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The chicken came before the egg.

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Started: 8/22/2015 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round for acceptance.


I verily accept thy challenge to quarrel, Sir.
Debate Round No. 1


I yearn to transmit three speculations retained within my psyche to the multitude of folk. Consequently, I shall confirm that the chicken arrived in advance of the egg employing these proposals.

1)The chicken temporally preceded the egg on the grounds that a missing chicken would precipitate an absence of egg. The chicken, in some fashion or another, arose in conjunction with the inaugural humans, dinosaurs and mammoth insects. (Big Bang Theory, Theory of How the First Living Things Appeared)

2)The chicken entered the scene sooner than the egg as a result of our deity's preference as to qualified chicken conduct: chicken are expected to generate eggs. Indubitably said deity forwent establishing a chicken via the frequent ritual of egg hatching.

3)The chicken is to such a jumbo extent unruffled and deathly quite that it is, without dubiousness, a wooden chicken, caused by the fact that an auxiliary feathered creature (not chicken) deposited an egg onto the earth below and the egg evolved and mutated into a chicken. (Evolutionary Theory)


It is my most dear conviction that the egg entered the state of "being" preceding the introduction of the chicken. It is clear to see that I shall do nothing less than show the manner in which the sophist's theories, the three thrice caving in from the weight of the tower of fallacy which constitutes their bodies, lead to nothing but contradiction.

The First Illustrious Proposition) This theory is not optically focused - its lens is too broad. You have failed in your quest to explain the reasons and metaphysical mechanisms behind the propogation of the chicken ex nihilo. Neither the most awesome kings of reptiles, Mankind, nor titanic insects have hailed from no land. They gradually evolved as a result of beneficial transformations of the genome that gave them the power to shift their abilities and continue on the game of life with more ease. The logical message is that the ex nihilo existence of chickens is contrary to reason.

The Second Grand Proposition) Not everyone holds faith in the Supreme Being, and because of the fact that you have not given any justification for His presence within the realm of reality (not that such justification exists at all, of course!), we must take the position that He is not and that he is naught. If we hold that He partakes in being, the result is that one can claim that any potential has actualized. You could destroy the foundation for belief in any proposition and claim that He willed it.

The Third Noble Proposition) This philosophical dogma is one which lends greater support for the position that I am an advocate of. If the most wonderful egg evolved from its lowly state, transforming itself through an unbroken chain of states of flux, into poultry, that logically leads one to the conclusion that the egg was the preceding factor. It is this collection of ideas that I would have utilized to set forth my case. My espoused explanation is, in quite common terms, that a synonymous avian specimen to a chicken birthed a life-producing egg, and, as a direct result of a morphing of the avian's genome or fatal flaw, the egg causally led to the mutation of the bird and transformed it into the form of a chicken. In the now-occupied span of land in which the avian kin were residing these birds were unable to brave the trials and tribulations of life over a long timespan. However, the poultry kind succeeded in their quest for survival as a result of the innate distinctions they possessed - these were in-line with the requirements of life in the region. After some time, their originators, the noble avians, were wiped off of Gaea and the chickens were free to live qua chicken in their newly claimed kingdom.(survival of the well-endowed - Darwinian theory).

I await the supreme pleasure which will result from the future sparring the Proponent shall deliver.

Debate Round No. 2


dylancatlow forfeited this round.


Lady Reason has triumphed once again. Praise God!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dylancatlow 2 years ago
Posted by ShabShoral 2 years ago
Mine heart sings for thee, Axman.
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Reasons for voting decision: Whilst the Pro's rhetoric spoke evenly of erstwhile times with ease, the Con's retort did indeed thwart thy positions thrice. In each case, one of excess broadness, two, lack of proof of divine being, three, being of support in Cons direction, the winner is clear. And indeed, the power of Con's words may have had as result thy forfeit.