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The current schooling system in the US is unfair and corrupt.

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Started: 11/14/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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If you would like to debate me on this subject, just say I accept. I will be using sources, and if sources may be questioned based on reliability. Please be reasonable, and just remember, it's just a debate. My apologies if I do not immediately respond, I will debate as soon as possible. Good luck, and have fun!


I accept this debate. Arguments in the next round.
Debate Round No. 1


As a brief road map, I will be providing information on why I believe the resolution, and presenting sources to prove my point. Lastly before I begin, good luck to my opponent.
Hello, I said in strong affirmation with the resolution that states: The current schooling system in the US is unfair and corrupt. I will begin my stating what the school system is: All schooling in the US from kindergarten to the end of high school. I will not be including college, or preschool, as they are both not required in the US. I will speaking from a public schooling standpoint as the majority of children participate in it.
The current education system in the US does not prepare us for anything in relation to the "real world". At school you learn math, science, reading, etc. which is useful, but at a certain point, it becomes useless. I agree with the fact that we should teach children basic skills of those subjects, however we don't break away from these subjects to learn something more. Almost none of the population is going to be needing to know how to complicated equations, and that the Mitochondria is the power house of the cell. Some jobs will use this, but it could be learnt at college, or at the actual work place. Many offices have to train their employees, because we are not currently teaching skills that will benefit them in that area. There are some classes in school that do, however they are normally taught in very small amounts; for example keyboarding. I took keyboarding for one trimester of my schooling, and was unable to take another until another trimester in high school. Schools rely too much on parents to teach their children everything that they need to know, because if a place that is meant for learning and preparing you for your future isn't, then it is almost completely useless. I never learned how to do my taxes, buy a car, or really anything that would remotely help me in the In the United States students attend school 180 days per year. From kindergarten to 12th grade is 13 years. 180 days per year times 13 years in school = 2,340 days in school, about 19,000 hours or so (if they are in school 8 hours, some schools are more and some are less). With this equation we can come up with the total number of days in school which is 2,340 days. We are spending 2,340 days of our lives, learning unimportant skills. 2,340 days that could have been entertaining, interesting, and useful. Instead, we are going to a place that the majority of students despise, that is not useful. Not only is it boring as it is, but it's going to become even worse if we continue with what we are currently doing. According to 25% of public high schools will be completely eliminating what most students would call their favorite subject; the arts. Students have been shown to improve in many areas including literacy, math, and science, after participating in a wide selection of arts for a month. So we're removing what's actually benefiting our test scores, which is what we want for our students correct? This is a perfect example of the school system being corrupt; contradicting themselves. We want students to be happy, and involved, yet we force them to go somewhere for 7-8 hours a day, and are planning on removing a large amount of the subjects that they enjoy, to fund more of what they resent. Not only does it remove 7-8 hours of sleep from a students day, but it is also detrimental to their sleep schedule. It is estimated that the average teenager requires about 9 1/4 hours of sleep a day to perform well, but most only get about 7-7 1/4 hours a day. Low amounts of sleep are harmful to our health, and a common risk is heart disease. Most students don't have much time after going to school, doing homework, having a social life, to entertain themselves, so they often take it out of their sleeping.
In general the school system does not prepare us for the future, is detrimental to our health, and is removing the subjects that are actually interesting. Thank you so much for reading, and I strongly urge you to vote for the affirmative.


fire_wings forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


RasberrySkittleFTW forfeited this round.


Sorry for forfeiting a round. My opponent had forfeited a round also, so right now, conduct is tied. I will refute my opponent's arguments then post my arguments.

Proposition's Case

1. You don't learn anything that relates to the "real world"

Pro states that in school you learn nothing about the real world. However, you do. This depends on the job. There won't be taxi jobs teached, or construction workers. However, it teaches all of the things that we need to know, like math skills.

I will tell that all subjects need to be used in the real world

Math: When buying something in a store, scientist, doctor

Science: Everything is related to science, builder, scientist

English: When you speak

Social Studies: Learn how to interact, learn about the world, geography, many more.

Almost all of these subjects have relationships to the real world.

2. Health

Pro states about health. However, then if we ban school, then we cannot learn. Would being a tired a bit be better than being in a low job without a happy life? We go to school to have a happy life in the future for 70 years, not 13.

Because of the lack of time, I will post my arguments next round. Vote for Con.
Debate Round No. 3


RasberrySkittleFTW forfeited this round.


Okay, my opponent had forfeited again. Please give me the conduct point because my opponent cannot rebut to my arguments, and did not defend his own arguments. So, vote for Con.


Because Pro forfeited again for the second time, give me the conduct point or the whole debate. Pro failed to fill the BoP because BoP is on Pro. I will be posting my arguments first.


1. We learn things that are important.

The main topics in school will be listed below, and what it helps in the real world

English, or any language: Helps us communicate in the real world

Math: When go shopping, or when you get a job like a teacher, or a scientist.

Science: Science is basically the world around us, and you need this when you are a teacher, scientist

Health: Need this to know about your body, doctor

There are many more subjects, each and every one of them are important for the real world. If we need these subjects, and we need to learn them, the schools teach these subjects for us, how are the schools unfair? Pro gives no example in her/his arguments that schools are unfair. He just stated that it is a waste of time, not unfair.

2. The teachers are professional

The teachers are professional teachers. If they are professional, and have a university, has the influence to teach, how is this unfair? The teachers all went to a university because the schools hire teachers so people give money to get educated.

3. Public/ Private schools

They are both not unfair. Public schools, you go to school for free. Get educate for free. How is this unfair? I think that this is the best policy ever that the government has made. Next, private schools. They are not unfair. Even though we pay money, they educate us better.


How are schools unfair? My arguments state that there is no reason why schools are unfair. If you think the schooling system, and the government's choice about free schools is right, and if you want to go to a school, vote for Con.

Thank you. Vote for Con. Pro failed to fill the BoP.

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TripDebates 2 years ago
First off, learn definitions. Unfair IS NOT the Same as corrupt. Also Case is not even a debate. Towards con, you did well but you need to stop stating that you should win because he didn't respond. Continue debating, as you should not stop. Also the "That's All Folks" image was not needed. I would like to see this debate again as it was terrible.
Posted by TripDebates 2 years ago
Also to the 1AC you are going into rebuttal way to much. Show facts.
Posted by TripDebates 2 years ago
As I am from Chicago I am biased as we are the most corrupt school system in the country. But for fairness I will use my judgement to vote for the better side of the debate. I am looking forward to seeing this debate as I am passionate about this topic.
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