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The consumption of animals and animal products is indefensible

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Started: 1/25/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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I will argue that not only is the consumption of animal products unethical, unsustainable and unhealthy, it is also entirely unnecessary. There is no way to logically justify what we do to animals for food, fashion, medicine and entertainment. My argument will be separated into the 4 aforementioned criticisms of animal products.

My opponent may choose to attack any combination of those 4 points, focus more on the resolution and create a defense of carnivorous and omnivorous diets or perhaps take another angle I have not listed here.


so I will be your debate partner I hope for a fun and objective debate about this subject I also want to apologize for my lack of experience in debating and I wish to also apologize for anny grammatical errors

I will debate whit you about all 4 points, but some of them will not be strictly con.
I hope that's okay for you I will also let you go first I wish to see your standpoint, why it's bad before I can make a good defence about it I hope you will make a good overview of your point anyway.

I hope you have a great day and I wish you good luck.
Debate Round No. 1



Meat consumption has been associated with an increased risk of many major diseases and decreases lifespan

Heart Disease (4)(22)
Cancer (17)(21)(23)
Diabetes (24)
Liver disease
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Obesity (8)
Atherosclerosis (18)
Weight Gain (9)

Role of cholesterol in the development of atherosclerosis. (19)
Negative effects of Saturated and Trans fats on human health (25-30)

The American Dietetic Association acknowledges the benefits and viability of a vegetarian or vegan diet (16)

Meat is high in fat saturated fat and cholesterol which has a deleterious effect on human health. It is also high in animal proteins which is far too acidic for the human body. Most meat contains antibiotics and hormones. Meat even when controlled for caloric intake is still correlated with weight gain (5)

Chicken infected with avian adenovirus, an obesity causing virus, which can be transmitted to humans (10-15)

Plant based diets tend to minimize or completely eliminate people genetic propensity to develop chronic diseases such as
Type 2 Diabetes (1) (2)
Cardiovascular disease
Cancer (19-20)

Chicken Eggs contain the highest concentration of cholesterol in any food besides brain matter, it is this high concentration of cholesterol which leads to cardiovascular disease (6) (7)
Just eating as low as 3-4 eggs per week doubles your risk of Type 2 diabetes (3)

Cows milk has been linked to osteoporosis, Ovarian cancer and Prostate Cancer (31-33)

Conclusion of unhealthy: Beef, Pork,Chicken,Eggs and Dairy have a negative effect on human health in multiple different ways.

If want I could go further into the dangers of Fish, Mercury and Methionine, But I believe I have thoroughly backed up my position. For the sake of time and personal interest I would like the end this section of unhealthy. But superseding this debate if you have any further inquiry into the research behind all of my statements, please be sure to include it in your response to this and I will provide all requested sources in my subsequent response.



Eeliejun forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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