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The hypersexualization of little girls is a step backwards for feminism.

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Started: 2/12/2015 Category: Society
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The hypersexualization of women and young girls is a major issue that gets widespread media attention and concerns us all.


I accept this debate. Best of luck to my opponent

Since Pro has not provided definitions in their first speech, I take it upon myself to provide them.

Hypersexualization: accentuating the sexuality of, making extremely sexual
Definition provided by Pro in comments. See there for further reference.

Feminism: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities

My argument is clear and simple. In order for Pro to win, they will have to provide evidence that this hypersexualization is infringing of women's rights and/or opportunities. I will be arguing that this is not the case.

Looking at the definition and the clarification graciously provided by Pro in the comments, one can infer that "hypersexualization" is the result of marketing and television. Since both of these require consent (either to be shown as such, or to buy a product) we can infer that the people buying these products are willingly making the decision to purchase said items. Even if it is a male buying the products, the girl must make a conscious decision to wear them. Since in no way is either of these actions forcing the girl to do anything this is not infringing of said girls rights. And since this is a consensual act, any loss of opportunity is a result of individual action. Therefore hypersexulization is not infringing on feminism.
Debate Round No. 1


Con, thank you for your contribution.

Women face injustice all around the world; in many cultures, even today, a male baby is preferable to a female baby to give you an example. Starting before their birth, women have to continuously deal with inequality. This unfairness may thus lead to a conscious or unconscious feeling of inferiority. Women have been told how to act, what to say, what to wear, more than men and so we can notice that a little girl is, more often, perfectly aware of her gender role, of the role of the feminine in the society than a little boy is of his. Imitating her mother, learning from her entourage, the little girl faces a stricter education.

To reaffirm their existence, women started the feminist movement in the 1960s (women's fight against sexism can not be limited to this movement of course).

Today, both victims of and partially leading to the hypersexualization phenomena, women are, even though they get the illusion that they are making their own choices, for most influenced by existing authorities.
Buying a simple item of clothing because they want to doesn't mean that they are fully in control of their actions. We are surrounded by media messages,that offer women 'role models' they should look up to. Prejudices and the existing system in our societies push women to try pleasing men's expectations too. Even though it looks like it is getting better (and it is) and that women are in power, they are under pressure and unconsciously our consciously guided by authorities and media above mentioned.

In addition to this, since we are debating on the hypersexualization of young girls, we should take in consideration their age, and the fact that they are, at their age (8-13) too young to make that kind of decisions without any guidance.


"Women face injustice all around the world"
While this may be true for Middle Eastern and Chinese culture, this holds no truth for the Western world (the place where this hypersexualization is taking place). I see no relevance in this to the topic at hand.

"This unfairness may thus lead to a conscious or unconscious feeling of inferiority."
This is an unwarranted and untrue claim. All throughout history woman have been treated in the most respectful matter, and this holds true today. Today, woman have more rights more rights, better education, and more opportunities than ever before(1). Part of this is the ability to choose how they represent themselves. This is how this "problem" came into being in the first place. The media has no power unless the watcher willingly chooses to do what it says.

"Today, both victims of and partially leading to the hypersexualization phenomena, women are, even though they get the illusion that they are making their own choices, for most influenced by existing authorities."
My opponent makes this (arguably) drastic claim yet does not back it up with reasoning or argumentation of any kind. My opponent goes on to make many similar claims with the same lack of justification. Pro does not even state which "authorities" are oppressing women! Voters can disregard these due to lack of evidence.

My opponent has not even rebutted how the hypersexulization of the girls is somehow limiting women's rights in any way. Since Pro has not challenged my definitions I must assume that they agree with them. Again looking at the definition, my opponent has not related to it. Instead they just went on a rant about how woman are oppressed in society which I have rebutted.

As for the argument on the age, the parents should be held more responsible more than the media. My opponent even says that young girls look to their mothers more than anything else, so that would include the media. By that logic my opponent has created a self defeating argument.

While I thank everyone for an excellent debate I see nothing but a Con vote.

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Hypersexualisation 3 years ago
Hello, hypersexualization is defined as accentuating the sexuality of, making extremely sexual. The hypersexualization of young girls -aged from 6 to 13- can also be called precocious sexualization. Examples are thongs marketed to 6-year old girls, ads of young girls in "sexy" poses, and girls dressing up and dancing 'porn-style' to their favourite pop star"s very adult lyrics. We'd like to know if you think, like us, that sexualization is imposed on these girls through media, marketing or products directed at them that encourages them to act in adult sexual ways. This would mean that they are being treated as objects and that they're not choosing to act in a hypersexualized way. That's why we assume that this phenomena is a step backwards for feminism. You could also defend the idea that it's these children"s natural expressions of sexuality (in that case you'll be against our hypothesis). However we would like to precise that the phenomena has gained importance in the last decade with the use of technological devices and new marketing strategies.
Posted by RavenDebater 3 years ago
Can you please define "hypersexualization"?
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Reasons for voting decision: This was quite a strange resolution that required Pro to: (1) affirm that hypersexualisation is occurring, (2) show that it is happening to little girls, and (3) show that (1) and (2) are a backwards step for feminism. Whilst (1) and (2) may arguably be happening (Pro's arguments are not referenced at all), as Con said, "My opponent has not even rebutted how the hypersexulization of the girls is somehow limiting women's rights in any way. " That's just it. There is never a connection to apparent hypersexualisation infringing on women's rights. Where is the connection between: women being oppressed in our society and little girls being hypersexualised? It's just not there, hence, I vote for Con.