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The atomic bomb has helped our society

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Started: 10/27/2015 Category: Society
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Today I would like to debate the topic of nuclear weapons and their role in todays soceity. I will be taking the side of pro, supporting the statement that nuclear weapons have had a helpful role in our society.

Round one - Acceptence

Round two - Opening statements

Round three - Rebuttals

Round four - Closing arguments

I wish my opponent the best of luck, and am looking forward to a fun debate! I hope to learn some more on this interesting issue, and share my beliefs!


I accept. Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


For starters, I thank my opponent for accepting and wish him the best of luck!

Also, for readers who don't want to read the full post, a closing summary is at the end.

--Operation Downfall--

Operation Downfall was one of the largest planned landing invasions of WWII, a pacific D-Day, what most people dont understand is the amout of lives the atomic bombs saved.

Japan was fighting a total war, every single person was involved, this means that the japanese forces were 36,000,000 strong comprised un-armed civilians fighting to the death!

Against them were 6,000,000 allied troops, armed heavily, and ready to mow down the hostile populace.

The bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were sad, and killed about 150,000 people together, but this saved the 42 million combatants of operation downfall.

Even though these deaths were in the past, 42 million is a number that can not be taked lightly even to this day. The effects of this would of been catastrophic, wiping out the best of both allied, and japanese generations of able-bodied men and women.

--Nuclear Energy--

Nuclear energy is a force of great good in our world today, accounting for more than 10% of our worlds energy today.

Imagine a world were fossil fuels are being used more than ever, thankfully nuclear energy is a safe, efficent way to provide energy for the world's population.

This year 77% of France's energy was nuclear, and in 2014, 13 countries relied on Nuclear Energy for 1/3 of their total power, including the Ukraine, Sounth Korea, and Switzerland.

This important contribution to world can not be taken lightly! Nuclear energy is essintial to the worlds nations.

--Nuclear Peace--

While this area seems a bit sketchy, Nuclear peace is actually a great thing!

It goes like this

-Enemies cannot attack, because if they attack they will be destroyed as well.

-This also stops allies from being dragged into a war, as the conflict stops at step 1

-It also prevents a victor in a war from causing horrible tragedies like "The Rape of Naking" to occur, because the losers can still fire of Nuclear Weapons.

--Safe Lasting Energy--

Fossil fuels account for 21.3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide, each year!


Mean while Nuclear energy plants only produce about 140 g of carbon dioxide, swiching to nuclear energy is one of the best ways to cut down on killing our enviroment!

Not only is Nuclear energy is so much safer for the enviroment, But its safer for the workers as well! For every one perosn that dies on a nuclear plant, 4000 die in fossil fuels, Nuclear energy is also safer than Solar, and Wind Energy as reported by

--Nuclear Waste--

This seems like a bad area for Nuclear Energy, but recent developments prove otherwise, and show that Nuclear waste can be used for some very interesting things!

Bill gates is currently backing a company called TerraPower that has found a way to reclyce Nuclear waste, this waste doesnt take any energy to recycle, but instead makes energy while being recycled.

Nuclear waste also saves lives, it creates a rare isotope called Cesium 137, that is used in blood transfusions.


-Atomic weapons have saved over 36 million lives by preventing operation downfall

-Nuclear energy is safe, renewable, and with some new developments causes no harm to the enviroment, and saves 21 billion tonnes of Carbon Dioxide from killing the Atmosphere

-Rare isotopes like Cesium 137 save lives, lives that cant be taken lightly!

-Nuclear weapons also have had a great affect on world peace, preventing total warfare!



Thanks, Pro.

I'll start with my case. Rebuttals are saved for R2.

Nuclear Weapons are Detrimental to National Security.

The existence of nuclear weapons creates unprecedented security problems when conjoined with global terrorism and WMD proliferation. Rouge states –such as Iran and North Korea- have successfully obtained nuclear arms technology through black-market channels and have repeatedly threaten their neighbors with war and annihilation in violation of military treaties and international law. Global terrorist groups –such as ISIL and Al Qaeda- have also sought WMD materials in the past, and others (like the AQ Khan network) have been successful. Deterrence policies of Mutually Assured Destruction are simply too unreliable at preventing a nuclear attack in the face of jihadists and tyrannical dictators who have no regard for human life and cannot be counted on to act rationally.

Nuclear Winter Presents an Existential Threat to Humanity, Even by Accident.

According to the Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists, there are as many as 10,000 nuclear weapons in the world today ( Many of which are hundreds to thousands of times more powerful than the ones dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the event of an all out nuclear exchange between Russia and the United States, it’s been demonstrated time and again by the DoD that close to 400 million people could die as a result of a first strike ( This scenario is likely followed by a mass extinction event will be unlike anything ever encountered in Earth’s history. Billions of people will starve due to famine and damages to natural resources caused by radioactive smoke that won’t go away and could last for centuries (

In a well-publicized incident on January 25, 1995, Russian radar systems mistook the launch of a weather rocket from Norway for a possible nuclear attack. President Yeltsin was handed a nuclear briefcase and given five to ten minutes to decide if he should order a retaliatory strike against the US; his patience narrowly avoiding a global catastrophe (

Nuclear Arsenals are Unethical and Undemocratic.

As disturbingly demonstrated above, in the event of a nuclear showdown, Presidents and heads of state have just minutes to unilaterally decide whether or not to order a nuclear strike. The speed and velocity of a nuclear crisis permits little to no consolations with chief policy advisers, legislative bodies, other branches of government, military officials, United Nations, and certainly no consent from the nation’s people at large. Likewise there is almost no legal check on the President’s decision making powers or mental-state to order a nuclear war, what follows after a launch order is a simultaneous, systematic, and computerized execution of the most powerful weapons on earth.

The use of nuclear weapons hereby isn’t just undemocratic by nature, is also unethical.

Nuclear Weapons are a waste of time, money, and national resources, and are super costly to maintain.

The Brookings Institute estimates that the US spends close to $30-35 billion a year on operating costs for the current nuclear arsenal( This is followed by a $1 trillion modernization program that will take place between now and 2030 that is needed to keep the half-life on the missiles from expiring. This kind of funding could obviously be better spent in more effective areas of defense and deterrence (such as airforces, army battalions, and navy carriers) and weapons that won't just "sit on the shelf." An argument could also be made that money could be better used for economic and humanitarian causes.

Nuclear Weapons prevent progress on international issues and spur fear.

Arms-races & Cold Wars. Nuclear testing.

To be continued.

Debate Round No. 2


HipsterCloud forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


HipsterCloud forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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