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The purchase of health care insurance in the United States should be mandatory.

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Started: 10/17/2008 Category: Health
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I was inspired to do this by a bill we debated for Congress last week.
I think I'll just post some of the details of this bill so we have some sort of outline for the debate.

-The cost of coverage has significantly risen in recent years.
-Many nations which are not as wealthy or as well off as the United States are able to provide affordable medical care for their entire constituencies.
-The federal government must subsidize those who cannot afford to purchase adequate insurance

I am in negation to this plan. I'll wait for my opponent to post their arguments.


I will begin by stating my opponents argument; The purchase of health care insuranse in the United States should NOT be mandatory.

Since the burden of proof is on her, I will wait for her reasons to be posted, before I will negate them. Why should this plan not be mandatory?
Debate Round No. 1


At times, people feel they are advancing, but in the end the belief of progress turns out to be deception. In many circumstances, what might seem to be a wonderful concept comes to an end of failure. This plam is one of those false beliefs of progress. The plan does not actually provide as much advancement as anyone that is in affirmation of it would hope. That is why I stand in negation to mandating health care insurance.

Currently, the United States economy is quickly falling into a recession. According to the Progressive Economics Forum, "There is indeed a serious crisis in the financial sphere, as indicated by events of the last week, especially the freezing up of credit markets. The great fear on the down side is that this could lead to a widespread collapse of parts of the financial system. This was illustrated most vividly last week when some $224.3 billion was withdrawn from money market mutual funds, which investors had previously treated as though they were as safe as a checking account." This resolution will only worsen the state of the United States economy. The United States will be forced to pay billions of dollars towards families that are under the poverty line. Some families may be deserving of aid from the government, but several other people simply chose not to retain a job containing the knowledge that the United States federal government will cover the cost of their living expenses. The Unites States will have to find a way to fork out this large amount of money.

Also, this plan will destroy the middle class. Middle class families will struggle with this new addition of bills. The typical middle class family would not fall under the category of citizens eligible for subsidization. Yet, the government is FORCING them to take up this extra expense; an expense that family may not be able to handle.

Finally, this plan is supporting the money hungry insurance company. Professional Insurance Estimating and Appraisals agrees when it states that companies overcharge an average of $870 per U.S. household. U.S. insurance companies systematically overcharge customers and underpay home and auto claims to pad their already-fat bottom lines. This legislation is mandating that each family buy insurance, but does not correct insurance companies for over charging its costumers.

All together, when weighing this plan, it is easy to see that even though it looks heart-filled and caring, it truly is more detrimental to the United States citizens than beneficial. Because of this I stand in negation to mandating health care insurance.


lenorenomore forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


LD.pwns forfeited this round.


lenorenomore forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by wjmelements 8 years ago
One vote. The person who didn't post a real argument won... Wow.
Posted by lenorenomore 8 years ago
I'm so sorry I forfeited my arguments, between SAT's, driving lessons, job applications, ect. I just spaced. Sorry again.
Posted by HandsOff 8 years ago
Health insurance should not be mandatory. But as long as that's the case, neither should it be mandatory that hospitals treat a patients who cannot demonstrate the ability to pay.
Posted by brian_eggleston 8 years ago
This was illustrated most vividly last week when some $224.3 billion was withdrawn from money market mutual funds..."

Prior to that it was mainly Catholic priests that made panicky withdrawals!
Posted by Rezzealaux 8 years ago
"go to and the Mc Cain plan it makes sense Obamas is socialism like Communism Big Government Control!"

Go to usesomecommonsense.please cause uhh NEITHER SIDE IS FOR SMALL GOVERNMENT.
Posted by constitutionfirst 8 years ago
Wow that was the most nonsensical thing I ever heard...there are a lot of good ways to argue against the socialization of healthcare....tort reform for instance... but what you just said (or didnt say) there was just an embarrasment!
Posted by BaldEagle 8 years ago
I agree with CON here. (there really is hope for the future in my mind when I see this)
I just have to say that her points are right on target.
Dont expect the govt to provide these services without rationing at some point.

When we get there....You will die anyway.
I think I heard a story about hospital staff receiving healthcare from a private source.
They didnt have the time to go through the same things the very people they serve do.

FAST, QUALITY, CHEAP.= What we want in our healthcare.
You can get 2 out of 3 with Govt provided.....You choose the 2 you want.

I will take cheap and quality.....I will just die while I wait on it.

Have you ever noticed about 30% of the young in France at at the pool hall everyday?
Sound like fun now but wait til you are 35 with few job skills.
Theres always a new pool shark opening.

Think about it.
Posted by constitutionfirst 8 years ago
"Obamas is socialism like Communism Big Government Control"

Firstly your statement is very McCarthy like. Drumming up fear has worked in the last two elections but people are finally smart enough or tired enough to call B.S. what it is. Secondly you do not understand communism and what it's tennants are. You equate socialism with communism (two completely different political philosophies) I do not think many of our allies would appreciate this statement - Canada, UK, Sweden, or any of the whole of Europe. But hey what do I know America acting alone is definitely working for us so far....oh wait, thats right it isnt
Posted by constitutionfirst 8 years ago
Damn i would have so liked to take this on - i am going to post an argument similar - if you have a company that employs over 50 people you have a RESPONSIBILITY to your employees to look out for thier health and provide them with coverage.

I noticed the instagator is 15yo and probably covered under her parents , she is more than likely like a great many of youth in that she is fortunate enough to be healthy.

Insurance is now looking at ways to cancel policies on older folks that they determine to have "preexisting conditions" and how is THAT fair?? you pay all your life only to be canceled when you need it the most? this is why something as important as health be taken care as an essential right. Should it be fair for someone to die of cancer because they had to save up the $200 for a consult and the added thousands in tests simply because they just got laid off and thier new insurance hasnt kicked in for 90 days if they get any at (because they had been treated for cancer before)? I have personal experience with this and think it is utterly ridiculous!
Posted by ClassicReserve 8 years ago
go to and the Mc Cain plan it makes sense Obamas is socialism like Communism Big Government Control!
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