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The government should not decide how many children a woman can have.

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Started: 3/20/2009 Category: Health
Updated: 9 years ago Status: Voting Period
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It seems today women have been encouraged to have vast amounts of children and the taxpayers or the government will take care of them. Maybe with reality shows like John and Kate plus eight,18 and counting, and now Table for 12, young women might be thinking they too will have a show, a book deal, or maybe Oprah will step in and finance there life. Look at this latest women with 6 children at home and her doctor inseminates her with 8 more. What where they thinking, 14 kids who's going to support them? Her parents , the government!!!! Even with all this I still think its a personal choice, we still live in a free society and government control over this issue is not an option.


First, I'd like to thank my opponent for starting this debate and am delighted to have the opportunity to demonstrate that the government should decide how many children a woman can have.

Response/Idea mode...Activate!!!

Idea: "It seems today women have been encouraged to have vast amounts of children and the taxpayers or the government will take care of them."

1. Where's the evidence/sources supporting the notion that women have been encouraged to have more children?
2. Where's the evidence/sources supporting the notion that taxpayers/government will take care of them?
3. The resolution states that the government "should not decide" which doesn't imply encouragement but force.
4. The resolution is not "the government should not encouragement having vast amounts of children."

Idea: "Look at this latest women with 6 children at home and her doctor inseminates her with 8 more. What where they thinking, 14 kids who's going to support them?"

1. Where's do we look at? Where's the source of this story so we can learn more about this "situation."
2. Is the government forcing her to have 14 babies?

*My argument*

The government should decide how much babies we can have because overpopulation will produce numerous undesirable outcomes. For example, in China where there are several social, economic, and environmental problems. By introducing the one-child policy, great success have been achieved in helping to implement China's current economic growth. The reduction in the fertility rate and thus population growth has reduced the severity of problems that come with overpopulation, such as overwhelmed social services (such as health, education, law enforcement) epidemics, slums, and strain on the ecosystem from abuse of fertile land and production of high volumes of waste. It has also been reported that better health service for women came with a reduction in the risks of death and injury associated with pregnancy. There also have been increased savings rates and economic growth.

The fertility rate for women born outside Britain is estimated to be 2.5, compared with 1.7 for those born in the United States. The global population of 6.7 billion is expected to rise to 9.2 billion by 2050.

Here are the some undesirable outcomes going along with overpopulation:

*Inadequate fresh water for drinking water use as well as sewage treatment and effluent discharge.
*Depletion of natural resources
*Deforestation and loss of ecosystems
*Irreversible loss of arable land and increases in desertification
*Mass species extinctions.
*High infant and child mortality
*Unhygienic living condition
*Elevated crime rate

Therefore, the government should decide how many children a woman can have. We don't need more people than Earth can support so please, we don't need more people producing more than enough babies. :D


And that shall do it for now. I will likely provide additional arguments in the next round.

Later. :D
Debate Round No. 1


First let me apologize for not posting links to the shows I was referring to. I should not have assumed that everyone was familiar with them,first time debater. Well you do have Internet so this is the link where you can view the shows. As for the the woman with 14 children just Google Nadya Suleman.

I am not going to pretend to know the lifestyle of a person living in a communist country, the day to day restrictions but I can tell you that living in a country as beautiful as Canada, with our freedom and diversity of her people is wonderful.

You do make very good points on the effects of too many people on the environment. Let me just point out that the populations are so different that we can't fairly compare those effects on the two countries. Although the land mass is very close, Canada's being slightly larger, the population of China is 1.3 billion with 138.6 people per square kilometer and Canada's population 33 million with only 3.3 per square kilometer.

Since your response I have read a few articles on Communist China and it seems that there are several groups that oppose the government making choices for them.

A few people making decisions for a whole country with no input from her people. It just seems to much like slavery for me.
My point is, even though I feel it is not right to bring children into this world if financially and emotionally you can't afford it, its still your our choice to do so.

I will state again that I am not familiar with the way of life of people in China. Maybe there are some good things about communism for some people. After watching the news, about the Olympics, where people were removed from their homes and watched while they were torn down. Their way of life destroyed so the world would see a better China. I really can't think of any benefits to communism compared to freedom. So now your thinking I have really gone off topic. However, I do not want my government, and I emphasize MY government, that I elected to work for me and not to dictate to me,how many children I can have. If I give them that much power over my life , what comes next!


DiablosChaosBroker forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


he quits, i win, vote pro


DiablosChaosBroker forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by chihiro 8 years ago
Good point Deb.The only proof to make as far as women wanting that many children is only if you look at nadya suleman,only her plot may backfire.In which case I hope it does,causing her to lose her children.No rel,loving,mother tries to con the system by having more children than she can afford!This one guy is saying Nadya should keep her kids on my debate "Nadya Suleman should lose custody of her children!".I say hell no because she has no job and obviously doesn't love them,otherwise she woudn't have so many.People like her piss me off because they treat kids like peices of valuable paper rather than human kids.That's the only reason they hang onto them is because they don't want to lose their fame.
Posted by YoungHoole 9 years ago
An interesting debate topic....I'd like to see how this turns out! I don't think that the government should completely control how many kids you can have, but there should be a limit at some point in which the parents cannot afford or give adequate care to their children.
Posted by wjmelements 9 years ago
One could have fun with this:

"If the government doesn't decide, then who will?"
Posted by deb 9 years ago
Starting this debate again, because the person who accepted it before is not responding. So please if you are going to take this debate, be serious about it and make an effort to respond.
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