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The east is west and the west is east.

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Started: 10/29/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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I hope that both sides enjoy this debate. I am going to defend the statement: "the east is west and the west is east." And my opponent is going to oppose or disprove this statement.


Contradictory! I'll make my argument Round 2. I hope I can correct your facts.
Debate Round No. 1


To the east of me right now is Jerusalem, but if i go far enough west, i will eventually reach Jerusalem. The east, while still being to my east, is also to my west, and likewise, the west, while being to my west is also to my east. Thus, the east, my east, is to the west and thus is west. The west, my west, is also the east of me and is thus east. The east is west, and the west is east.


Huh? Let's examine Pro's argument to try to understand his reasoning.


"To the east of me right now is Jerusalem, but if i go far enough west, i will eventually reach Jerusalem."

Of course. That's how spheres work. You go far enough one way, you end up back where you started.

"The east, while still being to my east, is also to my west, and likewise, the west, while being to my west is also to my east."

There is no "my east" or "your east". North, South, East, and West is a physical direction. East/West isn't like Left/Right. Pro is confusing the two. North, South, East, and West are determined by the North and South poles of Earth. Left and Right are, well, left and right.

It's a bit difficult to explain, though. But East and West is not the same as Left and Right. You can face East, but you're not facing Left.

My opponent continues to, purposely, confound the directions. Here a thought: What's East? What's West?

I'll simply end my rebuttal with this: What's East? What's West? What's North? What's South? I don't fully understand my opponent's argument, partially because he's using a definition dependant argument.
Debate Round No. 2


I like your rebuttal. I shall answer your questions.
FIRST The east is a direction, as is west. But as you stated, because of the way sphere's work, what is east of me is also west of me. That means that the direction that is east of me, is also west of me.
ALSO, something can be between you and me, so while it is nearer to me by the east, it is nearer to you by the west. Therefore, what is west to you could east to me. Therefore i could say what is west (unto you) is east (unto me) speaking as a heading or place instead of a direction.
East and west are most commonly directions, but could be defined as headings or places. I can say, therefore, that east is west and west is east.

But i did mean this whole debate mainly for fun.


What's a direction? The Pro's entire argument is dependant on what exactly East and West is. I used the 2nd round for clarification, now I need to refute the entire premise.


The resolution states "The east is west and the west is east". What does this mean? Treating these like Left and Right (which it isn't), Left is Right, Right is left. What? If a store is to my right, that's not my left. To say Right = Left, therefore the store is left, so Right is indeed Left, that's circular reasoning. You're assuming Right = Left to be true while tryont to prove that to be true.

Just because I can go ALL the way around Earth to get to a location, that doesn't mean I'm going West. I'm going East, and that's the direction I'm going.

My opponent's argument makes no sense, and isn't convincing. It's common sense that one way is that way, not the other. So vote Con, as my opponent is unable to fulfill his Burden of Proof.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Pigney 1 year ago
Thank you con, for the debate. I enjoyed it.
Posted by JohnnyMaboy 1 year ago
Lol I wanna see how this goes haha
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