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The few, the brave, the "we are entitled"! LOL!

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Started: 9/30/2014 Category: Politics
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Many humans, with a deficient ability to meet their own needs, be it any want, feel that they are entitled to equality. They care not one lick or suck who the .govers make pay for it as they are in their own peas brain deserving of "equality". Equality is paying your fair share. Dear leeches, please respond.


Equality means starting on the same footing. In America there are many different starting points and no real effort to give the disadvantaged a way to start at the same level as those with advantage.

There are many examples of this. I will give two.

# 1 Being born poor in this country automatically means you will receive a poor quality education, diet, and health care. Students in low income areas of the country are not given the same level of education as those in more affluent parts of the country. When you can barely read or do math the world becomes a series of closed doors and you are already destined to make less in your lifetime than those that can do math and read. When it comes to diet, low income families are provided with such a small amount of money to purchase food that they inevitable choose the food that is the cheapest. As anyone that has visited a grocery store knows a box of macaroni and cheese is much more affordable, feeds more, and leaves you feeling fuller than spend that same $0.79 on one apple. This lack of proper nutrition sets children up for life long health and weight issues. The lack of adequate health care that is available to the disadvantaged is most clearly seen when individuals look at birth control. When women are given access to affordable. long term birth control they are able to ensure that the children they have are better provided for. This form of birth control also allows more girls to stay in school, graduate, and get a higher paying job.

#2 Minorities in America ear a lower wage than their white male counterparts. This fact is seen the most in minority women. How are you to reach the American Dream when you are automatically punished for being a non-white female? While the wage gap for white women is 78 cents per dollar that there white male counterparts make that amount drops dramatically when race is added to the equation. Hispanic women only make 53 cents to every dollar white males (with the same qualifications) makes. This huge wage disparity not only puts the women in a position were they cannot live an equal life style as white males, it automatically place any children they have in a lower starting position.

Instead of demanding people end the same, why don't we ensure they start the same.
Debate Round No. 1


By your own words you look at "white men" as your downfall, or as your target. I target no one. My family is light skinned, however they came to the land of the free well beyond the time of slavery or womens sufferage. I will not accept your guilt trip. Good luck in life if you wish for equality while condemning any human based on race or sex. What I feel you desire is a coalition of darker skinned folks, and women, and children to follow your lead, and to improve your condition. Go suck an egg.


You have not replied with a valid argument, nor have you refuted any of my claims. You have stated your opinion and you have not offered any evidence to back it up. Because of this you are calling into effect Hitchens's Razor. Hitchens's Razor states that, "What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence." It also states that the burden of proof is with the instigator (you).

Here is my refutation of your round two arguments:
You have offered a substitution fallacy. Because you move to intensional statements that I "wish for equality while condemning any human based on race or sex," your argument is invalid. The same is true for the argument that I "desire a coalition of darker skinned folks, and women, and children to follow [my] lead, and to improve [my] condition."

Would you please offer a valid argument that either furthers your claim or refutes my argument? Your next round should have evidence that can be verified without requiring a specific point of view or requiring any preexisting beliefs.
Debate Round No. 2


The validity of my argument is not yours to judge.

The fallacy here is your supposition that we are given an equal starting point beyond a penis and a vagina. Do you advocate for judicial powers of reproductive control? How the hell will you do that? We a all created equally, by sex. Whatever happens after that point is pure luck or suck. That is a fact.


If you follow the rules of Logic, then the validity of your argument is everyone's to judge.

If I read your reply correctly you are stating that people enjoy equal opportunity at birth, but only within their sex. In my above arguments I have show that is not true and factors, such as being born into a low income family, can be like an anvil around your neck.

While I agree that both your gender and your sexual orientation have a large impact on your equality in both social and economic settings, for entertainment sake, let's look at your claim that it is the only thing that makes us unequal.
You said, in your opening, that "Equality is paying your fair share." If we look at that and your assertion that people are born unequal due to their "sex" (I am assuming you mean gender) then it follows that men and women are not being paid equally. Since "equality is paying your fair share" you must also apply this definition to the employers that are not paying men and women equally. Therefor, to be equal, employers need to pay men and women equally.
We can also expand this argument out to include race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

I have shown through facts and logic that not only are people born unequal, but that our government should work to give everyone a equal start in life. There are a myriad of ways to do this, but ensuring everyone gets the same education, nutrition, and health care are paramount in creating a solution. When we talk about equal health care I am including equal access to birth control. It is giving low income women the ability to get long term birth control that will allow them to have control of their lives. When women control their reproductive health they drastically improve their economic potential.

Thank you for debating with me.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Geneiveve 2 years ago
Could you explain why you wrote it the way you did? Why wouldn't you just stop at "created equal"?
I would also ask your feelings on the fact that minority women make $0.53 to every dollar a man makes. Do you feel that they are just destined for the rest of their life to live in poverty? Because of the race and sex they were born into? They did nothing to cause this discrepancy, so it is not a failing on them.

For definition: the statistic is given about $0.53 to every dollar her white counter-part works is based on a very important point. This discrepancy is only between men and woman with the same skill sets. For example, it would not compare a lawyer with a teacher.
Posted by Max.Wallace 2 years ago
You are completely wrong, I meant created by sex. Gender is pure chance except for the elite that decide the sex of their seedlings.
Posted by Max.Wallace 2 years ago
Congrats to never being a poor freeloader! Allowing freeloading by the poor is the socialist path to glory isn't it?
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
Poor never stopped me from succeeding. Or millions of others.Freeloading off other people will always insure poverty.
Posted by Max.Wallace 2 years ago
poor parenting is the problem, but some poor children reach the top, maybe as a genetic disposition. Think Soros.
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