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The increasing use of slang language is having a negative impact on society.

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Started: 11/3/2015 Category: Society
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I would like to argue that the increasing use of slang language is having a negative impact on society.
(By slang language I mean :abbreviations such and 'LOL' and any other kind of text speech and informal language.)


Hi, I'm Amy and I will be arguing against Pro.

I don't think slang language effects society negatively. I mean English and other languages are literally slang and combinations from older languages like Latin. I find people saying that we should not use slang a little hypocritical since they are talking a language that came from another older language's slang.

I personally think text speech and informal language is not having a negative impact on society. I mean using shorter words and throwing away silly spelling rules is only increasing the overall efficiency of society.

Over time language's main function is to help us communicate with other humans. It seems to naturally evolve to better itself and adjust to times in order to be useful. A lot of English words seem to be shorter versions of Latin words. Of course there should be designated way of spelling a word, but the official spelling can change over time as people stop using the old spelling.

Although a lot of people's language marks go down because of this I believe that it is effecting society positively over a longer period. I spend a lot of time using text language, but I make sure to balance it by reading a lot since in today's society I still need the older ways. If I and a lot of others can do that I don't think the evolution of language should be stopped so a few generations can have higher language marks which ultimately mean nothing.

I also feel we should not forget old words since it helps us write and make our writing seem "prettier", but having easier and quicker ways of communicating, especially in today's world can only be positive. A lot of formality is slowly falling away and I don't think that it is a bad thing. It is not disrespectful when everyone does it and the other person knows that its is not a sign of disrespect or inability to spell.

I think we should allow language to evolve and that its evolution will have positive effects rather than negative effects.

Thank you for reading my argument.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for excepting this debate.

Firstly I would like to say that I do not believe that abbreviations should not be used when texting for general speed, I purely object to the overuse of slang language being spoken in society today. Slang language is clearly effecting grades and not just in English; we are assessed on our grammar and punctuation in other subjects as well. The constant use of abbreviations and text speech starts to show in writing. I can personally say I have seen people write abbreviations in their English work at school. This is because people spend such a vast amount of time developing new shortcuts and leaving out punctuation that they can start to forget and indeed miss out basic punctuation for instance apostrophes. The use of this text speak also effects spelling as the important rules are forgotten.
There are plenty of designated systems and rules for the English language which everyone is taught to remember but society use such a large amount of slang every day that these rules are being quickly forgotten. This applies particularly to the younger population as these are the people who are developing these new abbreviations and use them with such fluency that basic rules are forgotten. But please remember I am not suggesting that this applies to everybody in the younger population.

I think your point about slang language helping us to communicate efficiently is a valid one which I partially agree with however, it has also occurred to me that sometimes slang language can be misinterpreted and arguments can arise over simple grammatical errors which change the meaning of the sentence. Additionally, I have noticed that it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand whether somebody is making a joke or if they are serious. An example might be 'soz' which is supposed to be a shortened version of the word sorry, but when somebody apologises using this abbreviation it can be difficult to work out if they are being sarcastic or genuinely truthful.

When it comes to slang language the problems don't only exist in written work but they can effect the whole speech of a person. These abbreviations for example:' ikr' which stands for I know right, when actually spoken can sound a little muddled and don't make a lot of sense. This can also be passed on into writing.
I think you have a good point about finding a balance between slang and using the proper English language and I understand how some people can find that balance. Nonetheless throughout life you will always find those people who just don't care and they won't find a balance as they believe it totally unimportant. You mentioned reading to help find a balance which is perfectly credible but then again you get to those people who have no interest in reading as they believe it a trivial life skill.
This brings me to mention why the English language is so important. It is vital that we learn to use it correctly as we have to pass two English papers successfully at GCSE. Though it might seem that the English marks don't account for anything they are essential to help us move on to a good university and get a job and strong career.
This is why I think slang language is having a negative impact on society.


Thanks for posting your argument!

I believe that stopping the evolution of language for the people who refuse to do actual learning and put in effort into their school work is a silly idea. It is not text language effecting as negatively in fact text language is a great idea and helps society.

It is not fair saying that the use of text language is impacting society negatively. Maybe the people who can not bother to put effort into their work are effecting themselves and society in a negative way. Like you said, some people will never find the balance. I think it is those people's own fault. Not text language.

That is like saying that gun kill people. No, people kill people.

Also, over long term is is not effecting us negatively like I pointed out earlier, its just the natural evolution of language. Also, I understand that there can be confusion. That is why we keep official spellings until they stop being used.

I think that slang helps us and helps clean up language.

There are many, many things that effects people's marks negatively. Like this website. I could be studying now. In fact I should be...but I choose not to. Its is not this website's fault that I choose not to go study and other people should not have to stop using it,

Thanks for reading my argument!
Debate Round No. 2


Firstly I would like to mention that I am not suggesting we stop the evolution of language. I am just saying that this overuse of slang language is having negative impacts and becoming a little out of control. I understand that whether we use text speech or not it makes little difference for the people who put no effort into their school work anyway. However it does effect them as they have these shortcuts which will come out into there school work and hinder them even more. Also it might even start to effect people who do put effort into there school work. This is because our minds are being intoxicated by the vast use of these words and abbreviations and people start to forget basic rules.
You mentioned how you should be studying right now but instead your on here and I think that shows how even people who do get their school work done and put effort in get distracted sometimes. This just proves how over time basic rules will be eventually forgotten; even by the more intelligent amongst us.

You suggested that it's the fault of the people who use the language and used the example: That it is like saying that guns kill people. But if you think about it, if the person had no access to the gun they wouldn't be able to kill the person. Okay, there are other weapons but that is beside the point. The point is that without the 'distraction' it would be a lot more difficult to become infected with wrong punctuation and incorrect grammar.

I do agree with the premise that it helps speed up the process of texting when you are trying to get something done and this indeed increases efficiency. Nonetheless it does contribute to the decreasing of grades because people use it outside of texting and social networking, it is now being used in speech, writing, letters and emails. There was once a time when slang was something only used by the younger members of society but now we find some of the adults amongst us using it. This helps to show how quickly it spreads through-out society, causing distractions and enjoyable verbal discussions are now becoming poisoned by abbreviations.
Furthermore misunderstandings can develop by using these shortcuts and they are not 'full' and therefore can be easily misinterpreted, as I explained in more detail in round two.

It was argued that over a longer period of time we are not being effected negatively. Nevertheless I would argue quite the opposite. I believe that over a long period of time it is effecting us more negatively because the traditional English language is being slowly abolished. The point that we keep spellings until they are no longer used is almost exactly my point, things are being changed and buried so hastily that our language is being abandoned. This means future generations will grow up believing that slang language, abbreviations and text speak is the correct way to talk.

When we talk about different things that "distract" you (other that slang words and abbreviations) I don't think this website can be brought into it as (in my opinion) it is a fairly intellectual website that helps you widen your views, perhaps it is not what you have been set to learn but you do benefit greatly from debate. However if we talk about other social networking sites, I think we have already covered it. It is perfectly acceptable to use text speech in texts and social media; such as Facebook and Twitter. I only object when it is used during speech and writing. I also think it over the top when somebody uses five consecutive abbreviations in a row because in my opinion it is just plain unnecessary and a little annoying. Despite this I still feel that the use of slang in any social situation (online or in person) does effect your grades and starts to confuse the basic rules of English.

It would be hypocritical of me to say that I never use abbreviations and slang because I do use it when texting for speed, I even occasionally use it in conversation (but usually ironically amongst friends). The difference is I do not overuse it and I don't let it interfere with my school work.

My final point is a point of inquiry, I was just a little unsure as to what was meant by 'helps clean up language', could you possibly clarify that in your next argument?

So in summary, the main reasons why I think the increasing use of slang language is having a negative impact on society is because it causes grades to be lowered. Misunderstandings can develop over not understanding the full meaning and how it is intended to be. It is causing influent speech and hindrance to the English language, and in future children will grow up believing this is the correct way to talk.

Thank you for debating this topic with me!


Hello, and thanks for posting your argument.

Okay, I am going to look at your points and talk about each on its own.

1. It causes lower marks.

I think that marks are not everything. Sadly enough the world is a survival of the fittest kind of place. It has always been. If you can't keep up and not get distracted where other people can keep up then sadly you are out. The other person will get a better job and life. If you think this is wrong than that is something for a different argument. Also, if everyone's marks are down it does not effect them. Who is there to choose above them? Saying we should take text language away is silly. Why don't we just take language class away? I mean our marks will be higher and what about the poor people who just suck at language? It won't effect their average then. What you are saying is leaning dangerously close to communism. Unless you want to become communistic, that argument falls flat since we can't take danger away so that everyone will be equal and have good jobs. Like I said, it is survival of the fittest and if everyone sucks then they will still have good jobs and their marks will be considered good.

2.Misunderstandings can develop over not understanding the full meaning and how it is intended to be.

Firstly, intended by who? Most languages come from people needing words to call things and then those words were recorded later It is not created by one person. Also, I don't think this is a problem. I mean look at the difference between shakespearean English and today's English. We are pretty sure what things mean. Slowly, everyone catches on. If more people think a word or spelling is right then slowly everyone will believe that.

3.It is causing influent speech and hindrance to the English language, and in future children will grow up believing this is the correct way to talk. is today's English the correct way? I mean you are being hypocritical. Here you sit talking today's English, but today's English is just slang for shakespearean English. Also, English comes from older languages like Latin. The whole reason why new languages are formed is because people use slang and those slang word and spellings become a whole new language. Look at a very new and small language like Afrikaans from South Africa. It comes from Dutch and other languages brought there by slaves. Are you saying that all Afrikaans people should stop speaking their home language because it is basically shortened versions of words from other languages? Like, I said that is hypocritical since English too comes form other languages unless you are implying that is has been here forever.

Now, on to my argument.

I believe that we should just let things go its way. If all marks are dropping its no problem. Who are they going to choose above students with low marks then? People will still get jobs. Also, since I know someone might say this. Please don't say,"Well, then American children are behind."

I will lose it since this argument has nothing to do with America. According to my opponent all marks all over the world are dropping since she/he never stated otherwise. The world does not consist of America, neither is this website for Americans only. Why else would there be a bar to select your country then?

I also believe that today's English is more efficient that shakespearean English by far. That just shows the evolution of language at work.

I think language will find its own balance between slang and "proper". It always has and I don't think it will stop.

In conclusion, I don't think slang and text language is effecting society negatively. In fact I think it is positive. I don't see any logical reason why we need to hold on to "proper language". We did not in the past and that is why we have today's languages and we are not talking like Romeo and Juliet.

So, Thank you for debating with me I appreciate you taking the time to do so.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by YourMomoness 2 years ago
:) sorry, my phone makes me so angry about how it auto cutest (see)-that's corrects, so wrong.
Posted by Amy_IceFyre 2 years ago
Okay then.
Posted by YourMomoness 2 years ago
Posted by Amy_IceFyre 2 years ago
Yes, but eventually people will decide on one that works. Simple, not a lot of people use them like you do. So no one else will understand it. In the end its a majority vote.
Posted by YourMomoness 2 years ago
The "I'd" in my last post was intended to be if. And you said most, about seventy-five percent have no idea what most of the new text lingo means. So almost no one understands it. You said you didn't understand my sentence, would you have understood if I said "isnr 'c isnr"? See! You probably have no idea what I just said, in fact I have little to no is of what I just said, abbreviations cause confusion!
Posted by Nerdygirl25 2 years ago
Yes in some scenarios slang language helps communication, however the overuse of it that has developed causes confusion and hindrance, there are rules which only half of society live by. Everyone has there own slightly different slang which means something different to them for instance 'LOL' is it laugh out loud or lots of love. These kinds of 'mix ups' (I wasn't sure how else to put it) are exactly what causes miss understandings. You might argue that you can tell by the context but text conversations and many non-text conversations ,nowadays, have very little flow so context is difficult to determine. In fact most conversations now consist of what everyone calls 'banter'.
Posted by Amy_IceFyre 2 years ago
I understand what you are saying, but people understand each other still if everyone uses the terms. Like your last sentence. I can't read it because you are the only one who talks like that. Thus talking like that is useless sine it does not fulfill language's main work, which is communication.

Slang language, however helps communication since most people who use it knows what it means.
Posted by YourMomoness 2 years ago
To amy-IceFyre
Grammatical and spelling rules are there for a reason.
And just because everyone does it does not mean it I'd the right thing to do.
Posted by superburrit0 2 years ago
What we are being taught in school is the "respected professional English". What society knows is the evolving English language. The professional users of the English language DO NOT determine what words will evolve. Society will determine those factors. The professional users of the language i.e. doctors, lawyers, even college students on essays will and should know when and where to utilize proper English and grammar. the individual is smart, society is not. Society will force the English language to evolve, BUT that is only based on how the elites shape society. You have to understand the majority of the United States population do not have any form of College education and the United States is doing pretty well in way of life. Those people who do not have further education past High School will see no need to utilize professional words, so what do they do? They force the english language to evolve to suit THEIR needs. Now is that devaluation of the English language? or is is it making it far more accessible to those who cannot read or write? that is a different question on its own.

BUT yes i do agree with some of your points about adding the Zs and Ss. This is not respectable at all, yet, it is very much understood widely.
Posted by Nerdygirl25 2 years ago
It is not fair to say that 'it is hypocritical to say that slang has a negative impact on society because the English language is made up of older Latin words'. This is because slang is not made up of words from other languages, it is just normal words with the letters replaced or removed for instance 'sup'.
Also you can't say that if enough people believe a spelling is right it will become right because 'soz' is not right it is not the correct spelling and causes confusion, which is exactly my point. This is the sort of negative impact that slang is having on society. The point that was made that said those who can't keep up will get left behind and that's there fault, is also exactly the point I am trying to make. This overuse of abbreviations is causing people to struggle and get left behind.
To answer the question 'how is today's English the correct way?'; today's way is the correct way because that is what we are currently being taught in school, we are not being taught 'omg' and 'tbh'.
It was mentioned that our language now is just slang from the Shakespearean language. However this is not entirely the case as we still get taught Shakespeare and his language in school and it is not totally forgotten additionally we didn't shorten Shakespearean words and add Zs instead of Ss we kept the flow and made sure the English language was still respectable and understandable.
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Reasons for voting decision: First of all, conduct, spelling/grammar, and sources are all ties. No sources and the others pretty equal, being relatively good conduct and grammar. As for arguments, I will give this to Con for one reason. Con made certain points that were not refuted, namely the evolution of language. The other points between Pro and Con were argued well by both and so leave them be.