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The environment is crucial to our own survival.

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Started: 10/21/2012 Category: Science
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Nothing like a good environmental debate. I challenge anyone who may to make a valid case against environmentalism. Naturally, as challenger, you go first, with your case.


Indeed the enviorment is crucial however due to population our dependance on forien fuel and just general sin against natures resources,makinds lives ,still screaming grow production, population, industry. wars over land with resources you tell a good tree by fruit , corrupt fruit fighting over oil scrambling energy crisis and spend more energy trying to manufacture . we too smart for our own good. everybodys smiles in public on these issues dont offend it'll all happen no oil no power grid chaos greed oaths sworn not to uphold liberties of common people Ignorant hate rich people but thats the man with the jobs but the plowman overtook the reaper in a little over 200 years our country once the cock of the walk brought to its nees by words and hate and the vanity of men great and small be a miracle if we havent killed ever species including us in 30 yrs time.
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Debate Round No. 2


I believe I might should have specified "No trolling," and specified "Arguments must be comprehensible." This will be an interesting debate.

Now, since I have very little idea what you just said, I shall make my case as if you had said something completely rational and understandable.

It is the unfortunate opinion in many that the planet is somehow an unexpendable resource, that it is a constant. The atmosphere is always there, always has been, and always will be. This is false. Venus and Mars are perfect examples of why protecting our planet is of vital importance. In the case of Venus, Runaway Greenhouse Effect boiled the planet's crustal CO2 and H2O into the atmosphere, resulting in minimum temperatures on the cold side of Venus that are hotter than an oven. In the case of Mars, Runaway Icehouse Effect cause the atmosphere to snow down onto the planet. Of course, in both of these cases, the disasters that rendered the planets uninhabitable were invoked by natural occurrences (increased radiation for Venus, decreased core temperature for Mars). However, on Earth, it would not be difficult for us to simulate either effect. By burning hydrocarbons as fuel, we release large amounts of CO2 that would normally be found in the crust, in the atmosphere, causing global warming. Now, Global Warming may be generally considered either a myth or unavoidable by most, but it is both very real and very much under our control. Studies show a direct correllation of temperature extremifications to increased CO2 levels over the last thirty years.

Additionally, because first world countries are often isolated from the problems they create, it is not immediately apparent from their decadent nests what the effects of shipping waste to third world countries, polluting the land, and polluting the atmosphere are. There are now places, however, where breathing the very air can cause emphazema, and drinking the water can kill. Furthermore, over 70 species have gone extinct within the last few centuries, as a result of human actions.

Deforestation is another serious problem that needs dealing with. However many trees we may plant to replace those destroyed for the sake of making lumber, paper, and commodities, as well as for the sake of clearing land, we are still lessening the immediate number of mature trees, which is crucial. Animal life and plant life hold an important symbiotic relationship. The CO2 that animals exhale is absorbed by plants, then released once more as O2, to be inhaled by animals, continuing the cycle. By stripping entire areas of trees, we risk damaging the oxygen content in the atmosphere, and thus our symbiosis with the trees. Beyond that, deforestation destroys the habitats of many species, which should be maintained (unless anyone should decide to make the case that other animals are unimportant).

Now, all of these things can be avoided, but it would require significant restructuring of our current ways of life. People would have to get used to it. But though people might complain of the economy, without the environment, there would be no humans to complain about the economy, or to even have invented such a concept.

I await my opponent's response.


joseph.bazemore forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


And... I still await my opponent's response! Though I won't get another opportunity to state my case. I don't think, however, that I need say anything, even if my opponent does get to have the last word, or, as his behaviour indicates, the last forfeit.


joseph.bazemore forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Torvald 5 years ago
If it doesn't interest you, I don't see why you need to comment.
Posted by InVinoVeritas 5 years ago
"Environment." -sigh-
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