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The age of marriage should be raised to 21 in Kazakhstan

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Started: 8/30/2011 Category: Society
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Marriage is the most important thing in our life. In the age of 18 teens are very ambitious and think that they can do everything. Maybe in most cases teenagers marry because they are pressured by their parents and they just want to show that they are already independent. In this case marriage will not be very deliberate decision. So, it means that the threat of divorce will be very big. Most couples who get married at a young age are more prone to divorce. The National Statistics (in the USA) show that out of 10.5 people, a thousand of married couples have filed for a divorce in the recent year.
However, in my opinion the main argument against early marriage is that because of pregnancy girls must forget about their Higher education. However, it also means that boys must work because they have to earn money for their families. At the age of 18, for instance, it is difficult to earn money for your own living, so how can you earn money for the whole family? Moreover, they will not have an opportunity to study properly. Education means a lot today and it is very important for our career and for our future life. Certainly, they can ask their parents for help, but it will not be so good decision to bother parents.
Moreover, at the age of 18 not every person can understand all responsibility of his life. Also at this age most people do not pay a lot of attention to their future.
One more example: our government rose the age of driving lessons to 21. Also some years ago the new law was accepted and today only people who reached 21 can buy alcohol drink. In my opinion, the government did it with aim. Maybe it means that before the age of 21 our organism is not formed enough. For girls, it means that early pregnancy has bad influence on their organism and early pregnancy can cause health problems.


Of course marriage is a very important thing in our life. But why people should do this later than it was written in law? Nowadays we have a law that people can marry after 18 but in my opiion men should not hurry with this thing and women can marry at 18.

My first reason against law of marrge at 21 is old parents. some of them will not be able see their grandchildren. All of us know that we are not immortal and it means that parents will not see them or for a very short time. Grandchildren for our parents are pieces of their happiness. we can not derive eir rights.

My second reason women will have shorter reproductiity period and it can cause demographic problems to the means number of yog people will decrease and country will loose its futurebecause children are our future and in my point of view number of children should should be bigger than adults.

My third reason is not stopping studing after early marriage. it does not mean that you should give up everything if you are married. it maeans that new doors to your improvement were opened. you have family but you have a work. nowadays women who have a family have a good work and they are happy. Marriage is not obstacle in your life. It is only way to become a cell of society.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes, I agree that we are not immortal and it would be nice if grandparents see their grandchildren. However, it does not mean that a child must be born at the age of 30 or later. As I am concerned the age of 21 or 22 is normal. Moreover, a lot of families have a big difference in ages of their children. So, you can give birth to one child at 18 and to second at 30. Or you can bear one child at 22 and second at 26. So, what difference does it make?
In my opinion, anyway, a child will be an obstacle for education. If you do not get Higher Education or if you have bad marks in university, it will be very difficult to find a well-paid job. Girls will have to sit with their children at their ages and boys will have to work and study at the same moment. So, you will not be able to study properly.
Also I think we must live only for ourselves at the time when we are young because in the future this opportunity will not exist. We will have to be with our family all the time and we will devote all our live to children. So, for what we are hurry to make a family then?


After reading your answer I understand why women afraid marry early. It is like a phobia that they cannot create normal family, that they will not have time to themselves. You try to persuade people not to marry early but it is not normal to our society where women always marry earlier than 20. I know a lot of who have family but their age is only 19 or 20. And they are happy they are normal family. Wife is studying now and she has a lot of time to improve. Yes they do not have children because they decided to have them after 20 but it does not mean that they do not have normal relationships.
In my point of view it is normal to have a wedding when you are 18 or elder. If you find your love, why you will lose her? Never forget this. You have one life to live and one love to give.
Debate Round No. 2
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Reasons for voting decision: Arguments were mostly sub-par and muddled with spelling errors by both debaters. Arguments though go slightly to Con as he showed Pro's fallacy of automatically equating marriage with reproduction by providing (albeit anecdotal but no sources were used by either debater so it's moot) reasoning showing that people don't always have children right when they marry. Since this was the crux of Pro's argument, Con properly refuted the resolution which was his burden in this debate.