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The classic "MetalSlug" games are better then some of the newer games.

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Started: 1/26/2014 Category: Games
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This is my first time at this, so please no mean/offensive comments...
I grew up playing MetalSlug and have found myself playing even now with all the amazing games this time period has to offer... The game makes me feel like I did when I would go to a restaurant with my father as a child and find one the old arcade machines with this game... It has given me countless hours of entertainment that most other games just can't. I know what your thinking, yes, the animation is not that good for the classic games, but when they were released, think about how much cooler it must have seemed for that kind of animation to be out to the public. I own a copy of MetalSlug 4-5 and I have found myself playing it over and over again, finding different ways to complete the games using the weapons, vehicles, and games mechanics the game has to offer.
Now, these are only the boss battles, and a very good run at them too, but this is a great example of the game play this game offers...


Before reading, i recommend you to have pretty good knowlege on the new titles in shooter catergory. This is esstential when comparing games. All i just. Give you link later.

I have played all the Metal Slugs. Including on Playstation 2 and Playstation Portable allowing me to play Metal Slug anywhere i want to, so i have appropiate experience with the Metal Slug franchise.

As said in the title.

"The classic "MetalSlug" games are better then some of the newer games"

The phrase supports his side by saying "some" but this is the word that may make him lose.

You might have underestimated Metalslug or just tried made the title to your advantage or im wrong.

Metal Slug is better than most new games.

I will support the statement "More better game
than newer games" to defeat the case "better than some games"

The gameplay of Metal Slug is more enciting, supported and perfected in a way to try to make the player feel the intensity and unleash some skills out in gaming. Dodging hostile fire, reflexes, quick draw suggestions. But mostly reflexes and reaction time. (Basically reflexes)

Compared to many new action games such as call of duty and battlefield. This will cause repetetive action. If your like me and have been a playing cod and bf for like 6 years straight (That's how dumb i am) you won't be as bored as me when i play those games.

This fast paced 2D side scroller provides all key features to keep you engaged with the game.

By adding, new interesting enemies at sensible frequencies, scenarios, sound track.

The gameplay gives much more great impact than most newer games.

When comparing a HD game to a side scrolling 2D shooter. You can't really make a point when your on a 2d game. The art and design of metal slug isn't much because new games gives you an atmosphere of where your at with quite a visual gaming.

Conclusion already
The debate title says newer games and i don't really understand what is newer. "Newer" is not a word so i will awate your response.

It is all opiniated in what they have done influencing their idea into what games they play. Everyone is like that when they talk about what games are good.

I dont know what im doing anymore.

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Captain_Obvious forfeited this round.


I think he fogot about the debate. This is common.
Debate Round No. 2


Captain_Obvious forfeited this round.


Debate Round No. 3
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