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The obese should not get the same benefits as the disabled.

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Started: 6/16/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Perhaps he expects us to feel sorry for him, he being the lazy, greedy, salad-dodging slob who is panting like Elton John at a boy scout meeting as he hauls his huge sweating folds of blubber across the car park to World of Iced Donuts, Greasy Burgerland, Deep Fried Seal Pups 'R' Us, or wherever?

Perhaps he expects to be allowed to park right outside the shops just like the disabled person are?

Perhaps he also thinks that the taxpayer should pay his rent and give him cash handouts so that he can give up working and spend more time lying on the couch stuffing his face, just like the government subsidises the disabled?

And perhaps he also thinks that people using public transport should give up their seats for him just as they would for a disabled person?

He probably does, because the one thing that the obese seem to have in more abundance than greed is self-pity: as far as they are concerned, the fact that they are idle gluttons has nothing to do with their weight; they kid themselves that they are big-boned / have imbalanced hormones / suffer from glandular issues / are genetically predisposed to obesity (delete as applicable) when the truth is that they simply eat too much and do too little exercise - the World Health Organisation has confirmed that obesity is entirely preventable and is solely the fault of the individual concerned. [1]

Still, that hasn't stopped the obese and their sympathisers from lobbying for special privileges for idle, grossly-overweight gluttons. For example, Europe's highest court is being asked to rule that the obese should be treated the same as those unfortunate people with real disabilities. [2]

It is my opinion that the obese should not be rewarded for being greedy and lazy by being given the same benefits and privileges as the disabled, especially when there are children starving in the third world because the obese have consumed far more than their fair share of the world's finite food resources.

Thank you.



The Obese SHOULD get the same benefits as the disabled. I will tell you why.

As Americans, it is our duty to be equally fair with everybody. It is not right to judge somebody by their looks, size, race, and even what they eat. It is also not fair to judge somebody if they have a broken leg, or if they don't have arm. Everybody is equal, and will get the same benefit in America whether you contribute to the society of not.

Just because somebody is Obese, it doesn't mean that they chose to be obese. The disabled don't want to be disabled either. I agree that some obese people are useless and choose to be obese and don't deserve benefits, but you cannot apply that to every obese person in the nation. Some obese people have diseases, and they have to stay obese. It wouldn't be fair to take rights away from the Obese that contribute to society.

I am not saying that the disabled shouldn't get rights, but I am saying that everybody shouldn't be judged on appearance.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank Matt8p for accepting this debate. In reply to his rebuttal should like to confirm that I agree that everybody in society should be treated equally: indeed, this is the crux of my argument; the obese want to be treated specially and receive extra benefits that other people who have self-inflicted lifestyle issues, such as alcoholics and drug addicts, are not entitled to.

Obviously, if a person becomes obese because they are disabled and are unable to exercise, that's different - they should receive preferential treatment, not because they are obese but because they are disabled.

Thank you.


[1] Your Resolution is not very clear. When you say "benefits", do you mean that the obese shouldn't get Government benefits, family benefits, insurance benefits, or social benefits? Your Resolution is not very clear to me. The obese doesn't get benefits at this moment, but they are no different from the disabled. At this moment, the obese are treated equally as any other person in the world.

[2] The obese are hardworking. Many obese people still contribute greatly to the society, as well as the disabled. Many of the obese are disabled. Should they not get the same benefits as the non-obese and disabled? My answer is no. Everybody IS equal.

[3] Since when did the obese get benefits? According to my research, the obese don't get benefits unless they are also disabled. Why is your resolution "THe obese shouldn't get same benefits", when there were no obese benefits in the first place? The obese are treated equal as anyone else.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by YamaVonKarma 2 years ago
I'm gonna draw on my uncle's philosophy here. One can look or act however they want, if it doesn't affect their physical performance. Humans are given the ability to reason and learn. This sets us above animals. This reason is used to ensure our survival. If one willingly decides to ignore reason in favor of growing to an obscene weight level, they have failed. Someone who willingly decides to fail should be punished, not babied.
Posted by Dilara 2 years ago
I agree. You chose to be obese. It's your fault you became fat while it's not someone's fault if they're disabled unless they were texting and driving or drinking and driving. Even if they were being an irresponsible driver they still can't become normal again. An obese person can become normal an floods weight.
Posted by Adam2 2 years ago
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