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The best firearm to use in a zombie apocalypse

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Started: 12/1/2012 Category: Technology
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is my first debate and I after having this on many a porch after a few beers I thought it'd be fun to try it out here.

The rules for the debate are:
Both sides choose a factual firearm (no Halo guns or pulse rifles) and we argue that our selection would be better than our opponents. Your weapon may be configured in any readily available fashion (muzzle devices, sights etc) but you must maintain the same caliber.

Best - Most advantageous for surviving the zombie apocalypse
Zombie - an undead corpse that is capable of walking at a moderate walking pace and can only be killed by destruction of the brain or its removal from the rest of the body
Firearm - a weapon that fires a projectile at high speed by the violent expansion of explosive gasses

Round 1 - Definitions Weapon selection and Acceptance
Round 2 - Opening Arguments for your own weapon
Round 3 - Arguments against your opponents weapon
Round 4 - Rebuttal for your own weapon

For this debate, I will choose a semi-automatic AR-15 chambered in 5.56 with a 14.5 inch barrel.


I accept this debate.

I choose the FN P90 chambering the FN 5.7"28mm cartridge with a 10.4 inch barrel.

I shall equip this with a Reflector sight, a Sound suppressor and a laser aiming device.

This debate should be about only their usefulness as a firearm and not as a melee weapon.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting! I also accept Cons stipulation that we keep this argument strictly to weapon capability. I realized I got a little too excited and posted without properly defining my weapon configuration. If con will allow: Fast Attach Suppressor, Trijicon ACOG w/ Trijicon RMR Sight on 1 o'clock mount, Flip up Back up sights, Surefire Weapon Light and DBAL Laser Unit, Magpul BAD lever.

Terminal Accuracy

One of the key issues when dealing with a zombie horde is shot placement. Since shots roughly centered on the face are required to "kill" a zombie you need a weapon capable of not only delivering that accuracy, but delivering that accuracy at range. The effective range of a carbine length AR15 is around 500m. [1] The addition of a modern suppressor can add up to 100m to that range. Advanced weapon sights such as the Trijicon ACOG allow th user to maximize on this accuracy by providing a consistent, magnified sight picture, as well as a bull drop compensating reticle, allowing the shooter to automatically adjust his point of aim for the range.

Not only is the AR15 capable of reaching that distance on a point target, the 5.56mm round does an incredible amount of damage at that range. At 500m, the 5.56mm is still delivering over 375 ft-lbs of energy to a target, easily enough to penetrate the skull cavity and destroy the brain. [2]

Availability of Ammunition
5.56mm NATO ammunition (and its commercial .223 bretheren) are one of the most commonly used rounds for firearms. Since it is adopted by all of NATO as well as the majority of many other modern armies, it would not be difficult to find stock piles of the ammunition at derelict bases and depot stations. Also, since military ammo comes in easy to load, 10-round stripper clips, readloading empty magazines in the middle of an intense fire fight (with other survivors or a surroudning horde) would not be a tense endeavour. Reloading a standard 30 round magazine would be as simply as loading 3 stripper clips into a special loading device and you can have your weapon up in a matter of seconds.

The operator isn't limited to military spec ammo either. Commercially available factory loaded .223 ammo is available in a variety of bullet types and quantities, and even belted ammunition for light machine guns can be broken down and loaded into the AR15.

Availability of Spare Parts
Since 1985 over 2.5 million AR15's have been sold in the US, making it one of the most prolific commercial weapons in US history. Due to this overwhelming prevalence, finding spare parts to fix an AR15 (should it go down) would be relatively simple. This is also the case for external furniture parts. Should the stock or foregrip be broken while climbing through debris, one simply needs to find an abandoned gun shop to find a perfect replacement.

Magazines are also incredibly available for the AR15. Since the magazine was adopted as the STANAG pattern for all NATO (and again many other modern militaries) weapons, many military assault rifles will have these magazines in them. Also, this magazine has been refined over the years so that today's iterations are very reliable, lightweight, and easy to load. Lastly, there have been many high capacity magazines designed for the AR-15. While many have been unreliable flops, the recent addition of the surefire 60 and 100 round magazines to the market have proven that a reliable high capacity magazine can be built for the AR15, giving a common assault rifle platform the capability to lay down an incredible amount of firepower.

Speed of Weapons Manipulation
Lastly, the AR15 is the perfect combat weapon due to its refined manual of arms. Since its orignial invention in the mid 20th century, the AR15 has been refined many times over until it has been formed into a high speed killing machine. Due to these refinements, a trained operator can reload an empty AR15 in as little as 2 seconds and clear a jam in less than 10. Also, a multitude of products are available which are tailored to the AR15's standard magazine size, allowing the operator to easily configure is gear to carry up to 15 magazines on his person (with the possibility of more in rucksack).

Due to these factors, the AR15 is not only an incredibly effective weapon in individual firefights, but is also incredibly useful in a long term survivalist scenario.



maxprimo forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Since my opponent is MIA, I'll just quickly throw up some reasons why I think the FN P90 would be a poor choice as a zombie gun.

1) Ammo is difficult to find

2) Lack of Spare Parts

3) Lack of available magazines

4) No back up iron sights

5) Clearing jams and reloading magazines is much slower than an AR-15

6)Poor range and takedown capability compared to much faster 5.56

7) Trigger is designed for a submachine gun, not for precision (and in the zombie apocalypse, accuracy counts more than bullet count)

If my opponent wants to keep going, I'm all for it.


Thank you you for allowing me to forfeit.
I honestly didn't want to do this debate.
I had just woken up when I saw this debate and I accepted after seeing the word zombie.
I Apologize for wasting your time.

Debate Round No. 3


Understandable. I accept my opponents resignation.


Thank you
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TrunkMonkey 5 years ago
I would really like to keep this debate going. Can you post in a comment what your primary points were going to be supporting the use of the P90 and then you can back up everything/refute my rebuttal in Round 4?
Posted by maxprimo 5 years ago
Oh no I missed the deadline.
Posted by Firewolfman 5 years ago
I wish I could be involved in debates with topics relating to this, as I love to have fun and this seems like a very light-hearted and fun to argue seriously about topic, and I would love to participate in topics such of the format as this one. If you ever are looking for a contender, look me up as I would appreciate and accept any challenges relating to topics like this, (i'm kinda a bookworm but I do love to argue and I do know a regular amount of 'modern' fiction and supernatural stuff, such as this.)
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