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The prison sentence for attempted murder should be the same as murder.

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Started: 5/19/2014 Category: Philosophy
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Attempted murder when a person try's to murder someone but fails is it really different from the real thing?

Murder is so much different for the victim and his family but for the murderer it only mean s a shorter prison sentence and this means they are just out on the street again faster.

Moving on these people are arrested because they have planned out to murder someone who says they won't do it again ?

I know if someone attempted to hijack a plane they would get the same punishment as if they did and if someone was caught and stopped robbing they would be charged with robbery there's no such thing as attempted robbery.

The opposition will say it was just a attempt but they set out with the attempt to murder someone just like a murderer would.

I would like to finish by saying that if you were stabbed through the chest but only after a long painful hospital ride. you find out the offender will be out within only 12 years or in the us will not face the death sentence.

~~sources/extra info~~ for a spontaneous attack on someone which involves grevious body harm


Hello and thank you for letting me debate with you. It is my first debate. I would like to start off by saying that the prison sentence for attempted murder should not be the same as murder due o few simple reasons.
Firstly, the murderer in question could have been carried away by emotional problems or personal reasons. For example imagine yourself and your wife are happily married, but then you find out your wife has been cheating on you. I am sure that everyone will be overwhelmed with emotional feelings and have a strong desire to harm this person to teach him a lesson and may people with for example OCD might move to the idea of murder.
Secondly, the person may be wrongly accused or framed. This has happened in many cases and it is later found out that person in question is not the real one but it might be too for the decision to be overruled.
In conclusion, I would like to say that these murderers could be framed and not the actual com-miters of the crime and may be overwhelmed with emotions etc.
Debate Round No. 1


I'd like to start by saying that I am not suggesting that we throw every attempted murderer in prison for life (uk) or in the us kill them because I am saying they should get the same punishment as they get in murder and they should like in murder trials be given a fair trial. You may have seen in the news that people like you said can sometimes be affected by emotions and disorders this is why in trials some people are given tests to see if they were affected and there sentences are adjusted accordingly.

If your wife was cheating on you and you tried to kill him but failed your intention was to murder him an by doing this your intention was to break the murder law. If they are intending to kill them they will try again and need to be punished to change this.

Once again I would like to imagine That you walked into a bank only to find a armed robbery going on and in there surprise the robber turns round and shoots you. You are paralysed for life and the person is caught whether you are in the us or uk this person could be back on the streets in 12 years to who knows try to kill another person.

The difference between 12 and 21 is so much the changes people can make in that time are amazing and we need to ask any one who commits this crime and there must be something wrong with them so is 12 years enough time to change ?


I would like start by rebuting Charlie's point bcause people that have these problems and get carried away and try to commit murder can be send to mental asylums where they can be treated and the will be taken care off. We wouldnt benefit from that person going to jail. We would benefit from that if the person learnt their mistake and could be send back into public. Also in these cases the judges will have to take into consideration of what the man has gone through and what diseases he has etc. Te public people pay from their monthly or annually (in some countries) tax. Some of this money goes towars these places where the sick minded are kept. Your parents pay these taxes and we do to. These places treat the person and help them get better. Attempted murder is different in this someone is not killed but tried to be killed so the punishment shouldnt be the same. But if we give the same sentence what is the point of these places that thye government and us are paying for. They are of no good. So instead of sending these people to jail they shuld be sent to these places where they can be treated. It is for their own benefit and our too these will actually help decrease the cime rate. As well as that the robbery example doesnt really fit in because you will most probably be dead and if the case is even severe the robber will be charged with death penalty in most likely cases or given a life sentence.
Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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