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The government should be more straightforward to the people.

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Started: 9/21/2016 Category: Politics
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Resolve: The government should be more straightforward to the people. What does the government have to hide from it's people? Who would gain from a secret government? Answer: things that are illegal and wrong the government will hide, the people who would benefit from a secret government is people who wish to remain secret both good and bad.


"What does the government have to hide from it"s people?"

Well, the government has obviously a lot to hide from us because there is a debate currently happening about it. But if the government has secrets to hide form us, they should have a good reason. People would not want to be able to to know what the government knows if the heard about it on a daily basis. War, treason, poverty, rape, assault, murder, suicide. These are all records on people that the government should hold on to. Do we want these things to be exposed to young children, who deserve their innocence while it is there? I sure hope not. It is a parents decision to tell their child these things or not, but what are the guarantees that that child won"t tell another?

The government also hold secrets because there are people in the world who would use the information for and advantage. People who are spies for other countries who are against the country. They blab about it to other nations so that they could use it against on their weakness, or steal good plans/ideas. An example of this is in World War 1, World War 2, and The American Revolution.

My conclusion is that the government has its reasons for its secrets and they are planned very carefully with top secret agents who are vowed to the country. We should not question the fact that the government keeps them from us and that it is for our safety.

"Who would gain from a secret government?"

No one would gain anything. But we would lose from a transparent government. Children are the new generation of people. If they were to find out about the things happening in the world (they find out by hearing it form parents, older siblings, people on the street) would they think it is okay to do the thing themselves? Yes. Children see, children do.

That means the new generations of kids are resulted in; rape, murder, suicide, assault, drinking, and cussing as low as an age like 5 or 6. Because it is unavoidable, 15-16 years later, those kids will become even crazier in adolescence. And fastfoward to 30-40 years later, gangsters on the street everywhere fending for themselves for unreasonable reasons. We would become a savage and ruthless country. Should we be that way? I hope not.

Overall, I believe that the government should stay the way it is. Even with the few flaws it has. This country would stay safer and better without knowing secrets that are violent and destructive to the new generation.
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