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The delorean is the best sci-fi vehicle of all time

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Started: 5/20/2013 Category: Entertainment
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Time travel has always fascinated me. The ability to go back and change things has a certain appeal. But if I could choose a way to go back through time, considering that in this fantasy world there are a few options, I"d go with Doc Emitt Brown"s Delorean instead of, say, H. G. Wells' invention. Of course I do prefer the second, upgraded version with the Mr. Fusion garbage to fuel conversion unit and the ability to fly. Seriously who wouldn"t want that? In a country like India we"d never run short of fuel. How great would that be?


My opponent has chosen the DeLorean as his candidate for the best sci-fi vehicle of all time. My choice:

This thing? It's name is Destiny. It is a 60-million year old ship. Now, while it is true that 60 million years will put some wear and tear on a ship, Destiny still has plenty of its glory. Note that spoilers for Stargate Universe follow. This is not particularly bad, since people in the Stargate series have always had a very difficult time dying and staying dead. Still, don't say I didn't warn you.

One of the main things about Destiny that makes it the best is its unique AI that directs it on its course. I mean, seriously, that AI kept the ship running for 60 million years. That's what I call reliable. Of course, the AI sometimes seems like an unsympathizing little prick, but if that happens, it can be overridden from the bridge. And once you've caused the death of a few team members (with the AI voicing its objections by manifesting itself as a hallucination of your dead wife), you can admit that it was right, apologize, and stop whining about the fact that your crew is about to starve.

One of the main duties of Destiny's AI is acquiring power. You stated that the DeLorean turns trash into fusionable isotopes. I will concede that this is a novel means of power generation that the Ancients lacked. Destiny was powered by fusion, though, just in a different way. Destiny's route is more or less going in one direction for a long time. Now, in space, what means of power generation could one find in mass quantities, and how would one harvest that?

The answer is a star, and the other answer is fly right into it! Destiny is equipped with solar power collectors, meaning that whenever it is hungry for more power, it can just find the nearest red dwarf. This has the side effect of scaring the hell out of the crew (Destiny's means of hazing its crew, if you prefer).

Now, it is also known that the DeLorean has the ability to travel through time. This can happen with Destiny as well. It is equipped with a Stargate (a dusty old prototype one at that), which has a few quirks that can result in time anomalies. Stargates generate a wormhole for instantaneous travel. When this wormhole crosses a solar flare, strange things happen. You can even wind up in the same place you started (with the exception that you've traveled 2000 years into the past. And while it's not supposed to do this, strange things can happen while dialing inside of a star, especially if you are dialing a 9-chevron address. Please don't try this, since you'll probably end up with a copy of your ship, a copy of your best scientist, and you'll find the people from a civilization that you founded 2,000 years ago in an alternate timeline. It's best not to try this.
Debate Round No. 1


there are a couple reasons why the delorean is the best sci fi vehicle ever
1. its made of stainless steel
2. its a time machine
3. The gull wing doors...........were unique. Most furturistic cars always envsion a new way of getting into the car.
4. and it made time travel cool again


It is unspecified what Destiny is made of. The Ancients seem to be fans of highly explosive superconducting material, though, their favorite being Naquadah. One Stargate has enough Naquadah in it to blow up an entire planet, for reference.

The time-traveling ability is a bit unique. Time travel works differently in Stargate - all time travel jumps have a minimum jump distance of a few decades, and the only way to return is to go through a wormhole at the precise moment of a solar flare again. In addition, it avoids paradoxes by using alternate timelines (or well-executed loop sequences in existing timelines). Effects on the main timeline are demonstrated in a few episodes (SGU: "Twin Destinies"). Due to the difficulty of doing these things, time travel is only used as a last resort for cutting losses.

Destiny also wasn't supposed to be new (at the ripe old age of 60 million) - if you want futuristic, try Atlantis (a flying city ship) - it's only 10,000 years old!
Debate Round No. 2


when the Back to the Future trilogy came out it was very different from most cars. The style was different and especially the material used. So between it being mid-engined and the body being made out of stainless steel, it has a great sci-fi look. Too bad it does not drive as good as it looks.
Because it has the ability to travel through time! And it looks pretty cool; kinda like an old school Lambo.


drhead forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by drhead 5 years ago
I'm calling dibs on this debate. I'll be able to post an argument tomorrow - I'm assuming "vehicle" covers all non-teleportation transportation devices (which would include spacecraft), correct?
Posted by Ragnar 5 years ago
This is your first debate, so I will not accept... However the Tardis!
Posted by Sleezehead 5 years ago
Have you no shame???? The Milenium Falcon or the Star Trekk thingy are vastly more recognizable and loved!
Posted by philochristos 5 years ago
I'm tempted to take this debate. I would argue that Moya from FarScape is the best sci-fi vehicle of all time, even though she can't travel back in time like the Delorean.
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