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The best ideas for a new "Call of Duty"

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Started: 4/22/2011 Category: Entertainment
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This debate will be between me and my challenger and who has the best ideas for a new Call of Duty video game.

The voters will vote on who had the best ideas.

1st round - Accepting the challenge

2nd round - Presenting ideas for a new Call of Duty

3rd round - Final thoughts and conclusions

May the best man win!


I am very excited about this "debate" and cannot wait to hear your ideas
Debate Round No. 1


I am very excited to hear your ideas too!

[1] I would like a Call of Duty video game that plays a little more realistic.

For guns and equipment. Have a weight to speed ratio bar. The more guns and equipment you decide to carry on your soldier, the higher the bar raises.

- Run slower

- Climb slower

- Jump shorter

- Make more noise

As the weight to speed ratio bar changes, have it change in color for quick reference. Green would mean mobile and light weight. Your soldier would be the lightest, fastest, and most silent carrying nothing but a knife. As your soldier carries more weight, either from choosing it on your class or through picking it up off the ground from dead soldiers, it would slowly change from green to a deep red at max weight capacity.

[2] I think the "scavenger perk" from MW2 should be standard on every soldier, but you would have to actually and press a button to pickup each item the dead soldier is carrying. This would be done by looking down, pressing the a button which would activate "scavenger mode" and highlight all items available for pickup on the ground, then "scavenger mode" would let you choose between which guns or equipment you want to pick up. You would then press the scavenger button again to deactivate "scavenger mode".

[3] There should be better and more realistic scope options for all the guns. Everyone that has shot a gun with a scope knows you can change the zoom strength. This zoom system should be incorporated accordingly to all appropriate scopes. Also, Give the option for scopes capable of night vision, infrared, and a realistic thermal imaging scope (not the bunk white and grey thermal scope they have in MW2).

[4]Take off the mini map radar on the screen that shows the location of all the other soldiers, instead give the option for such a device in the equipment list. Give the option to either make it handheld or a gun attachment, and make the radar to read everyone as a real radar device normally would. None of this magical "cold blooded" perk. Instead of "cold blooded" or "UAV jammer" like in the past MWs, give an option in the equipment for a device such as a jammer or scrambler, which would then become part of your equipment.

[5] Instead of "perks" when creating your soldier class, have soldier "skills". These "skills" would include strength, movement speed, jump power, ADS speed (aim down sight speed), reload speed, shot accuracy, and stealth ability. Have these "skills" be adjusted by a set number of attribute points. The number of attribute points that are able to be used would be the same for every soldier on multiplayer classes, this would keep it balanced. However, in the story mode you could acquire more points to make your soldier better in every area desired.

[6] Have an option for the other players vote and "kick" another player out of a game and or room. If the player gets voted off, he/she is out of the game or room. This would especially take care of the problems with cheaters and team killers.

[7] Give players an option for creating multiplayer maps of their own design. And when entering multiplayer mode give players the option to choose between COD world maps and player created maps. COD World would only consist of the given maps created by the COD developers. Player's World or a similar name would consist of player created maps. How this would work efficiently would be as follows. Each player in the room has a custom map attached to him/her. THis map would be chosen by the player before entering the "Player's World" out of all the custom maps they have made. They simply choose the custom map that they want to bring into the "Player's World" and enter. Once in a room each player's custom map enters a map list and is seen by all players in the room. Each player then votes on the map they wish to play. I think this would bring a lot of excitement to a new COD and it would also keep the game fresh at all times. If the developers could still offer to sell new maps packs to the gamers, because they could make maps that would not be possible on the custom map creator. Also, they could sell new items to be used in the custom map creator... Such as road textures, trees, buildings, cars, etc. This would keep the money rolling in for the developers and also keep the custom maps fresh and new for the players.

[8] Have wider range of variety of designer maps COD World Maps. Here are a view good map settings...

- Down town in a large city.

- A jungle

- An ancient castle

- An ancient temple

- A suburban area that looks like a real suburban area

- A shopping mall

- Two areas up in the mountains that overlook each other, connected by a cave.

[9] Have weather and daytime options for multiplayer maps. This would be done through a voting system similar to how the map is picked. The weather options would be...

- Snow

- Blizzard

- Light Rain

- Heavy Rain

- Storm

- Strong storm

- Clear skies

- Random

The daylight option would be...

- Dawn

- Daylight

- Dusk

- Night

- Random

If at any time the votes are tied, the computer will randomly between the voted options. If at anytime there are no votes, the computer will choose random by default.

[10] Have the damage done by bullets and knives be more realistic. If you get shot in the heart or head, dead. If you get shot in the arm or leg, make that arm or leg useless while also losing blood accordingly until you die. If it is not a bad wound then it wouldn't bleed that much, just very slowly. This would give the advantage of being able to follow the trail of a wounded soldier. I think this real life effect would add a lot of depth to the game.

If you like to play a full on arcade style FPS, I wouldn't recommend my version of COD.

This would be a simulation style Call of Duty video game and I feel it would be a welcome addition for RL soldier gamers and hardcore gamers.

These are my best and most favorite ideas for a new Call of Duty video game!

- Seth Lionheart -


these are some really cool ides.

to me when you started to talk about solider skills then thats when you away from the type of game that call of duty is. call of duty a 1st person action shooting game not an RPG.

Now it would be a good idea for a game and better idea is after you beat the game then your idead could be a "diffuculty" excludeing the skills part. and theunlocked throughout the gaame for muliplayer
Debate Round No. 2


- Conclusion and Final Thoughts -

The "skills" feature I have mentioned does not in any way make it a RPG. This system is easily used and would give a lot of depth to such a simulation style FPS as my version of "Call of Duty" would be. Now that I have reevaluated the skill set, I would scrap "strength" as the weight to speed ratio idea I gave already takes care of this attribute.

It would work similar to this. Each character is given 25 skill points to be distributed to different skill categories. This set number of 25 skill points would never be changed in any way. It would look something like this...

- For a quick stealth assassin -

Agility - 10

ADS Speed - 0

Reload Speed - 0

Shot Accuracy - 0

Stealth Ability - 10

- For a Sniper -

Strength - 0

Agility - 3

ADS Speed - 0

Reload Speed - 0

Shot Accuracy - 12

Stealth Ability - 5

- For a run n' gun soldier -

Agility - 5

ADS Speed - 5

Reload Speed - 5

Shot Accuracy - 5

Stealth Ability - 5

As you can see... You could distribute these skill points however you wish in order to create your custom soldier. The possibilities aren't endless, but my "skills" feature gives a much broader more realistic range of "custom class" soldier creation options than the current "perks" feature.

Just think about what kind of game it would really be if all the ideas I have given were present in a new "call of Duty" video game.

It would be Bad A$$.

These are my final thoughts.

- Seth Lionheart -


you know that would be a really cool game. but i am still seeing the "skills" a leaning to RPG sorry i guess im just to stupid understand lol. to me thought this takes away the kind of game caof duty is. it would be a really amazing game but i dont think it fits into the call of duty line.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mvpbob 6 years ago
that guy should design it he has a whole lot to say
Posted by phantom 6 years ago
I only play COD every once in a while but great ideas.
Posted by Lionheart 6 years ago
Damn... I forgot to me my "Stealth Kills" idea in there. With stealth kills, if you walk behind another soldier when his back is turned and press the melee button when you are close enough... It would activate a stealth kill. This stealth kill could be slicing the throat, snapping the neck, etc. depending on what stealth kill you would choose to use. How you would choose would either be from a certain button combination or from the combination of pressing a certain direction on the direction pad with the melee button.
Posted by shrek65 6 years ago
WOW I FORGOT TO POST MY IDEAS FOR call of duty NOW I FEEL LIKE A (in the words of alan from the hangover) RETARD
Posted by phantom 6 years ago
Cool debate.
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Vote Placed by Cliff.Stamp 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Extremely well thought out presentation by Pro which was totally wasted.
Vote Placed by Brenavia 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I do agree that the skills set makes it more like an RPG, and I woul just keep perks. However, all of Pro's other points would make the game more lifelike and more like actual combat. Geting shot in the arm does not autmatically kill you in rea life combat. I would easily play Pro's suggested CoD game style.