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The history lessons must be canceled

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Started: 10/2/2013 Category: Education
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According to Lindquist (2012) there are a lot of minuses of learning history at school. In my opinion, the history lessons must be canceled for following reasons:

1) It doesn't develop student's critical thinking. It happens so, because the methods of learning history are unsatisfactory. The teacher doesn't let students to think by their own heads, it isn't necessary, because the way of checking knowledge is only multiple tests, which doesn't show the real knowledge. It just depends of a luck or cheating skills.

2) There is a lack of good history teachers. Most of teachers just turn the students into a receivers of information. And this information is taken from the school textbooks. It students want, they could learn history without teacher, because teachers doesn't give them extra information.

3) Some people and events could be understand wrongly. It could be the reason of creation of some stereotypes. Moreover, it could be a reason of conflicts, racism and etc. One of the brightest example is migration of the Jews from the Germany in 1938.


I accept your challenge, and will begin!
1) First off, Pro states that history is taught to students in an uncaring, laborious, and

mechanical manner. And I'm sure that's true in some school districts and maybe in some

states, but that doesn't mean that all teachers give lessons in that manner, or that all

history curriculum's are boring. Furthermore, he also states that learning history somehow

stifles students' ability to think freely, due to the fact that they have to take multiple

choice tests in order to receive a passing grade.That notion is misguided, however,

because many other subjects use multiple choice tests to gauge student progress, and

multiple choice tests, though far from perfect, are a fairly good way to judge students'

understanding. They show that students have remembered certain critical concepts. Also,

almost every history class has students write essays as well, so students do have a chance

to use their own knowledge and creativity.
2) My opponent also states that there is a lack of "good history teachers." Maybe he has

had bad experiences with inept history teachers, but a shortage of competent history

teachers does not mean history classes should be removed from school, rather that better

teachers should be hired or that schools should receive more funding. And again, there

are shortages of good MATH and ENGLISH teachers too; does that mean we shouldn't teach

those? I think not!
3) I'm a bit confused by what my opponent is trying to say. The only way history could be

"misunderstood" is if is deliberately mistaught ! Or if its student are completely unintelligent,

in which case they're likely to be racist regardless. And, I do know that many Jews fled

Germany in the 1930's and 1940's, but how exactly does teaching that create stereotypes

or show that history should be discontinued from schools? Are you suggesting (and I

sincerely hope not), that the teaching of the Holocaust has somehow created racial

tension? Absurd!

Debate Round No. 1


YanaMolchanova forfeited this round.


Well... i guess YanaMolchanova has surrendered to my superior intellect!
Debate Round No. 2


YanaMolchanova forfeited this round.


Pretty fun debate, little unrewarding though seeing as how it's my first on this site, And YanaMolchanova just make it a one rounder next time you debate someone. Anyway VOTE CON!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Sagey 3 years ago
I'll just put my dime worth in here.
I actually found History very interesting, especially when our teacher stated that mistakes made by humans in the past are bound to be repeated in the future, because humans are creatures of habit with poor memories for mistakes.
He gave us the outline of the subject or a short summary of what he had found out. Gave us a list of references, some in the school library and some from the local public library and we had to present to him what we discovered about the incident, whether it be a war, act of government, famous character or religious event. He would mark us not on the content and how correct our ideas of the item was, but on how much we actually demonstrated in the way of research and open mindedness (critical thinking) towards the event.
He gave us some religious event and I was an Atheist then at the age of 13, where I did a lot of research, but gave a conclusion, not based on my research, but my own dislike of religion and he failed me for that.
The same happened to a devoutly religious student who put a Holy spin on the "Noah's Flood", yet what he wanted was an unbiased appraisal of the subject, based wholly on the information obtained.
I hated getting failed and so did my fellow student and we sat there abusing the teacher and both suddenly came to a mutual understanding ( The Catholic Fundamentalist and I the Atheist) that the teacher was totally right, we both were too much absorbed in our own Irrational bigotry or bias.
We became great friends after that, regardless of our opposing views.
Also evidence of his being a great History teacher.
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