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The best pokemon

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Started: 6/30/2015 Category: Games
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The idea is to argue for your favourite Pokemon

Typhlosion is my favourite Pokemon as his speed and both attack stats are high he naturally learns several awesome moves.


For this debate, I will have my favorite Pokemon be Espeon. For those who do not know much about the game Pokemon, I will address what the game is real quickly. Pokemon is a Japanese Game, where you are an animal trainer whose goal is to train and catch these "animals" within tiny balls, while traveling the world of Pokemon. While traveling, the player encounters battles with other trainers and the player fights with his or her own Pokemon. The debate is which Pokemon is better between my opponents, and my own.

My Pokemon I select is Espeon, the Psychic form of Eevee when it evolves. The reason why I claim Espeon is a far greater Pokemon, compared to Typhlosion, is because of having a higher Special Attack stat and Speed stat. Espeon is a stronger sweeper, compared to Typhlosion, where it uses special attacks compared to physical attacks. Where physical attacks are weaker in damage, than special attacks.

I will save my later arguments in the next round, and good luck to my opponent!
Debate Round No. 1


Typhoonion is the best Pokemon as I have played Pokemon games since pearl and diamond and it is the best Pokemon I have ever had. It looks awesome, with fire spurting out of the back of him and when he uses eruption or blast burn the sky turns red his past evolutions are feisty, even in the anime, although cyndaquil is quite weak. Also what it lacks in defence it makes up for in power. In the tcg it's card shows it with flames spurting out of it's back(definitely worth buying).


So your "counter-argument" for why Typhlosion is a better Pokemon, than Espeon, is because Typhlosion looks cooler? That is not an argument or fact, that is more of a opinion; which cannot be considered an argument. My opponent even states that Cyndaquill is weak, the pre-evolved form of Typhlosion.

Now that I shared my opponents argument being an opinion, now to my newer argument. The reason why Espeon is far superior is because of having a better type, than Typhlosion. Typhlosion is fire, and with the future released Pokemon titles, fire is one of the weaker types in Pokemon. Having more weaknesses than Espeon, which is a psychic type within the game. My opponent also states that Typhlosion has a weaker defense, but makes it up with power. If we take a look at the Pokemon games, attack is one of the main aspects; but defense is far superior. Defense has been said of having a huge determination factor in most tournaments, compared to attack; which Espeon has more of.
Debate Round No. 2


pokemonali1 forfeited this round.


Because of my opponent not responding, I will quickly stte my conclusion. In conclusion, for this debate, Espeon is by far superior than Typhlosion because of having a higher Special Attack and Defense. Typhlosion may be cool looking, but Espeon has better statistics; and this debate is not about apparel, but in general. I have proven this idea with Espeon, compared to Typhlosion.

Also the fact to evolve Eevee to Espeon, you need to get a high enough friendship during the day time. Which actually reveals the meaning of Pokemon, being capturing Pokemon and "connecting" a bond among them. Espeon shows this moral of the franchise of Pokemon, compared to Typhlosion that is just a standardized level up.

These are the reasons why Espeon is far better than Typhlosion.
Debate Round No. 3
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