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The malicious and misleading advertisements of today

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Started: 2/15/2014 Category: Technology
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Advertising at times misleads the public. This may be deliberate or unintentional. There are organisations for helping consumers. For example, the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) and of its supportive organisation, the Consumer Complaints Council (CCC).Complaints pour into the office of CCC regarding advertising in the press as well as TV. However, it is not always easy for the CCC to make its ruling. Take for example, the country-wide advertisement launched by the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC).The advertisement said, among other things, that just two eggs give you more protein than 309 ml of milk (two glasses), 6.6 kg of apples or 14 kg of tomatoes. "Eat them (the eggs) for breakfast. Eat them for lunch, dinner, and snack time. Anytime at all Eggs are good for everyone. So crack some eggs every day," the copy said. And it added: "You can"t buy healthier food for the price of eggs."Many consumers objected to this advertisement as being misleading. For example, the advertisement implies that it is better to eat two eggs than has milk or apples. Milk is taken not only for its protein content but for other reasons.Therefore, to suggest that one should give up milk is patently unethical. Besides, the advertisement says: "Vitalise your blood" by eating eggs. How is blood vitalised? Again, this is considered misleading. Still later the advertisement says: "Eggs are good for everyone."Any cardiologist will clarify that a heart patient must shun eggs like the devil as they have too much cholesterol. Therefore, eggs are not good for everyone and to say so is wrong. Again, what about the vegetarian? Is the National Egg Coordination Com"mittee trying to make a non-vegetarian out of him by spending public sector money?Take the case of Philips, a reputed multinational-affiliated company which has been advertising its bulbs on a fairly wide scale. The full page advertisement shows a half bulb (sawn half) and the copy above it says: "Why buy half a bulb?" Side by side is shown a full bulb with the legend: "Buy Philips and be sure," written above it.The body copy of the advertisement says: "To start with, all bulbs look alike. But in time, bad quality shows That"s why insist on Philips" The impression projected is that only Philips makes good bulbs while all the other manufacturers make bulbs of poor quality " in other words, half bulbs.According to Philips, the campaign was meant "to be a reminder to the many Philips buyers that the Philips bulb is a quality product and gives full value for his money." However, that is not how the message is interpreted by many.The above examples indicate that even well-known organisations, who should know better, indulge in misleading advertising and thus" spoil the image of advertising in general. Again, it is better for advertisers to observe the "Code for Commercial Advertising


first of all i want to say that on what basis you say that are that advertisements of today are malicious .its totally wrong because in present scenerio there is a high competition between the companies to sell their products in the market and advertisement gives the chance to show the quality of products of companies and it should be .if philips is a good electronic company then oreva and havells also may be .......the price of bulb is 20% lower than philips and gives same quality ty.if it will not be done then dominating companies will play game of capitalism what they want.......through the advertisement most of the people become curious to know about the product and try to learn information this shows transparency in market and incourages the market environment .....again it improves the quality of product due to everyone wants to fill the desire of costumer.........
Debate Round No. 1


I agree to my opponent that it creates awareness among the consumers regarding the particular product but one can't deny the fact that they are far much misleading
Here are the points on which I rely -
1-Cost of advertisement affects the cost of product. It will become burden to costumer.
2-The promoters only emphasise on the merits.
3-Advertisers present the product as a favourite of the celebrities. This has great influence on young minds.
4-People are preferring ready made food than fruits and vegetables through advertising. These new habits are adversely impacting their health.
5-Some pesticides, though in very small quantities were found in common cold drinks. But advertisers are not revealing this fact.
6-All cosmetic products are advertised in the name of fruit extracts, the chemical contents are neither displayed nor printed on the product cover.
7-Teenagers are attracted by cigarette, alcohol and diet pills advertisements, and their health is adversely effecting by these habits.
8-Consumers tend to be manipulated by an advertisement's promise that the product will do something special for them, which upsets their budget.
9-An advertisement for an expensive good is likely to create an ill-feeling in the mind of a poor teenager who cannot afford it. Such feelings often lead to hatred and anti-social activities.

I would remind the opponent that he should post his argument and then in the final round we will put up ways and conclusions on this topic


cost of the advertisement is not the primary concern for a company if it is compared with total expenditure on product if advertisement cost is taken as a whole then per unit cost will slightly increase so it's better and beneficial to aware the whole populace by awaring them ......a product's advertisement does not only decides the selling of products it only awares the people......if you are saying that effect on young minds then it is totally wrong and most of the big brands do advertisement if the product is of really quality ...just like for sachine advertises for boost and amitabh chyavanprash....regarding your third point it is not always that we can have available the fresh foods and vegetables so it's the only way....and most of the farthest areas is availed by it ...but the adverse effect of dry is not popularly known to me...regarding alchohals cigerette it gives a large revenue to our government so thats why it is not stopping ......misconceptions about products and transparency regarding product will not remains in a black box it'll come out with a speedy respond by contumer .it'll not decieve people at all ..if there will be any disastrous problem then one product is launched by permission of government then there will be an action.........
Debate Round No. 2


I agree that modern commerce trade and industry cannot survive without advertisement. The most advanced advertising technology course gives new ideas and also acts as "Survival of fittest" in this dynamic decade. However there should be control over misleading advertisements.
I believe that Advertisements should not mislead in any way by inaccuracy, ambiguity, exaggeration, omission or otherwise. More specifically, advertisements should not:

1-Misrepresent any matter likely to influence consumers" attitude to any product, advertiser, or promoter;
2-Misrepresent any information to mislead consumers into believing any matter that is not true, such as the source of the product, quality of the product, obligation (or non-obligation) in using a trial product, and others;
3-Mislead consumers about the price of goods or services;
4-Underestimate the actual total price to be paid;
5-Mislead consumers to overestimate the value or mislead consumers regarding the conditions on the terms of payment such as hire purchase, leasing, installment sales and credit sales; or
6-Mislead consumers regarding the terms or guarantee, delivery, exchange, return, repair and maintenance; and mislead consumers regarding the extent of benefits for charitable causes.

If a presentation (such as a speech, documentary and newsreel) is substantially an advertisement, it should be clearly stated as an advertisement.

1-Advertisements should not misuse research results or quotations from technical and scientific publications.
2-Statistics should not be so presented so as to imply a greater validity that they really have.
3-Scientific terms should not be misused; scientific jargon and irrelevancies should not be used to make claims appear to have any scientific basis which they do not possess.

I would like to emphasize the important status of advertising in our society. Advertising helps us to orient among the wide range of products. On the other hand they use unethical practices, such as telemarketing companies who call random people and try to sell their products by using any methods. Nowadays people have to be extremely prudent when they sign anything and read everything carefully. Advertisement is everywhere.


i am completing my ideas on final round in a sequenced manner
1.There is a reason why advertisement is so common these days. The reason is that advertisement plays a vital role in general commerce. Though we may not think about it so much, ads are just as important for the consumer as it is for the supplier. For starters ads prove that a certain company or business is interested in pleasing the customer. Advertisements are also a good source of information for a potential buyer who may not know much about the company or the products it offers. It also let's people know about a resource or service they might eventually need. Ads also inform the customer about any new improvements to a product. I also believe that advertisement is the greatest tool and source of of expression a company can posses. Through advertisement a manufacturer can directly provide a customer with useful information eliminating the need for a middle man and allowing the customer to decide for themselves on what they want.
2.Advertisement has also been a huge part of our country's tradition and culture. Advertisement as a whole has opened many people's minds to new world views.We must also understand that ads only promote sales and business which is an essential part of any free trade government. Many public notices are used for moral and patriotic purposes as well.
Needless to say our system of publicity and advertisement help benefit our economy in every way possible.In a capitalist system of government the economy lives off private and individual trade and advertisement promotes this. Advertisement is also a factor that is vital in the growth of any business big or small, if America's businesses grow so will it's finances. Also in this difficult recession one of the most important factors of recovery is employment, so think about it this way:
* Advertisement and Publicity= Prosperous Businesses= Increase in Job Openings= Financial Recovery*
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by pariashi 3 years ago
Me too
Posted by daviddhawan 3 years ago
enjoyed this debate
Posted by pariashi 3 years ago
I would remind my opponent to post his argument for the final round
Posted by pariashi 3 years ago
i started this debate because i felt that this is a major concern over the world
Posted by jdtroughton 3 years ago
I'd take you up, but I agree. And I'm so convicted by those beliefs that I actually hold, because I take no sh!t from myself in distilling only what is undeniable. So I can't even play devil's advocate, cause I already eliminated all the wiggle room for alternatives, hence believing it. Good points you made, OP.
Posted by pariashi 3 years ago
the opponent is free to comment his views
Posted by PiedPiper 3 years ago
Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't seem fair that you start this off with an opening argument of sorts and then say that first round is for acceptance. It seems like you should offer your opponent the chance to accept and make an opening statement in the first round as well.
Posted by pariashi 3 years ago
The first round is for acceptance and then we will debate
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