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"The chicken must have come before the egg"

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Started: 2/18/2016 Category: Science
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The chicken must have come first because the formation of eggs can only occur due to the protein found in the chicken"s ovaries. This protein provided by the ovaries acts like a catalyst which helps speed up the formation of the egg, especially at early stages. Without this protein (OV17) from the chicken, the egg would not have been able to be formed...


OK, so first I would like to point out that the egg came before the chicken, because animals like turtles, alligators, and dinosaurs were egg laying animals, and they were around before chickens. If we are speaking about CHICKEN eggs, then the chicken egg still came first because according to ASAP Science, an egg laying species made a chicken like animal which we'll call a proto-chicken, layed a CHICKEN egg from which a chicken hatched from. The chicken egg was an egg before it was a chicken egg.
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