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The chicken came before the egg.

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Started: 8/18/2015 Category: Funny
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I have 3 theories to prove the chicken came before the egg.

1)The chicken came before the egg because without the chicken, there would be no egg. The chicken somehow appeared together with the first humans, dinosaurs and giant insects. (Big Bang Theory, Theory of How the First Living Things Appeared)

2)The chicken still came before the egg, because God created the chicken to lay eggs. Of course He didn't create an egg and hatch it like a chicken. (Christianity Belief)

3)The chicken still, very still, so 'still' it's like a wooden chicken (Chinese proverb--呆!509;木(481;+A289;because some other bird (not chicken) laid an egg and the egg evolved and mutated into a chicken. (Evolutionary Theory)

+This means that sb is so surprised, he stays as still as a wooden chicken.


I think that the egg became before the chicken. I will contradict the 3 theories that have been presented by Pro.

1.) This theory isn't very specific. You have failed to explain why and how the chicken just appeared out of nowhere. Neither dinosaurs, humans and giant insects appeared out of nowhere. They gradually evolved due to helpful genetic mutations that allowed them to adapt and survive more easily. This means that chickens cant have just come out of nowhere.

2.) Not everyone believes in God and since you have not presented any evidence to prove that God exists (not that there is any) we will have to assume that God does not exist. If we assume that God exists then you can say that anything happened. You could disprove anything and claim that God did it.

3.) This theory is in favor of my case. If the egg evolved and mutated into a chicken that means that the egg was there first. This is the theory that I would have used to present my case. My theory is simply that a similar bird to a chicken laid an egg and due to a genetic mutation or fault the egg ended up mutating the bird and made it a chicken. In the current area in which the birds were living these birds could not survive in the long term. However the chickens were able to survive because there differences suited the are and its climate. Eventually, the original birds died out and the chickens were left to live in this new area (survival of the fittest - Darwinian theory).

I look forward to reading Pros rebuttals.

Debate Round No. 1


Well, different people have different believes. I wrote three main arguments and Opposition rebutted all of them. Instead of rebutting back, I would like to ask for the evidence of the egg coming before the chicken. If Opposition refuse to give some reasons or evidence, and only rebuts me, I think I should take this debate.

Here is my reasons why the chicken came before the egg. This time I have 2 points.
1) If you are religious and believe in gods, the chicken MUST have came first because some sort of your God (be it Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, or something else) created it.

2)If you choose to believe in the Darwinian or Evolutionary Theory,as Opposition mentioned, the egg MUTATED into a chicken, and this means that the EGG, because of external factors, CHANGED and became a chicken. But do you think it changed completely? Of course not! The egg mutated into the ancestors of the chicken, but not defined as the chicken we see today. This means that the mutated "half-chicken" who came out from the mutated "half-chicken egg" started spawning with the other birds and their offspring continued to evolve until it became the chicken we see today. Now, I'm coming to my most powerful point. If the first egg was only a "half-chicken egg", and "half-chickens" started to evolve into the modern chicken, there is still no evidence to prove that in the evolutionary process, the "half-chickens" laid an egg which become the modern chicken. It could have been the egg, which was still "half-chicken" hatched out an "almost-there chicken", and in the growth and maturity process of that "almost-there chicken", it became 100%, genetically, and physically the modern chicken.

In conclusion, I think I deserve to take the first point as the majority of religious people believe that the chicken came before the egg. Even though some religions may have different thoughts, the few largest ones in the world believe in my first point. Now, moving on to the second point. I think I can get half of the second point as their is a 50% chance that the chicken came before the egg, and the Opposition deserves the other 50%. Adding up our scores, I should take 1.5 points and Opposition only gets 0.5, unless Opposition come up with something good the next round.


I'm not sure if Pro read my argument properly because if he / she did then they would have noticed that in the same section that refuted your 3rd argument I also posed my theory and demonstrated how Pro has actually agreed with my theory. If pro cannot decide on one specific theory it shows that he has no real idea of how the chicken came first. He has just found a few theories and provided very little evidence to prove their point.

Whereas, I have rebutted all of pros theories and also presented mine. Pro has only given theories and has failed to refute my case. I have used evidence and since pro has said that I haven't I will use some more evidence to prove that I am right.

'"The egg takes precedence. Many characteristics of the modern avian egg"namely an oblong, asymmetrical shape and a hardened shell"were in place before birds diverged from dinosaurs about 150 million years ago. "A lot of the traits that we see in bird eggs evolved prior to birds in theropod dinosaurs," says Darla Zelenitsky, of the University of Calgary.'

I have not only provided scientific evidence. I have also shown how it makes sense in terms of the Darwinian theory. Pro has used God as evidence - this does not make sense because there is no real convincing evidence that God exists if Pro could prove this then he'd become famous and the atheist population would significantly decrease. I do not believe in God and many others don't either so unless you can provide some evidence the majority will believe (including me) I will not except the existence of God as a legitimate theory to use in this debate.

Pro has also attempted to use the Evolutionary theory to help present his case. In order for the chicken to be born it must have been in an egg. A major mutation could change the egg of a different bird into the egg of a chicken (thus creating the chicken). The egg of the chicken is first because as science has proven a chicken comes out of an egg (fairly simple). It is possible that Pro's theory that the chicken mutates over time is true but that doesn't change the fact that eventually a chicken came out of an egg. Pro's continuation of his theory suggesting that the "almost there chicken" 'became 100%, genetically, and physically the modern chicken' this is a possibility but this is not as likely as the theory posed by me. Furthermore, Pro hasn't provided any evidence to why this would happen and my theory wouldn't.

In response to Pro (bias) conclusion I would like to point out that Pro believes he should win because some religions believe his first point relating to God. His theories contradict each other because he has used the evolutionary theory and Gods creation story. Pro's claim that majority of religious people believe the chicken came before the egg cannot be taken into account because no source has been provided. This means that we have to assume that this claim is false. I don't understand Pros distribution of points.

Sources - Me (no sources by pro)

Convincing argument - Me (contradicting arguments)

Conduct - Tied

Spelling and Grammar - Tied (unless there are any spelling mistakes that I missed)


Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by BMSxRIO 2 years ago
@fletch and no that is not how the "god" debate works. "Believing" something can be taken two different ways, one with faith and one without faith. It's perfectly acceptable to "believe" something when evidence is given to you and evolution shows that chickens had a previous ancestor that was genetically different to them. (Lots of people think it's actually a T-Rex or some such, don't quote me on that I don't have any sources on that, it's just things you hear over dinosaur documentaries sometimes)

Anyway, there's no reason to believe outside of the Bible's claims why God would exist or should exist and why he'd create the first chicken inside an egg or not.

Evolution however, is a provable observable science where the evidence shows that chickens had an ancestor that through a mutation, created the first chicken.
Posted by Moneyboss 2 years ago
This debate is also on Humor as it is under the topic: Funny. I should take credit for not making my "speeches" boring.
Posted by llllllllllllllswag 3 years ago
chicken is yummy and taste good pece out
Posted by xxdizzle 3 years ago
i like chicken i breed them, name them and them eat them!!!
Posted by Balacafa 3 years ago
I used the theory of evolution due to the fact that both Pro and Con agree on the theory. Pro shows that he agrees with this theory in his 3rd theory.
Posted by Fletch290 3 years ago
Interesting, con eliminated God from the equation because he believes there is no evidence for his existance. Yet uses a theory to explain how he BELIEVES that the egg came first. Cant pro disqualify cons theory in the same way that Con disqualifies God?
Posted by BMSxRIO 3 years ago
I agree the egg came before the chicken. It was a different species of fowl that "birthed" the first chicken egg of which the first modern chicken came from.

So yes, the "proto-chicken" made a "proto-egg" that made the first "modern-chicken" this is how evolution works.
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