gamespot.


Hello, first of all, on regard to Deathwish188's claims on hardware difference, the hardware superiority of the PS4 over the Xbox One is not little, and is certainly substantial: In terms of CPU and GPU, the two consoles are practically identical (although the PS4's HD 7870 GPU has 18 compute units and 1152 shader processors, in comparison to Xbox One's HD 7790 GPU, which has 12 compute units and 768 shader processors.), but on regards to RAM subsystems and bandwidth, the PS4 has an clear advantage, because, while having the same amount of RAM as the Xbox One (8GB), the PS4 opts for 5500MHz GDDR5 RAM, while the Xbox One uses a 2133MHz DDR3 RAM. This leads to a massive bandwidth advantage to the PS4, with a whopping 176GB/sec bandwidth to system RAM, while the Xbox One has a mere 68.3GB/sec RAM, less than half the potential of the PS4. Not only that, it has a moderate advantage in Peak GPU Shader Output (1.84 TeraFLOPS/s compared to the Xbox One's 1.31 TeraFLOP/s) and it offers the possibility of exchanging your 500HD Hard Drive for any other hard drive thinner 9.5mm you wish, offering the user a possibility of expanding the PS4's HD capacity, something that the Xbox One does not offer.That superior processing speed of the PS4 makes itself apparent when you test the cold boot time of both consoles: While the PS4 is completely functional 14 seconds after you press the power button, the Xbox One is only usable after a 46-second boot.

Now, while it is true that both consoles are capable of 1080p 60FPS, that also could be said about any computer or console of the current era. What matters is not whether it is capable of running a game or program at 1080 60FPS, but what games can it run at 1080P 60FPS, and now we come at the section of your argument which puzzled me the most: "it is sometimes the laziness of the developers that leads to games being 720 or 900p for the Xbox one". I do not believe this statement is anything more than a unfounded assumption. What evidence can you present me that leads me to conclude the developers are "lazy", that their laziness makes games run at 720p on the Xbox One, and more importantly, why does their laziness only apply to the Xbox One and not the PS4? I cannot find any basis for that argument and therefore classify it as a mere excuse for the graphical downgrade of several games when in comparison with the PS4.

The Xbox One is not necessarily cheaper than the PS4. Take the country I reside in, Brazil, for an example, while the Xbox One's price varies between 1550 BRL up to 1880BRL, the PS4's price goes from 1500 BRL up to 1900 BRL, making the price margin almost equal, and if you take a look at famous retail websites like Amazon and BestBuy, you will see the price margin of the PS4 and Xbox One are equal too, which makes the price difference between the PS4 and the Xbox One minuscule, if not nonexistent, and, as you said,

The Xbox One does have large quantity of yearly updates to improve the system, and while that does make the console run in a more smoothly, it also makes hassle to online play, due to the fact that you spend a great deal of time updating your console, and without those updates you are unable to access any only feature in it, there is no basis whatsoever to say that the PS4 updates main purpose are to prevent crashing and not to introduce any features. The PS4 has had few updates, and those updates were major, improving the system interface and optimizing performance, and the number or interval of time between updates does not dictate superiority between any of the consoles.

Deathwish188 states that the number of vents on the Xbox One makes it a more reliable system, and that is a completely relative statement. The most likely (although it may to be completely right) reason of the large amount vents in the console is that the developers knew that it worked at a high temperature and the possibility of it overheating was constant. The PS4 has thin vents and still, overheating cases are a rare occurrence.

Now, moving on to games, first I would like you say that most PS4 exclusives won't be coming out until 2016, but I am about to give you a list of famous exclusives that are coming out or have already come out this year (this is only counting PS4 exclusives, not games that will come out or have come out both on PS3 and PS4):
  • The Order: 1886
  • Bloodborne
  • Until Dawn
  • Planetside 2
  • Magicka 2
  • Killing Floor 2
  • Orcs Must Die Unchained
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
  • N++

These are just a few PS4 exclusives that are coming out this year, let alone the ones that are coming out in 2016 and 2017. And, some games, like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, will run better in the PS4, when in comparison to the Xbox One (MGSV will run at 1080P 60FPS on PS4 and 780P 60FPS on Xbox One.). And actually, as of June, 23rd, 2015, there are more PS4 exclusives released then there are Xbox One exclusives released (6 Playstation 4 exclusives and 11 Playstation Exclusives that are also on PS4 compared to 1 Xbox One exclusive and 3 Xbox exclusives that are also on Xbox One), so at this moment the PS4 has more exclusive games than the Xbox One, and not only that, there have been more PS4 exclusives announced in 2015 than there have been Xbox One exclusives (Counting only games that have not come out yet: 45 PS4 Exclusives and 46 Playstation Exclusives that will come to the PS4 against 6 Xbox One Exclusives and 10 Xbox Exclusives that will come to the Xbox One.), therefore it is safe to assume that the PS4 easily outmatches the Xbox One in regards to game variety and, as you said "games are what matter."

As for network reliability, it is true that the Xbox One offers a much more stable, and yes, more secure connection, and it is true that the Xbox One has more entertainment apps than the PS4, with 46 compared to the PS4's 27, but that doesn't make the PS4 any less of an entertainment station than the Xbox One, they are both, at their core, gaming consoles and both of them manage to complete their functions, the Xbox One, however, just has more peripheral options of use than the PS4.

As I am nearing the end of this argument I would like to ask for any evidence whatsoever that can confirm the validity of this statement: "Like it or not, it is very sad but true that Sony pays for media coverage, the media is now biased towards the Xbox one, sites such as neogaf, n4g, ign, and gamespot.". The veracity of this statement cannot be confirmed, and can conceived by me as presumptuous hearsay, if only not to call it a lie.

Unfortunately due to time constraints I cannot prolong this text any further so I can now only say that I anxiously await your rebuttal. Thank you very much.

Debate Round No. 2


Wonderful argument, and yes again the PlayStation 4 is more powerful than the Xbox one, yet again, graphics and resolution should not be the reason you get a console over another, most people cannot see a difference between the graphics of the two systems, it is not visible to the naked eye. Every debate I put about Xbox one and ps4, my opponent always refers to graphics, that and sales. But the reason the developers are more lazy towards the Xbox one is because yes, the ps4 has more raw horse power, but the developers do not want to put the extra effort into the Xbox one version. Developers have already adapted and started to use DirectX 12, saying games will get a major boost in performance and will allow developers to more easily hit 1080p. Take call of duty advanced warfare for example, 900p on Xbox one and 1080p on ps4, the Xbox one version was mostly steady at 60fps while the ps4 version dropped down to 24fps, let's bring it down to this, games, with backwards compatibility for Xbox one, we will eventually get about nearly 1000 games that were on Xbox 360, dlc purchases included, you can insert your discs natively on your Xbox one. Sony says their consumers do not want this even though they did not even ask their consumers. Microsoft is working hard to please the gamers, with monthly updates that have been requested by the feedback site, and more, they have worked hard since day one and are still improving. Let's not talk about power since most games all look the same on both systems, what do you have to say now? Like it or not, Xbox has the most award-winning games, the most secure and advanced network and security, the most features plus more every month, and more games thanks to backwards compatibility. As well as a cheaper price, $349 with either the halo the master chief collection bundle or Assassins creed bundle, with a 14 day Xbox live gold trial, a free game, any game at all, from Batman Arkham Knight to grand theft auto 5, it's yours for free plus a $50 dollar gift card.


The fact that you don't believe the graphics should be the reason for you to buy one console over another doesn't invalidate my argument or make it less important. The PS4 is technologically superior to the Xbox One, and graphics are only a byproduct of the true importance of a superior processing power: The hardware used by the Xbox One and the PS4 are what will dictate the shape of game design for the the next 8 years or so, until a new generation of consoles is developed, and during these next 8 years, the PS4 will be overlord on the topics of graphical limitation and specially RAM use, and the Xbox One will not be able to keep up with the standards set by the PS4, something that will become of utmost importance after the next 3 years, when game development in the new generation consoles has already matured.

And also, after reading your reply on the topic of laziness, I simply cannot grasp your logic on the subject: If the PS4 has more, as you say, "raw horse power", shouldn't it be easier for the developers to design their games for the Xbox One, seeing that they will not have to produce higher resolution textures? And that's not even the main problem with your argument. The textures and mechanics used in the PS4 and the Xbox One are exactly the same, the only thing that changes is the resolution of the textures, not the texture itself. What I am saying is that it is not the laziness of any developer that makes games look or feel worse on the Xbox One, it is the limitations of the console itself. And also, you say developers are lazy, but in your next sentence, you say that now developers adapted and are using the Xbox One in it's full power with DirectX12? I ask of you to be a little more clear with your arguments on that matter.

Now, you said that with the Xbox One's backwards compatibility you will eventually get one thousand games from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One. Nowhere has Microsoft said that you will be able to play one thousand Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One and you have no basis at all to put this gigantic guess in your argument. The PS4 already has a backwards compatibility system called Playstation Now, which features the streaming of PS3 games to the PS4 system, putting the Xbox One and the PS4 on even grounds on this subject. And Sony did not say that their customers did not want it, they said that
they, the company, were not planning on developing disc-based backwards compatibility.

And no, the Xbox One does not have the most award winning games, and a quick research to can show you that: If you look at the All-Time Best categories for PS4 and the Xbox One, you will see that the PS4 games have a much higher rating than the Xbox One games, for example: The No.1 on the PS4 list is Grand Theft Auto V, with a rating of 96,33%, and the second one is The Last of Us Remastered, with a rating of 95,70%, while the No.1 on the Xbox One list is Ori and The Blind Forest with 88,49%, and the second on is Titanfall, with 86,71%, so the best games in the Xbox One have a lower rating than the best games for the PS4. The same case happens when we compare the same games: The Witcher 3 for the PS4 has a rating of 92.25%, while The Witcher 3 on the Xbox One has a rating of 90,62%. Another example: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has a rating of 83.50% on the PS4 and a rating of 82.88 on the Xbox One, and now tell me, why does the PS4 have higher ratings than the Xbox One on the same exact games? Because of it's performance, for there is nothing else the separates the consoles apart on that matter.

To finish my argument, I would like you to send me a link containing proof of that offer of $349 for an Xbox Console with the Halo Master Chief Collection, a 14 Xbox Gold live trial, a free game and a 50$ gift card because, I have searched for a while for that offer and I did find $349 Xbox One Assasin's Creed and Halo Master Chief Collection bundles, but none of them came with a 50$ Gift card and a free game. What I did find is a PS4 bundle that comes with The Last of Us Remastered and The Order : 1886 Collector's Edition, which makes two games, for $399, and here is the proof of it:

I ask of you if possible to write your argument, or better yet, post it tomorrow, for I will go to sleep now and will have no way of writing a rebuttal until 12:30 AM of tomorrow.

Debate Round No. 3


You say you don't believe me that the Xbox one will eventually get 1000 games, look at gamespots website on who they thought won E3, and no, again, graphics should not be the reason you get a console over another, some games do look better on Xbox one, assassins creed unity, Destiny, pay day 2: crimewave edition, madden nfl 15, and a few more, you wanted to see that deal on Xbox one, it's all over Xbox news, again, would you prefer PlayStation over Xbox because it has better graphics? Unnoticeable difference unless you zoom in? You don't go over your friends house and see him Playing battlefield 4 on Xbox one and then another friends house that has the PlayStation 4 and the same game and say "oh my goodness, that looks way better than the Xbox one version! I can't believe it" trust me, they look the same, I don't care what the computer says, you really can't tell the difference without it.


This will be a very short argument due to the fact that I have to write this in between classes on a phone.

I did go to the GameSpot site, and nowhere does it say that the Xbox One's backwards compatibility would enable 1000 Xbox 360 games, and, while I couldn't check the player polls, there was statement from any GameSpot staff declaring who won E3.

And again, you try to avoid and invalidate the PS4's processing power by saying that "you don't care about what the computers say" (wich is basically you stating your disbelief in documentos evidente) and not providing a rebuttal at all to the fact that yes, the graphical difference between the PS4 and Xbox One at this stage of the consoles is minute, but the disparity will increase greatly over the coming years, when, as I have previously said, game development on current gen consoles will have matured.

And you yet again failed to provide any evidence of the $349 offer. Saying that it is all over the Xbox website ( I searched it and was not able to find it.) does not provide any validity at all for your statement.

Due to time constraits, I will finish this debate reaffirming all the assertations made by me in the previous rounds, and emphasizing the lack of conclusive and reliable evidence brought up by Deathwish188. Thank you very much for this opportunity.
Debate Round No. 4
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