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The earth is flat.

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Started: 5/3/2016 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The earth is flat. My proofs are empirical and logical. I will show that the heliocentric model of the universe is wrong. First round acceptance. Any media publicly available is presentable until such media is proved to be falsified. No ad hominem. Please omit any theoretical mathematical equations. Good luck and I hope we both gain insight into this fascinating subject. Since I am in effect debating the entire mainstream scientific community, I must use sources outside of this field, mostly user created videos on YouTube. This in no way means the media is falsified, it only means that the information is not bias, that is, government or mainstream sponsored.


It really isn't understandable the way you would think the world is flat? There's tonnes of proof and reasons that the world is not "flat".

1. You could see the edges of the world, there is no edges of this world!
2. There is realise pictures takin every second by satellites of our earth which it is round.
3. If you've been in a plane you'd notice the ocean you are looking at and the landmarks are not flat.
4. People have tried to Morse code across the ocean and you have to be on a mountain so you can see the other persons sunlight.
5. Skydiving, people have debated that the lenses in the plane are just making it look like the world is flat, but if you've ever sky dived it's in front of your eyes.
Debate Round No. 1


I'll just jump into my opponents reasons why he thinks the earth is round.
1. There may not be an edge, if there is, it is highly guarded with the Antarctic treaty.
2. There are no actual pictures of earth, much less one taken every second.
3. Yes, everything is flat. The Windows of the plane are convex, causing a falsely curved horizon.
4. Morse code across oceans from mountains? Doesn't this prove a flat earth? Please site your source for investigation. I've never heard this before.
5. I've skydove before, it's flat.
Pause at 0:00 to see from the unaltered eye of a skydive.

Since burden of proof lies in me, I will present some solid proof of a flat earth.
1. No curvature
The strongest piece of evidence for a flat earth is the lack of curvature. What's astonishing is that most of us have no idea how much curvature there should be. It's not hard at all to figure out how much curvature a ball that is 25,000 miles in circumference should allow. This curvature should be EASILY detectable not only by instruments but also by just everyday life. Based on the "official" dimension of the globe, at just 10 miles of distance, you should have a 66.6 (weird, right? The earth is also on a 66.6" tilt, and on a 66,600 mph racetrack around the sun!) foot drop in curvature, i.e., 66 feet should be hidden from view (taking into consideration the average eye height of a male at 5 feet 7 inches the observable drop from eye height is 33 feet). At 100 miles away, there should be an amazing 6,666-foot drop in curvature, i.e., 1.26 miles should be hidden from view. These calculations are 100% correct and have been affirmed through computer drafting software.
The telescopic measurements reach the same conclusion " there"s absolutely no detectable spherical Earth curvature. Furthermore, no one ever taught you the Earth"s curvature math at school or college, why? Every engineer, surveyor, mathematician, artillerymen, and astronomer should have a thorough understanding of the curvature and cite exactly how much curvature there is per mile and be able to demonstrate it through simple experimentation and measurement, but no one does, why?
If you were to rise up from a ball, no,matter how high, you should see the horizon drop, and would soon be able to notice more and more curvature The higher you go, but you don't, unless you are looking through a wide angle lens. Even at 100,000 feet or more, as seen in most amateur rocket and balloon launches, the horizon stays flat, and at eye level. I've compiled a few videos of examples of this lack of curvature for your viewing pleasure.
Ships "going over curvature"
Perspective explained.
Planes fly at 30,000 ft this balloon was at 120,000
This "rocket" went to almost 500,000, one of the few times nasa wasn't completely deceptive.
Read the summary for another truthful moment.
2) The days should reset every 6 months:
A mean solar day (the time required for a single rotation of the Earth on its axis with respect to the Sun) is 24 hours. How many degrees does the Earth rotate in one solar day? Common sense says that the Earth should rotate 360 degrees. However, if the Earth rotated 360 degrees per day, every 6 months, night and day would be opposite. Again, think of the Earth on the left side of the Sun. Daylight on the Earth would be on the right side, i.e., pointed towards the Sun on the right. Pick up the Earth in that same position and place it on the right side of the Sun (like the Earth just traveled across the solar system after 6 months). The daylight side, which was on the right side of the Earth 6 months earlier, would now be pointed away from the Sun and be night, i.e., day and night would have shifted entirely.
Of course, mainstream science recognized this obvious problem and came up with an answer and a new word for it. According to the official model, the synodic day is the period during which Earth rotates one time relative to the Sun. This rotation is supposedly slightly more than 360 degrees, because the Earth has to rotate a little extra (beyond a full 360 degrees) in order to reach the starting point relative to the Sun. This is the day we allegedly experience. Under this model, if the Earth rotates 361 degrees per day, day and night would not switch every 6 months. In other words, official "science" recognized the above problem and revised the model to make it fit but "science" did not answer why the Earth would maintain a perfect day/night balance and spin 361 degrees per day?
What are the astronomical odds that the Earth rotates perfectly just to keep day and night from switching as the Earth moves to the other side of the Sun; why would gravity care whether night and day shifted every six months? This is how science has worked over the last 500 years, the model becomes unworkable and so "science" contrives preposterous facts to fit the presumed model. In other words, the presumed but false model controls the facts and not the other way around and so we get "facts" that were only created to maintain a mistaken model. Official "science" has become nothing more than circular reasoning. As Joseph Jastrow said, "Create a belief in the theory and the facts will create themselves."

3) Plane Flights Over the Southern Hemisphere

Flight patterns between cities on different continents over the southern hemisphere are VERY strange on a globe model but make perfect sense on a flat Earth. Non-stop flights between major cities in the southern hemisphere appear to be relatively rare and somewhat difficult to book. Instead, the vast majority of the flights in the southern hemisphere take inexplicable and very long v-shaped detours to the northern hemisphere. Also, no GPS tracking is available for these southern hemisphere flights. Are the very few bookable non-stop flights between southern hemisphere cities even real or do they just end up with a "detour" after the flight is booked? Max Igan allegedly recently went on one of the Qantas flights and his compass and other readings were very peculiar " speed, direction, etc. all seemed to be off track. It"s difficult to find out for certain since the GPS is also turned off for these flights. However, it should be noted that there is no agreed model of the flat Earth and so making conclusive determinations from this Exhibit are still problematic.
Mark Sargent"s famous video addressing the planes in the southern hemisphere issue.
StinkyCash addresses the fact that GPS is turned off for flights over the southern hemisphere.
More demonstrations of the fact that non-stop flights over the southern hemisphere between continents are extraordinarily rare (start at 2:04).
Interesting evidence that the non-stop flights between continents in the southern hemisphere are not real.
The Compass Problem

4) How a compass works on a sphere is problematic. For example, someone using a compass in South America should have a difficult time finding north. Why? Because the magnetic north pole would nearly be straight under foot, i.e., directly towards the ground. A compass needle aligns itself and points toward the top of Earth"s magnetic field, which is now supposedly over far northern Russia. However, there is no indication that compasses have any more difficulty finding north in Southern Chile, South Africa, or Australia, or ever align themselves towards the center of the Earth.


LiterallyCertain forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Extend all points. Vote pro.


LiterallyCertain forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I didn't use any THEORETICAL EQUATIONS. The earth's curvature is simple, and requires no theories. It should be known by every high schooler in the world. Forward all points. Vote pro. Book a flight from Child to Sydney yourself, and wonder why you stop in north America.


LiterallyCertain forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Edlvsjd 2 years ago
I didn't think it would matter, I was given the option for longer, many people will not even look at flat earth debates, assuming it's trolls, until the 100th monkey.
Posted by thebestdebate 2 years ago
87 days to vote! Wow! That seems a bit lengthy to me. Doesn't anyone agree?
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: YandereSpazz098// Mod action: Removed<

3 points to Con (Arguments), 2 points to Pro (Sources). Reasons for voting decision: think the earth is round and always will so con got the first two. Conductvwas a tie, no one was really rude here. Grammer and spelling seemed even also. To me con was more convincing but forfeited a lot. Pro was the only one who used sources.

[*Reason for removal*] (1) Arguments are insufficiently explained. The voter has to assess specific points made by both sides and only include information from the debate, yet they appear to have come to a decision basedo n their own views of the topic. (2) Sources are insufficiently explained. The voter must establish that the sources given weren't just more plentiful on one side, but that they were also relevant to the debate.
Posted by Logic-Bomb 2 years ago
Edlvsjd, I do not even know where to begin with your absurd and downright ignorant rant...apart from laughing at the irony of stating no mathematical equations, only to then attempt to use them yourself (despite being insanely flawed).

Your ignorance of real science isn't even the worst part. Your ignorance of reality itself is just simply astonishing. I'm not sure why you think a compass would only work on a flat plane, given that magnetic fields extend in a circumferential pattern around the other words, the ONLY way the Earth can have a magnetic field is if the North and South pole are exactly opposing each other, ie round. A compass not only wouldn't work on a flat plane, there would be no pole at all, unless the south pole were on the bottom. Guess what, it's not. We've been to the pole. Two teams have even circumnavigated it. That means they took a compass, travelled due south, and kept going until their straight line became due north.

Not only does your own argument here confirm your foolishness, the rest of your arguments are beyond rational. How come we can't see the curvature of the surface? We can, and not only on the horizon. We have actually measured angles in shadows of obelisks and towers, as well as the distance between the bases and between the peaks. Guess what, they curve away.

Of course, all of this pales in comparison to the fact that all one needs to prove you wrong is a string and a weight. It's called the Coriolis effect, and it single handedly disproves any idiotic claim that the Earth is flat.

The Earth is a piriform oblate spheroid. But I'm sure you knew that...
Posted by Vere_Mendacium 2 years ago
Really,, Con (if he does exist) is going to forfeit this amazingly easy debate? I call BS on this 'debate'. Con, if you really do exist, you better f'ing finish this nonsense.
Posted by Edlvsjd 2 years ago
Aristotle the PHILOSOPHER first proposed the earth was a ball, while he was a genious with philosophy and logic, he dunced at science. He set science back 2,000 years in most cases, including this one.
Posted by Edlvsjd 2 years ago
If I post a link to an analysis of a NASA launch, is it credible? How about a link to an official NASA video? YouTube may be chock full of crap, but you'll find more truth there than any mainstream sources.
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