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The existence of the immortal soul

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Started: 1/31/2014 Category: Religion
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All of physical existence consists of matter, matter is purely material and objective. Our physical brain is made of matter. A purely material objective substance could not produce the subjective experience of conscious self awareness that we all have, modern empirical science to this day cannot solve the hard problem of consciousness. So it is safe to assume that this experience is brought on by a nonmaterial self or a soul. Furthermore all physical matter is interconnected at an electromagnetic level to the point that human bodies can exchange electrons. In the physical world nothing exists purely by itself without relationship to other physical things. For example protons can not exist without electrons and electrons cannot exist without neutrons and since these three substances make up all matter all forms of matter are co dependent on each other just like these sub particles are co dependent on each other. So it is clear that according to science there is no such thing as physical separateness. If human beings were purely physical beings they could not perceive themselves as separate beings which they clearly do. Since the brain is where perception comes from and it is purely physical and all physicality is inseparable the brain cannot perceive itself as a separate being. This perception must come from an immaterial mind an immortal soul.


Thanks to Pro for a very Interesting Debate Topic:
I only hope I can make the debate even more Interesting.
So Here Goes:

I will be arguing that the Immortal Soul does not exist and that Consciousness is indeed a brain based Illusion.

Firstly: On the Immortal Soul:
I'll let Richard Dawkins have the first comment.
From "The God Delusion" page 398.
"If someone fears death, sincere belief that he has an immortal soul can be consoling - unless, of course, he thinks he is going to hell or purgatory. False beliefs can be every bit as consoling as true ones, right up until the moment of disillusionment."

I'll Take Another Religions View Of Consciousness:
Buddhism has been teaching this for thousands of years, even before Christianity started.
Our brains have innate abilities developed through Evolution that allow us to not only perceive our immediate environment, but to perceive ourselves perceiving our environment.
Add to this Mirror Neuron capabilities of reflecting the actions and emotions of others, then we have the ability to perceive how others are perceiving their environment and even perceive how they are perceiving us perceiving our environment.
Thus the brain has inbuild recursive functions.
Because the structures of the brain do not just process thoughts and information forward as would a computer program, the brain also channels information backwards and to subsidury structures for recombination and recursion.

I also have a few Questions I would like Pro to Answer:
Though first Pro should define what he considers as Consciousness??
Does Pro envision the Immortal Soul as a form of Cosmic Consciousness?
How does this Immortal Soul actually function?
Does This Immortal Soul Allow Individuals To Feel Anything (like, empathy, pain or softeness) After Death and How Does It?

Here is a Buddhist view of Consciousness.

Essentially the Buddhist view agrees with some scientific and psychological views of Consciousness.
In That Consciousness Is An Illusion Created By The Brain.

The ability to perceive our own consciousness and the consciousness of Others, comes under Theory Of Mind:
Though we are not alone there, as even Chimpanzees Exhibit Theory Of Mind.
Prof. Robert Sapolsky demonstrates this nicely:

Thus, by logical reason, if other Apes also have self consciousness and the same Theory Of Mind as humans, then they too must also have the same immortal soul, that is, if it indeed exists.

But, demonstrating it's existence is Pro's job.

So it's over to Pro!
Debate Round No. 1


Firstly I would like to thank you for debating with me you seem to be a very intelligent and knowledgeable person so I am sure there is much I will learn from debating with you. Well the first thing that I will look at is your claim that buddhism has been teaching that our brains can produce the illusion of consciousness due to evolution. If this is not the case and you are simply stating that buddhism and modern science came to similar conclusions about the nature of perception then i apologize, however that is not how you have worded your argument so I will continue under the assumption that you meant that buddhism teaches that doctrine. This does not make any sense considering Siddhartha Gautama the founder of buddhism existed long before the idea of evolution was accepted by science. Siddhartha would have had no knowledge of evoultion or the brain so he could not have come to the conclusion that through evolution our brains developed the ability to produce the illusion of consciousness. So your first argument from buddhism if I understand it properly is simply invalid. Furthermore any scientific ideas that state the brain produces the illusion of consciousness are flawed theory not fact and heres why. Modern science admits that the brain is made of the very same particles that everything else in the universe is made up of. Things such as rocks, chairs, and entire galaxies. According to modern physicists these particles are not conscious. Since the brain consists totally of non conscious particles the brain itself cannot produce consciousness the same way anything else made up of particles such as a rock cannot produce consciousness. The idea that the brain produces consciousness is based on mere faith not evidence. Although the buddhists may say that the brain produces consciousness, most modern scientists admit that modern science cannot explain this. Scientists such as evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. I also have the great pleasure of being friends with a practicing cognitive psychologist, this man has a Phd in understanding the brain, how it works and how the perceptions of the brain influence our realities. He has told me that modern neuroscience cannot explain how consciousness is produced by the brain.

I will also address the fact that apes have consciousness. Does it mean they have an immortal soul? It most certainly does! I am a strong believer that all life not just human life is worthy of love and respect and if apes have consciousness then they certainly have souls as well. I assume that you were under the impression that I am a christian, which I am not. Im on my own path developing my own spiritual ideas and understandings of things. If anything though I identify much more strongly with animistic nature based spirituality such as that practiced by the American Indians. Finally I will answer the questions you have for me. To your question as to what is consciousness, it is simply our sense of self awareness, our ability so realize that we are all individual beings. So for the second question do I envision the immortal soul as a form of cosmic consciousness? I do not, I view the soul as the immortal essence of the individual. This soul functions by working through the physical brain as a medium for understanding the physical world. Finally the immortal soul certainly allows us to have emotions and feelings after death because it is reincarnated into a new body. In the case that the soul through the practice of great virtue and compassion escapes the cycle of reincarnation and enters the spirit world it still has the emotions and feelings which it had learned in the physical realm. I would once again like to thank you for debating with me and I look forward to your input.


Thanks Pro:

Your other concept was right, when re-reading my own statement after already posting it, I notices a passage had been accidentally cut and pasted above where it was meant to be. Giving you the incorrect impression that I claimed Buddhism knew of Evolution. I keep forgetting to turn off my touchpad (Douchpad) which often drags things to where they should not be, as I have clumsy thumbs and they stupidly put douchpads in the middle of the laptop, under these clumsy thumbs.

Sorry about the mixup, it is my clumsy fault.
You are right, in that Buddhism pre-existed science so it certainly pre-existed Evolution.
Though Neuroscience and Buddhism arrived at similar conclusions that the Consciousness, not just our own but other higher mammals, are a composite illusion created by the human brain.
Buddhism does not teach of an Eternal Immortal Soul, this concept of the Immortal Soul is purely a fantasy created by The Bible and adopted by Islam, since Islam is also derived from misinterpretations of the Old Testament.
The Bible does not teach of any Immortal Soul.
The Immortal Soul is actually from Pagan, Babylonian and Egyptian (Phoneacian) Theology.
It has nothing to do with the Bible, and did not come from Jesus.

So as you should easily be able to see, the Immortal Soul is actually an Ancient, Pagan Belief.
Not a Judaic, nor a Christian doctrine.

The Immortal Soul truly is a fanciful notion which is not supported by any obtainable evidence.

Firstly I'll address Pro's complete misconceptin of Science and Neurology:
Modern science admits that the brain is made of the very same particles that everything
else in the universe is made up of. Things such as rocks, chairs, and entire galaxies.
According to modern physicists these particles are not conscious. Since the brain consists totally
of non conscious particles the brain itself cannot produce consciousness the same way anything
else made up of particles such as a rock cannot produce consciousness."

Firstly Pro makes many mistakes in this passage:
1: The product Brain and DNA, is greater than the sum of the components:
The brain may be made up of elements common to non living objects, but the brain is not a
non-living object, it behaves completely different to inannimate matter, it is living, the
elements are combined in different formations which give it different properties, just as
oxygen and hydrogen are gasses, but in combination they produce water, which is not a gas.
When you combine Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorous, which are just
bunch of solids and gasses in the right proportions and with the correct linkages, we have DNA,

which is the basis of all living creatures.
We went from star dust to self replicating living matter that combines to produce all humans on
the planet.
So the blank, naive assumption that rocks and gases don't make decisions or create illusions has
been proven wrong, because our brains are continually making decisions and creating illusions from
it's rock and gaseous element base.
For instance: Pain is an illusion, which is created by several different structures.
The signals produced by the pain receptors is not pain, it is mearly a signal giving the brain stem
an instance of I've been hit from a pain receptor.
This is transferred up throuth the Hypothalamus, which distributes the signal to a few more
different structures and to the PreFrontal Cortex, where it can be interpreted as everything from a
severe pain of 10 to just a mild tickle.

This is proven in patients with damage to their frontal cortex who cannot feel pain, because their
brain cannot interpret the signal as such. They can burn their fingers off and not feel it.
These people are very prone to killing themselves accidentally because they don't know they are.

Pain is only an Illusion developed by evolution to protect our bodies.
When we die, those structures that create the illusion of pain die with us and thus have no use to
any afterlife if it exists.
Thus, if there was such thing as a Hell, we could not feel pain there, because the lumps of matter
that create pain no longer exist with us.

2: Physics is not Biology, The Rules Are Entirely Different in context to Simple Physics Taught At School:
The laws of physics are needed to form Molecules, but once they become molecules, the rules
change entirely.
Molecules combine and disassociate using a mixture of physical laws, but the very basic laws
of physics are now in combination and not separate, so behaviour become more Complex.
For instance: you cannot predict the activity of a virus or pathogen nor devise a cure using
laws of physics taught at secondary schools, because the rules have reached a complexity beyond normal capabilities of
So it is wrong to let standard higher school physicists make comments about biology.
There comments are not considered as relevant.
There is still a relevance for Physics in biology, since the law of physics combines elements.
But the rules are way too complex for Pro to comprehend and certainly do not support his views.

Some people mistakenly link Quantum Physics with Consciousness: Here is an explanation of their

Though time for a little bit of Neurologist's Humor:

So maybe it would be better going to an apolsterer instead of a psychologist.

Back To The Debate: Pro Stated: "what is consciousness, it is simply our sense of self awareness, our
ability so realize that we are all individual beings. So for the second question do I envision the
immortal soul as a form of cosmic consciousness? "

Most of our Behaviour and Self Consciousness comes from our Genetics:
Here is Robert Sapolsky (my fave lecturer) giving the background for this:

Because Consciousness Errors such as Schizophrenia are demonstrated as being connected in families
and genetically derived.
As Sapolsky explains.
The fact that consciousness abilities and errors are genetically related, destroys the notion that these
arise from some form of cosmic/shared/eternal consciousness.
The Cosmic/Universal consciousness belief has been destroyed by similar scientific studies for almost a
Thus Consciousness traits and forms are evidently a product of Evolution/genetics.

Human Compassion comes from the functions of the Brain's Limbic system, which evolved in mammals
and thus many mammals have empathy and forms of altruistic behavior.
Here is a couple of references for how the Limbic System (a bunch of star based atoms formed into a group
of brain structures that work together to create our ability to feel Emotions and to have Empathy for others.
Though this lecture is extremely interesting, but a little long around 1.5 hours.
I've included a text reference for the functions of our Empathy/Limbic System.

On Consciousness: Here is a tour of how the Brain creates Human Consciousness by V.S. Ramachandren.

Brain diseases and injuries proves that Self Consciousness is Brain Based.
Because of diseases where people don't believe their own arm belongs to them, but to somebody else,
in other words their self consciousness is false, because of a lesion in their brain.
Transexuality is also a brain based error of consciousness, because their Inferior Parietal Lobe (IPL) self image
is not the same sex as their developed body.
So for a man with this self-image error, his IPL image is of a woman, so the man does not understand
why he has a penis, because it appears foreign to him.
Mentally he is a woman, but physically a man.
Because there is a faulty image hard wired into the brain.

That's enough for now:

Thanks Pro.

Over to you:

PS I've got my touch pad disconnected so hopefully no more confusing drag and drop errors.
Debate Round No. 2


Firstly I would like to address the beginning of your argument which is totally contradictory and therefore invalid. Firstly a quote from yourself "Consciousness, not just our own but other higher mammals are a composite illusion created by the HUMAN brain". According to this line of reasoning you are stating that the consciousness of higher mammals is an illusion created by a human brain. That is an absolutely ridiculous statement. Higher mammals clearly do not have a human brain, so to suggest that their consciousness is created by a human brain is foolish beyond belief. Next you say that "This concept of the immortal soul is purely a fantasy created by the bible" Then right after that you say "The bible does not teach of any immortal soul, the immortal soul is actually from pagan babylonian and egyptian theology." Those statements are totally contradictory just as your argument from buddhism was, you have made three major contradictions so far during this debate. With all these contradictions how can we even be sure your entire argument is not contradictory? Your whole argument is totally flawed because you claim that modern science accepts beyond a shadow of a doubt that consciousness is a product of the brain. This is absolutely not true modern science CANNOT explain how the brain produces consciousness so to just say that the brain must produce it since there is no other physical explanation for where it comes from is a leap of faith no different then the leap of faith taken by the religious. Your physicalist atheist position is based not in fact but in faith you are just as religious as I am. The hard fact is modern scientists do NOT know how the brain produces consciousness and to say anything else is a LIE and a heresy to the scientific community. Here is a direct quote from NEUROSURGEON Eben Alexander "our spirit is not dependent on the brain or body. It is eternal, and no one has one sentence worth of hard evidence that it isn't". Another quote "I maintain that the human mystery is incredibly demeaned by scientific reductionism, with its claim in promissory materialism to account for all of the spiritual world in terms of patterns of neuronal activity. This belief must be classed as a superstition, we have to recognize that we are spiritual beings with souls existing in a spiritual world as well as material beings with bodies and brains existing in a material world". This man is a HARVARD educated neurosurgeon with the utmost authority as to the workings of the human brain and he clearly states that consciousness is NOT a product of the human brain. Even more he is not the only educated man to take this point of view. Alva Noe is a modern philosopher and COGNITIVE SCIENTIST who was educated at HARVARD.

Even atheist and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins cannot explain consciousness

In this video Richard Dawkins makes the ASSUMPTION that consciousness emerges from the brain but clearly states that he cant explain how. In other words Richard Dawkins does not have a clue as to how consciousness works so he makes a leap of faith and a guess as to how it works. So there you have it a renowned neurosurgeon, evolutionary biologist, and philosopher/ cognitive scientist admit that consciousness cannot be explained by modern science. Your entire argument that modern science claims that consciousnesses comes from the brain is utterly false. Your entire argument has been based on a LIE! Not only do you present information that is nonsensical and contradictory you also argue with information that is utterly and totally UNTRUE! Your are presenting people with the idea that our entire existence is totally physical and that there is nothing more or meaningful to life not only is this idea harmful and depressing it is totally and utterly scientifically FALSE! Even if consciousness was caused by the material brain and was purely physical we would not perceive ourselves as separate beings since there is no physical separateness there would be one consciousness according to physicalism not many. We do clearly perceive ourselves as separate which is according to materialism not possible yet it occurs this shows that materialism is utterly false. Since you based one of your earlier arguments on buddhism you must accept the fact that there is not really any physical separateness this is a central doctrine of buddhism as well as material science which has been monistic dating back to aristotle. According to science there should be one consciousness not many and there are clearly many. Furthermore if the physical brain was the only source of knowledge then we could not grasp pure ideals which we clearly do. For example, one may say that a woman is beautiful and one may also say that a view of nature is beautiful but these are obviously two different beauties. Although these things may partake in the ideal of beauty they are not beauty itself. Beauty itself does not exist in the material world yet human beings can think about beauty itself. Our physical brains can only receive information from the material world through the senses the fact that we have knowledge of something that is not from the physical world demonstrates that there is a realm higher then the physical world and the fact that we can think about it proves we have an immaterial mind which is separate from the brain. This mind is the soul. Even if I were to ignore all past arguments I can prove that based on thought alone there is a soul. Another example, I can picture my mind without my body I can imagine them as separate. If I can imagine them as separate things then they logically are separate things. From this perspective trying to explain the mind as part of the body is not possible. I can clearly imagine my mind without my body, if i were to say that the mind and the body were the same thing then trying to imagine my mind without my body would be the same as trying to imagine my body without my body which is clearly impossible. Still I can imagine my mind without my body, if it were my body that would be impossible which it is not, according to logic through thought the mind IS separate from the body and trying to say anything else would be nonsensical. I have clearly demonstrated that your arguments which seek to destroy individuality and freedom are contradictory, nonsensical, and in the case of your main argument an outright LIE. I have demonstrated that my arguments are based in both solid science and thought logic. There is a soul separate from the body.


Thanks Pro:
Though First I'll take your Irrational Interjections into Account:

# Pro's Statement: <"Firstly I would like to address the beginning of your argument which is totally contradictory and therefore invalid. ">
No, because you consider it contradictory with your poor knowledge of Consciousness, doesn't mean that it is really Invalid: This is your concept only, in reality it is not Invalid.

Humans have an extended Mammalian Brain and all Mammals have this Illusion we call SELF.
Our Illusion is usually grander and more abstract than the other mammals, because the extra extraction that our Evolved additions to the brain that give us the ability for Mathematical and Philosophical abstraction which is Great, but a downside is that it allows our Imagination and Imaginary Self Images to become more Abstracted and thus Further Divorced From Reality.

For a good examination of how the Brain and Consciousness works, here is an Excellent Scholarly Video: It shows how our consciousness of our selves and others are a function of brain cells, and shows how "Theory Of Mind" is a particular ability developed from the formation of "Mirror Neurons".
This is an Extremely Good, very Authoritative, Thoroughly Educational Video.
It answers many of Pro's Issues with my replies.
Professor Keith Kendrick explains how the Brain creates Consciousness, not external Consciousness is Required. the brain can do it all by itself.

# Pro states: <"According to this line of reasoning you are stating that the consciousness of higher mammals is an illusion created by a human brain." > Wrong!
Humans illusion of self comes from the Mammalian brain that Humans share with all Mammals. Only as the mammalian brain becomes more complex, in the higher Mammals, the Illusion of Self, also becomes more complex.
The Human Illusion Of Self, is only more Abstract than those of higher mammals like Chimpanzees.

Here's the Basic functions of this jelly like lump of chemicals/elements/stardust we call the BRAIN:
Here is a basic description of the function of the main structures within the Brain.

Pro: <"Next you say that "This concept of the immortal soul is purely a fantasy created by the bible" Then right after that you say "The bible does not teach of any immortal soul, the immortal soul is actually from pagan babylonian and egyptian theology."">
Confusing isn't it?
Though most of those pushing the concept of the Immortal Soul are Christians who quote the Biblical concept of Heaven and Hell, as their evidence of the Immortal, Eternal Soul. So yes Christians site the Bible as their source of knowledge of the Immortal Soul.
Which is contradictory to the Historical evidence that points to teh Egyptian, Greek, and Babylonian sources to the Immortal Soul.
So, it is Christians that create this conflict of philosophies, by their Misinterpretation of the Bible.
I'm not the one to blame for the conflict, I'm merely pointing out the conflict that currently Exists.

Pro: <"With all these contradictions how can we even be sure your entire argument is not contradictory? Your whole argument is totally flawed because you claim that modern science accepts beyond a shadow of a doubt that consciousness is a product of the brain.">

Indeed I am stating that modern science accepts beyond any shadow of a doubt that consciousness is the product of our brain. Most of Neuroscience, Psychology (esp. Forensic Psychology) and biology accept this as a matter of absolute FACT.
Watch the first Video by Prof. Kendrick. He explains how zoology and biology are using the brain functions that produce consciousness of animals, including humans in manipulation of behaviours.
Such manipulation of consciousness by tricking the sensors and brain would not function if they were not inextricably connected. Using pheromones (sensory/brain triggers) can change the consciousness processes in animals and humans.

Most Of Our Knowledge Of How The Brain Produces Consciousness Comes From Brain Disorders And Disfunction:
Injuries and disorders of the Brain can often produce changes in the Individual's Self-Image or Consciousness, Proffessor Kendrick also covers this in the above video.

Here Is a Brief Summary Of The Most Common Brain Disorders And Their Symptoms:
Some of those symptoms change the person's self image (Consciousness) beyond repair.
Because these brain injuries change a person's Self-Image or Consciousness, is proof that they are inexorably Linked.
If somebody working in the Brain Injury department of a hospital and still disbelieves the brain creates consciousness, they would have to be deaf, dumb and blind.

Pro asserts Eben Alexander, whose comments are considered nonsense by the rest of the world's neurologists.
Even Sam Harris cannot be bothered with Eben Alexander who has forgotten what science is really all about. Essentially Eben Alexander has published nothing but Lies.
The scientific Debunking of Eben Alexander:

Here is Sam Harris, destroying Eben Alexander's nonsense.

Eben Alexander is Wrong, I am Right: Refer to Prof. Kendrick. He explains it adequately, Why?

Pro cites comments from Strawmen, who are out-of-touch with current knowledge. I haven't time to answer such occasional bit of poorly thought out misinformation. These are only a few dissenters, where the vast majority of Neuroscientists and Biologists are wholly on my side of the consciousness Fence.
There have been studies that tried scientifically to Prove the existence of an Immortal Soul and the most prominent of all was Dr Sam Parnia's "Aware Project" which studied Near Death Experiences in order to demonstrate the existence of a Soul.
Though after a quarter of a century of research, no evidence has ever been sighted.
So it appears that Sam Parnia's attempts are a waste of time.

Here is an Authoritative blog by, Dr Sam Harris on "The Mystery Of Consciousness".

Though I really don't need to use anything but Dr. Kendrick's video to completely debunk Pro's argument.

But: I did feel the need to rub it in!

The rest of Pro's case cite's Richard Dawkins, a zoologist.
Richard may not be able to explain consciousness, Yet Richard is also an Agnostic, who leaves the idea of an external consciousness open.

It is commonly known that Richard Dawkins contradicts himself reguarly regarding consciousness, he is trying to keep both sides happy and appear open minded, which brings in itself conflicts.
So Pro is only highlighting one side of Richard's inability to be consistent.
Richard Dawkins Contradicting Himself:

Dawkins and Ricky Gervais:

Sam Harris on Consciousness and Mindfulness:

Here is a debate between Sam Harris and Depak Chopra, concerning Consciousness.

Hope Pro and every body viewing this Debate have learned something:

Though most important:

It made you think and you enjoyed it.

A great Thanks to Pro for the Opportunity.

Enjoy! :-D~

Debate Round No. 3
11 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Sagey 3 years ago
Thanks Dawn, I wasn't aiming to be confrontational, my principle aim is to Educate voters/readers.

I'm living evidence that even Trolls mellow with age.

Posted by dawndawndawndawn 3 years ago
I love reading your stuff, Sagey! Thank you!
Posted by Sagey 3 years ago
So True Dawn.
Yes, Life is made of elements, solids and gases.
So is consciousness.
Some people know so little about reality that they don't understand reality.
They think because it is an element found in rocks, it is incapable of contributing to consciousness.
But, consciousness is Carbon Based, because our brains are carbon based and without this carbon base, we could not think at all.
So consciousness is made from Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Nitrogen, etc...
Every science associated with Biology knows this as Fact.
Pity there are people so poorly educated that they cannot grasp this bit of reality.
This is common in the U.S.
This is why U.S. is slipping to becoming one of the least educated countries on earth.
Too many uneducated inhabitants with uneducated notions that defy common scientific sense.
Most secondary school students in well educated countries know that consciousness is a product of the material brain.
Those studying brain based conditions and illnesses are 100% positive of this fact.
Just as I was studying some cases of aphasia, where people had little or no Self-Image or loss of reality.
One woman who was a great cook and housekeeper, developed brain cancer and could not recognize herself. She could not recognize a fork by vision, but, if put in her hand, she knew what it was, but her connection between her visual centers and her memories was broken, she could not recognize her own face, nor objects. When her tumor was reduced, her recognition of herself returned but not her recognition of objects. Yet her tactile senses, were intact so she could recognize herself by touch and objects by touch.
These demonstrate how the brain forms our Illusion of Consciousness, if bits get damaged, so does our consciousness get damaged, showing a definite link (causal and collaborative) between the two.
Posted by dawndawndawndawn 3 years ago
A live body has life in it.
A live animal has life in it.

We ALL know that life leaves a body, eventually.
So, one need look no further for evidence of a soul than the that actual spark-of-life
Posted by Sagey 3 years ago
Well I'm stating that the Immaterial Mind is an Illusion.
Buddhism agrees.
Neurology and Psychology also agree with this.

So these are likely where I will be getting most of my resources.

Medicine is now starting to agree, since many of the Psychological and Neurological disorders being treated today stem from the Illusion of Self.

The world is gradually moving away from the Pagan Immortal Soul Concepts.
Those who tried to support it scientifically, such as Rupert Sheldrake with his "Mophonic Resonance" argument and experiments has failed.
Sam Parnia and his "Aware Project" has also failed to produce any evidence for a Soul.
There is no scientific support for the Immortal Soul as yet.
Maybe there never will be.
Posted by Hairseduction 3 years ago
I am arguing in favor of the existence of the immortal soul and the immaterial mind and the immortal soul are identical.
Posted by Sagey 3 years ago
Great Topic:
This should be fun!


Though I've got a lot of learning to do in order to make a good case.
Posted by Skepticalone 3 years ago
I believe you have picked an interesting topic. Good luck!
Posted by Skepticalone 3 years ago
It seems to me he is arguing there is an immortal soul and immaterial mind.
Posted by TheLadyofTheInternet 3 years ago
I'm sorry your debate didn't make much sense are you arguing that there is an immortal soul or there isn't.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con used actual sources and Conduct to Con because Pro's case was hard to read.Points where also dropped my Pro.