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The cure for cancer has already been found.

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Started: 8/2/2016 Category: Health
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Round one arguments
Round two rebuttals
Round three defend your argument against opponent's rebuttal.

I. Intro
II. Science
III. Conclusion
IV. Sources

I. Intro

The cure for cancer is a whole foods plant based diet as seen in Healing Cancer from Inside Out [1] and Forks over Knives.[2] The prototype was Gerson's Miracle, which is often mocked. Nevertheless, Mr. Gerson paved the way for a safer and cheaper cure.

There is plenty of scientific evidence to back this up. Not only that but, a whole foods plant based diet helps prevent cancer in the first place. Antioxidants help prevent DNA damage via free radicals.

I wouldn't expect you to take my word for it, so here's the science below. Focusing on the prevention first, since an "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Benjamin Franklin.

II. Science

First, lets look at what causes cancer. Cancer is caused by free radicals damaging DNA. Antioxidants are free radical scavengers who halt the free radicals from damaging the DNA. [3] Many of the most potent antioxidants, Beta-carotene, come only from plant sources. [4] Supplements don't seem to work either, instead beta-carotene must be taken at dietary levels. [4]

Great, so eat your fruits and vegetables and get some protection via antioxidants against free radicals.

There is more, fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients and fiber which are only found in plants. Fiber has been known to help maintain a healthy weight. [5] Being obese is a risk factor for cancer. [6] Phytonutrients also help with weight and thus help prevent cancer. [7]

Not only is there plenty of benefits to eating a plant based diet, but you also displace the detrimental. By avoiding meats, you avoid cholesterol, high fat, saturated fat, IGF-1, and bacteria endotoxins.

Cholesterol even in small amounts is detrimental to human health. [8] High fat leads to build up of intramyocellular lipids. Saturated fat increases blood viscosity making your heart work harder and making you sluggish. Hard to keep down the weight when your slowed down by sluggishness.

IGF-1, insulin like growth factor one, causes cancer cells to grow more quickly. Bacteria endotoxins found in animal products cause an immune system respond and inflammation. If your immune system is attacking bacteria endotoxins, it can't be attacking cancer cells.

The cure, I've stated why a plant based diet helps prevent cancer. Most of this information is more or less common knowledge on prevention via diet. Yet, what about the much more bold claim of a cure? The cure is very simple, boost your body and your immune system will destroy the cancer cells, thus curing yourself.

That's right, the cure is your white blood cells, the ones that are destroyed by chemotherapy and other invasive treatments. [9] As seen in this peer reviewed link cytotoxcity of the body's Natural Killer white blood cells is double.

As seen here, white blood cells attack cancer cells. "White blood cells can also attack cancerous cells that are traveling in the blood stream. " [10] The official medical term is immunotherapy. [11] Yet, the basic principle is the same as Mr. Gerson's the Gerson Miracle.

III. Conclusion

Strengthen the immune system and have the immune system eradicate the cancer. Key points

Plant based diet
keep the weight down
don't smoke
let your immune system do the work

Thanks for reading. Thanks in advance for accepting the debate.

IV. Sources


Ok, we all know that this argument is extremely moronic. So please, If you agree with what I just said, vote for me. If there was a cure for cancer it would be put into action and acknowledged in the news by now. I won't even bother arguing. I love all of you and vote for me to win if you agree. This took me 4 hours to write so please. VOTE, Vote, and vote!
Debate Round No. 1



Thanks for accepting the debate, I was beginning to wonder if anyone cared about the cure for cancer or not.

"If there was a cure for cancer it would be put into action and acknowledged in the news by now. " thedebater99

This is a fairly common argument. This is also called the personal incredulity fallacy. [12] Just because something seems ridiculous to you, doesn't mean it is wrong.

The answer to your question statement is greed, sloth, gluttony, and ignorance. Greed impairs people's judgement. Doctors make a lot of money and have a lot of student debts to pay. Even though treatments by modern medicine are largely ineffective against chronic diseases doctors still press on.

Sloth and gluttony because many people are lazy gluttons who would rather get chemotherapy and die of cancer than exercise and diet. Ignorance, because they don't bother to figure out which foods are healthy and which are not.

Go ahead laugh, and die from chronic disease in ignorance. Thanks for reading.



Hello my dearest friend. I think that we all know that "the cure for cancer" does not exist and that you are not worth debating. So I want everyone watching this debate to acknowledge this person's stupidity and vote for me! Yay! And it wasn't very nice to wish for my death. I am very healthy by the way.
Debate Round No. 2


Defense then additional arguments


"Hello my dearest friend. I think that we all know that "the cure for cancer" does not exist and that you are not worth debating. So I want everyone watching this debate to acknowledge this person's stupidity and vote for me! Yay! And it wasn't very nice to wish for my death. I am very healthy by the way." thedebater99

First you are calling my stupid which is an ad hominem attack. [13] Impact, the comment about the person's stupidity made by my opponent should have no impact upon the resolution, furthermore I think my opponent should lose a conduct point.

As for wishing your death, no I do not wish anyone death. I'm simply stating a fact, ignore my statements and you will suffer the natural consequences. I wish you the best of health.

Additional arguments

It is tempting to make only as much effort as my opponent. The problem is even if my opponent trolls the whole debate some people will see that I have not met my burden of proof which would result in a draw or even a win for my opponent. Therefore, I will make it clear that I have fulfilled my burden of proof.

One of the comments suggests that this only a preventive measure. This is not correct. This is both a preventive measure and a cure. The two are linked in the sense that cancer can grow in location A and then later B. By preventing the cancer from growing in location B, you are that much closer to eradicating the cancer in your body.

More importantly, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence within the youtube links with testimonial evidence that people's cancer has been cured. [1][2] Furthermore, we have scientific data showing that a plant based diet helps with cancer. Add in other healthy lifestyle factors and you have a cure. Exercise, enough sleep, keeping stress under control, and of course diet.

The problem is people want a magic bullet or quick fix. They go into the operating room or take a pill and blam cancer is gone. The reality is hard work and discipline are needed in lieu of a magic pill. Most people are unwilling or unable to follow a diet and exercise regime to save their life. Doctors often recommend dietary advice only for it not to be followed.

Finally, there is more money in selling a drug that can be mass produced than there is in giving away free information like I am doing. The cost of a bag of potatoes is far less than that of surgery of chemotherapy. Often, big business wins out against small business, even if the small business sells better products.

Obesity is a risk factor for many chronic diseases. You can't just have surgery and chemotherapy and be 300 ibs overweight and expect to be cancer free. This is unreasonable.

"Obesity is associated with increased risks of the following cancer types, and possibly others as well:

Colon and rectum
Breast (after menopause)
Endometrium (lining of the uterus)
Gallbladder" [14]

I know this is a difficult burden of proof to fulfill and if I haven't convinced you and you vote for my opponent simply because I have the burden of proof and my opponent doesn't, that is okay. At least consider my words. The science shows that are risk factors which can be reduced via healthy life style and there is anecdotal evidence that a plant based diet has cured cancer. I have defeated all my opponent's arguments. I say that is enough to meet the burden of proof, that a cure for cancer already exists. Thanks for your time.



You did not destroy my arguments. Because I did not have any. I frankly don't need to debate you because people just have to read your side of the argument to see how false this entire thing is. Firstly, yes of course there are lifestyle changes that can reduce your chance of acquiring cancer. Even though half of the people that get cancer get it genetically. (Inherently from their parents, so they can't do anything about it! Did you take that into consideration?) As well as being obese. Some people have the 'fat gene' and it is extremely hard to make that lifestyle change. They are inherently unhealthy. And genetically have higher risks of getting cancer. So this obviously isn't the cure for cancer! It's the cure for people that are able and willing to get outside and exercise!

In summary, we all know that the cure for cancer does not exist and that my opponent is in fairyland. Many people genetically get cancer, skinny or fat. This is a fact. As provided by my above source. Thank you for debating and hopefully my peeps see the falsehood, ignorance, and stupidity in my opponents argument.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ofryinstr 2 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHH everybody vote for CON
Posted by FactsVsFeelings 2 years ago
Your argument is that a cure is "Don't get it in the first place idiot"? That's not a cure. Your opponent will be easily beating you.
Posted by DavidMancke 2 years ago
So I can smoke a pack a day and keep the doctor away with dieting! Hell yes!!!

Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
cancer can be caused by living in the machine or being religious in nature
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Reasons for voting decision: I am going to be fair and not evaluate arguments, because I didnt read all of pros and con admits that he disnt have any. Conduct clearly went to pro because con just trolled the entire debate.
Vote Placed by Peepette 2 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
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Total points awarded:60 
Reasons for voting decision: PRO contends that a whole food plant based diet inhibits cancer. It halts free radicals from damaging DNA and provides antioxidants against free radicals. Obesity is a risk factor for cancer; phytonutrients assist in weight control. Cholesterol, saturated fats, endotoxins from meats and animal products compromise the immune system. Eliminating these items is self curative by increasing white blood cell counts that fight inflammation and cancer cells. Along with a healthy life style t a person can live cancer free. CON rebuts, PROs assertions are stupid, if there were a cure for cancer it would be put in action. Half of cancers are hereditary. None of PROs contentions were rebutted by CON until the final round, with hereditary factors. Since PRO could not defend, the point is null. CON primarily trolled the debate thus lost. I give the source point to PRO on the basis that CON mislead what the source stated and was the only one CON used. PRO?s sources gave weight to his arguments.