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The movie 'Ant-Man' is overrated

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Started: 11/2/2015 Category: Movies
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I will argue that the Marvel movie 'Ant Man' starring Paul Rudd, is overrated
Con will argue that its not
3 rounds, 3000 characters, 24 hours between rounds

'Overrated' in this case is defined as 'receiving hype and adoration that it does not otherwise deserve'. Whoever accepts the debate agrees to this definition


1) Recycled plotline

One of the main 'twists' central to the plot in the movie Ant Man is that the guys who Darren Cross (the villain) plans to sell the yellow jacket suit to turn out to be operatives for Hydra, an evil organization first featured in Captain America 1... While some people may have been blown away from this revelation, others who watched 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' were not blown away, since the exact same twist happened in that movie as well... In The Winter Soldier, operatives of SHIELD were found out to be loyal to Hydra, and the exact same 'twist' was used in Ant Man. Since Ant Man used plot pieces from prior Marvel movies as the main development in their own movie, this makes Ant Man overrated due to lack of a truly original plot.

2) Lack of a terrifying villain

Darren Cross was the main bad guy in Ant Man. For those of you who forgot that, I don't blame you.... Darren Cross is the least remarkable villain in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, his only power being that the suit he wears allows him to grow super small and gain super strength, like Ant-Man.... Darren Cross, 'Yellow Jacket', is a far more inferior villain compared to other villains in the Marvel franchise in terms of overall power.

Thor villain ============ That soldier who becomes an even bigger Hulk than Hulk
Iron Man 1 villain ======= Obadiah Stone, who makes his own iron man suit
Captain America villain == Red Skull, a legit Nazi leader
Thor Villain ============ Loki, a Nordic God who wielded the power of an infinity stone
Iron Man 2 villain ======= Ivan Vanko, who makes a similar iron man suit and even hijacks iron man droids
Thor 2 villain =========== The Dark Elves, who also had the power of an infinity stone
Captain America 2 ======= The Winter Soldier + Hydra operatives
Guardians villain ======== Ronan, who also had the power of an infinity stone
Iron Man 3 villain ======= Aldrich Killian who using extremis becomes a super villain

The point is that overall, the main villain in Ant Man is not only far inferior to the villains shown in other marvel movies, but is in fact the most inferior, in terms of terrifying qualities and strength.

3) Lack of a powerful hero

There is a huge gap in the power of villains in Ant Man and the rest of the Marvel universe, and the same can be said of the heroes as well. Ant Man can grow small as his strength grows, but no one in their right mind would believe that Ant Man could take down Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Vision, etc... The huge gap in power of the people in Ant Man to the people in the rest of the Marvel movies are enough to indicate that overall, Ant Man is overrated


Recycled plotline

Wtf, evertthing is a recycled plotline if everything else. Everything is derivieted of everything else (except the truth). Captian south america's betrail plotline is a simple berail plotline that is in every other game of thrones episode. Marvil's sh1t is all the same, spider man, hulk man, Man man, moon moon, women man (movie about a trans with superpowers) they are all about some poor douchee that is crossed with a something else.

2) Lack of a terrifying villain

You want all villians to be spooky and scary? SOmethimes they are 9-5 dudes who snap under the angst of the system. They cannot wait for the Marxian dialectic of revoluton to begin so they instigate it by attacking the ant man. Reminds me of another villian like that who says "If every villain is terrifying, no villian is." In the days of internet, porn, p0rn, pr0n, tron, bladerunner, a new star trek series that comes out early 2017, seinfeld kids no longer fear what is BS villians guy who is bigger than hulk or the penguin. What is terrifying is a guy in a yellow jacket. He could be the guy that lives next door, your teacher, your kid's teacher. The guy who walks his dog, any one could be this guy there's nothing illusive about him. That makes me pee my pants.

Other arge

lack of a powerful hero, bro us dudes can relate to him! We aint some green a$$hole or some spider with 4 legs, hes just a man with a cool a$$ costume that can make him small. He has to use his wits not his green power (a little racist don't you think) or his spider senses (ha f*cking spiders didnt sense me stomping on them)

THe ant man has a sexy hero with a sexy costume and he's a man who is also an ant, how cool is that.

Urrhhr ahhh uhhh
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank con for his fantastic arguments. You can tell he's really putting that 30% win record to good use.

I'll do my best to try to translate Con's arguments into legible english for everyone else, but I fear such a task may prove to be impossible since English appears to be Con's third language.

1) Recycled plot-line

"Marvel's movies all have the same plot, they are all about some poor hero that is crossed with a something else."

The fact that all marvel movies are superhero movies doesn't mean all movies have the same plot, it just means that they are all the same genre of movie (superhero action films). Even the origin stories of superheroes is altered from time to time within the same franchises, such as how Spiderman and the Fantastic 4 get their powers differently in movie franchises from this decade compared to the last decade..... Ant Man though straight up copied a plot development right out of Captain America the Winter Soldier by making the bad guys in the movie be affiliated with Hydra. Every other Phase 2 movie (Marvel movies that came after the first 'Avengers' film) had a different plot development or plot twist than the Hydra storyline, except for Ant Man....

Therefore, Ant Man is an overrated film, since compared to all other marvel movies, Ant Man's storyline is not unique, and borrows elements featured heavily in Captain America 2

2) Weak villain

"You want all villains to be spooky and scary?"

No, but I prefer villains to actually be dangerous and be powerful, since a villain in a movie who is very weak makes for very underwhelming showdowns and fights. Other villains in Marvel movies are literal gods, and those who aren't have powers that allow them to challenge even the most powerful Avengers out there. The villain in Ant Man though is clearly the weakest villain in the Marvel world in terms of strength, which contributes to the overall idea that Ant Man is an overrated movie

3) Weak superhero

"A superhero who is not overpowered is easier to relate to"

Great superhero's arent people who regular folk can easily relate to though. Superman is an alien from another world who has powers far beyond our imagination. Iron Man and Batman are billionaires who earn more money in 20 minutes than most of us will earn in our entire lives. Superhero's can be great and still be not be easy to relate to, and being easy to relate to doesn't make someone a good superhero

"he's just a man with a cool costume that can make him small"

Yeah, that makes him a very weak superhero since his notable aspects begin and end with him having a neat costume, and having the ability to become the size of an ant.

"He's a man who can turn into an ant, how cool is that."

It's not cool, it's completely lame.... Ant Man is the type of hero who is better fit to be the sidekick of a more powerful hero, not be the powerful hero himself... Ant Man is the equivalent of The Falcon in Captain America II, in that he may be neat, but he's a B-list hero


Jedi4 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Jedi4 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Jedi4 2 years ago
F*cking 24 hour rounds. btw im not a troll nor an idiot. I have a BA in math AND philosophy and almost a MA
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Harder there is a big difference between being a troll and just being a straight up dumba**, and Jedi is clearly in the category of the latter
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He's not an idiot, just a troll - a masterful one at times.
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Great arguments dude! I don't think I can take you here.
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