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The prohibition of marijuana (cannabis) should end

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Started: 11/29/2013 Category: Politics
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The prohibition of cannabis should be repealed for many of the same reasons the prohibition of alcohol was repealed in 1933.


I accept your challenge. You can start.
Debate Round No. 1


Prohibition of alcohol failed because it was too difficult to enforce [1]. Organized crime received a boost from alcohol prohibition [2]. When Prohibition was repealed in 1933, organized crime lost nearly all of its black market profits from alcohol in most states, because of competition with legal liquor stores selling alcohol at lower prices. (States still retained the right to enforce their own state laws concerning alcohol consumption.

Drug cartels today in the western hemisphere involve approximately 500 cities are directly engaged in drug trafficking and nearly 1,450,000 people are employed by drug cartels today [3]. Many advocate legalization of cannabis [4], believing that it will eliminate the illegal trade and associated crime, yield a valuable tax-source and reduce policing costs.

[1] Report on the Enforcement of the Prohibition Laws of the United States. National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement. Dated January 7th 1931 "Bad Features of the Present Situation and Difficulties in the Way of Enforcement

[2] "Organized Crime - American Mafia". Law Library - American Law and Legal Information. Retrieved 2013-11-7.


[4] "Majority Now Supports Legalizing Marijuana". Retrieved 2013-04-04.


My opponent is right on some cases, but very wrong with others.

1. Prohibtion of alcohol:

You are right. It was too difficult. But, alchohol is easier to get than cannabis, right? How do we know the SAME thing would happen to cannabis, if it's harder to get than alchohol. You see more speak-easies than drug dealers. [1]

2. Crime with alchohol and cannabis:

Like I said before, it's harder to get cannabis than alchohol. I'm NOT saying it's not easy to get cannabis. It is fairly easy. Alchohol is very easy to get. You are right as well, crime rate has increased. I can't deny that. Actually, most people are quitting cannabis. The government is spending a ton of money to control it. Take a look at this chart. [3]

3. Drug Cartels

(By the way, what about the eastern hemisphere?) Yes, that is right. Most of the drugs actually come from Mexico, not the US. [2]

4. Legalization of cannabis

Actually, some people think otherwise... they don't want legalization..

"Don't legalize marijuana, it's a drug that's easily abused, it poses health risks, and the potential benefits of taxing and regulating it are overstated. Legalization almost certainly would bring with it additional substance abuse in the state, and the long-term public costs associated with that would vastly exceed the relatively modest amount of new revenue legal weed might bring in. Baby boomers who hazily recall their own experimentation with marijuana often are stunned to learn that the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol -- or THC, marijuana's primary psychoactive substance -- in domestic sinsemilla has quadrupled since the late 1970s" [4]

Also, if the government puts a lot of money into stopping it, that means they don't want to legalize it. Right?
Cites for defence:

Argument 1: Health Risks:

Let's list the health risks for cannabis, shall we?

1. Cannabis affects your co-ordination. Which has the same side affects as alchohol. This can lead to drunk-driving, but in cannabis it's called "drug-driving."

2. It increases you heart-rate and blood pressure.

3. It can cause CANCER. Lung cancer especially.

4. Wheezing will take affect. Violent wheezing.

5. While pregnant, if smoked, the baby will become smaller than usually, posing health-risks for the baby.

6. It is hard to concentrate or learn.

7. It causes mental health problems.

8. Causes hunger pains. [1]

Argument 2: Addiction:

Most people say, when you use cannabis, you aren't getting off of it. Don't we want people not to get addicted to it? Doesn't that mean we should keep it illegal? Teenagers are usually the first ones to try it. Addiction is horrible. That's why we are fighting the "War against drugs." [2]

I couldn't put anymore characters so. This is my arguments. Pro, you're up.



Debate Round No. 2


Sorry for the format. Not enough characters!

(#1) Regulating cannabis will make it more difficult for children to get [7]. In this study, they found that 40 percent of teens could get marijuana within a day; another quarter said they could get it within an hour. In another portion of the survey, teens between the ages of 12 and 17 say it’s easier to get marijuana than buy cigarettes, beer or prescription drugs. That number is up 37 percent from 2007.

(#2) My opponent's chart shows that even though spending has increased, usage has remained the same, and that 1.5 trillion dollars has been wasted on the drug war.

(#4) Public opinion is changing dramatically. A recent Gallup poll just this year in 2013 measured how people felt about cannabis. For the first time ever, 58% feel it should be legalized [8].

In response to your argument #1, there are studies that have discovered that marijuana is much safer than alcohol [9]. And quite to the contrary, there are many reports coming from Israel and other nations about the positives of cannabis including inflammation [10], cancer [11], post traumatic stress disorder [12], epilepsy [13] and many others.

Actually, public opinion is changing dramatically. A recent Gallup poll just this year in 2013 measured how people felt about cannabis. For the first time ever, 58% feel it should be legalized [8].

Politicians will do whatever their constituents want them to do. Or the people will elect politicians do the will of the people.

In response to argument #2, yes, I admit, addiction is horrible. But to make these drugs illegal just doesn’t work. Let’s regulate it and address the issues differently. Let’s create awareness campaigns that create awareness of their dangers. After all, the criminal records are ruining more lives more than the drugs themselves.
















Gabe1e forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by m_pauu 3 years ago
Why would you want marijuana to become legal? So it can be taxed? You're basically giving the government something else they can extortion you with.
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