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The government should not run schools, all schools should be private.

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Started: 1/19/2017 Category: Society
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Just as food is not provided for free, yet is a necessity for life which must be earned by parents to feed their child, the same should apply to education.

From the financial aspect, not all private schools would be expensive, just like not all grocery stores are expensive. Schools in poorer neighbourhoods would cost less, the price being set proportionately by Free Market. Cheaper schools will not have fancy facilities but still can provide good instruction. Education only requires enthusiasm, not expensive equipment.

But the main reason is moral, not economical. As a citizen of a country I am responsible to abide by the Code of Law, and that's it. What I think and what I teach my children is my business. Also, I have no moral obligation to finance education of the children of others.


Although food is necessary for people, some people can't get it. Maybe because they are poor or they don't have a good enough income. An education for children and adults is the most important thing that they can have. If they don't have that education then how can they have a house? Or have a family? They couldn't. They couldn't live their life because they can't pay for education. Are you saying that people who are poor can't have the same education? The good thing about the government now is that everyone is equal. Everyone gets a chance. No matter if they are Obamas children or the homeless family you see on the street. They all get to have a chance. A chance to shine. If you want people to pay, then you must have money to, but what if someone has 3 or 4 children and had to pay "1000 per term. That's a lot considering there are multiple terms.
How are people with no money going to pay for education? People who want their children to better than they did? How can they get the education they deserve? and people paying more to get better education? Are we going back In time?
Debate Round No. 1


There is no such thing as "same" education. Each parent can decide what he wants his children to learn, and then send him to the school that teaches that material. If there is no such school, he can open such school to attract enough similar minded parents, to make the fees cover the expenses to run it.

If people want to pool money to share the burden of educating their children, they can do so. (A voluntary pool could work by having each family pledge to contribute a certain amount of money over the course of their lifetime, in a sense, getting a student loan from the pool.)

Just don't force me to join this or any pool. But join the pool I must (and contribute to it financially), if the government runs public schools.

To address your point about equality. All people have an equal chance in once sense: they have an equal chance to act, to do something. The range of these actions differs greatly for poor and rich people, but what is important is the mechanism. Although a rich person can act to build a space rocket, and a poor person can act to build an efficient shovel, in the long run and through several generations, the poor man's descendants would reach prosperity as well.

On the other hand, there is no any other kind of equality prescribed by morality. Besides, that two children would receive the same exact education, does not make them equal anyway. One could be more talented, the other less. One could have more startup capital to capitalize on the learned knowledge, the other less.

We are not going back in time. Now parents know that it is important to educate their children as much as to feed them. If they don't feed children properly, then children will not grow to have attractive body, which will hinder their life. Likewise, if they don't teach them, this would also (as you said) hinder their life. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents-to-be to think ahead and only take the responsibility of parenthood if they are ready to provide their children the basic necessities of food and education.
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