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The moon landing hoax was really a holocaust.

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Started: 5/19/2014 Category: Science
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Some people say that the holocaust was a hoax.

Well, they sure are backward, because according to me, they've got it the wrong way round. The hoax was a holocaust.
"What hoax, exactly?", I hear you scratching your head viciously pondering. Well, I'm going with the most notable hoax of them all, the moon landings.

It all makes sense if you think about it. Look at these statistics.

Number of Moon people on the moon on 20th July 1969: 2 [1]
Number of Moon people on the moon a week later: 0 [2]

That is over 99.999% of moon people! Talk about a travesty!

Thank you.



I'm glad to join the dabate, good luck.

1. You say that the moon landing hoax was a holocaust, yet you don't explain what you meant, nor do you elaborate on this.
2. The reason we haven't gone back to the moon is because there would be no point to it. We only went up there because of the space race, going back would be pointless since the U.S. won. Both the U.S. and Russia realized that low-orbit missions would be much more useful. You probably have more evidence towards it being a hoax, but this specific piece of evidence has very little traction.
Debate Round No. 1


Hmm I don't think con has answered my arguments adequately [1]. Unbiased Loyal KingDebater voters, what do you think?



"yet you don't explain what you meant"

Then why did you accept the debate, dingus?
Isn't it obvious anyway, though [2]?

Holocaust = loads of percent/number of people/space people getting dead [3].

Haha, checkmate!


What do you mean, "we"?


It was the space people who we were really seeing, not Bus Alldrilling and Kneel MyArmsAreStrong. Here is proof:

1) "They" never showed their faces on the moon [5]. Coincidence? I think NOT.
2) Because otherwise, who or what lives on the moon? Its conditions are perfect for life:
i) It is near earth, whose conditions are perfect for life [6].
ii) It has the correct climate, due to the balance between the sun and the distance from the sun [7].
iii) It is very big [8] (space for friends).
iv) It is night time all the time there [9] (young people are always very lively at the night time, going to clubs etcetera).
v) You can see the stars.
vi) Zero gravity [10] (you don't need to learn to walk, you can just fly).
vii) No water (most normal people prefer a cup of tea [11]).
viii) Lots of rocks [12] (never run out of dinner + dinner ideas).
3) A USA flag was on the moon [14]. Nobody on earth has ever been to the moon, so obviously moon people do exist otherwise it would not be there.

Thank you.

[9] ibid
[12] See: the ninth source.


The sentence "the moon landing hoax was really a holocaust" is very odd, and without explaining what you meant it was confusing.

I meant "we" As in the human race.

"Space People" Soooo.... you believe there are aliens on the moon?

1. To keep themselves protected from the sun they had to where a gold-layered helmet. You can't see into it, and the sun's ways can't get in either.
2. Yep, you actually believe in moon aliens. The moon is not perfect for life, if anything, the only thing that can live there is micro-organisms.
I) Being near something that can support life, doesn't mean it can support life.
II) It has a ok temperature, but not climate. It doesn't have an apmosphere, so it doesn't even have a climate.
III) It's not that big, and this doesn't really have to do with supporting life.
IV) When I read this, I began to consider that your a troll.
V) Um, ok?
VI) Again, what does this have to do with supporting life? (And btw, it isn't zero gravity on the moon. Just less gravity than earth)
VII) Hmm... we're getting into troll territory.
VIII) You're a definate troll.
IX) That's a 404 page.
3. Or, humans put it there.

I looked at your sources, half of them are just memes, some have nothing to do with your post, some are 404 errors and [7] actually goes against your own post. Why did I spend so much time replying to a troll?
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by lightingbolt50 3 years ago
This is hilarious. I can't believe I thought you were serious.
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