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The recent and forthcoming tobacco tax is a good idea.

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Started: 3/21/2009 Category: Politics
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In Florida, the tax on tobacco cigarettes has just been raised by $1.00/pack. It will be raised again across the country by an additional 62 cents. I believe this tax increase is justified. Before backing my argument, I would first like to acquire an opponent on this issue. Thank you. :)


I thank my opponent for starting this debate. I'll let my opponent begin.
Debate Round No. 1


I am for this tobacco tax for two reasons. One, it will gain a lot of money for the state/country. Two, it will force some people to quit, which will save tons of money. Yes, I am very much against smoking. I think it is a disgusting habit, and it does not make you look "cool."

My family, and several other families, would probably be a lot better off if they weren't spending so much money buying cigarettes. It is very expensive, even in the state with the third lowest tobacco tax in the country. Whether it's paying for necessary things, like food or gas money, I think the choice is obvious.

I will go into more detail on how it will gain money for the government in the next round.


DiablosChaosBroker forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


The increasing tobacco tax will help a lot of government agencies, whether it's federal government or local and state. It will help many hurting families and companies. In my county, the school system is hurting very badly. By pumping more money into our economy with a tax increase on something so unnecessary, it will help a lot of these schools in need. More than 100 teaching positions were cut for the 2009-2010 school year in our county, which will bump class sizes up. At 30 students per classroom, this will make it difficult to teach and to learn. With the growing population of smokers, it is only right to bump up the prices of cigarettes in our country. It is not that i think it is immoral to smoke, it is the smartest thing to tax at the moment.


DiablosChaosBroker forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by xPaRaDox 8 years ago
Pro, I gave you...
conuct: it's bad conduct to accept a debate then make no argument
arguments: some argument is better than no argument.
sources: personal source of your family are better than no sources.

couldn't give either of you agree before/after because I agree with con but can't agree with his argument...or lack thereof.
Posted by wjmelements 8 years ago
Increasing the price of tobacco will lead to riots and make people unhappy and poorer.

It will not reduce tobacco consumption, as people will leave their house before quitting.
Posted by xPaRaDox 8 years ago
As for pro, I don't understand how you can take the stance that an increase in cigarette tax is to put an end to smokers, and then argue how cigarette taxes help budgets....Because if you get rid of the smokers, there goes your budget, am I wrong? Guess then you will have to legalize another substance, say pot, and tax it more than the substance is valued at...all in the name of budgets and putting an end to pot smoking (irony: legalizing a substance in the name of stopping people from using the said substance).
Posted by xPaRaDox 8 years ago
DCB, How sad it is that you did not refute his Pro's arguments, they were pretty simple to refute, especially seeing your other debates. I hope you come back in time for the last round. and put down an actual argument.
Posted by Alex 8 years ago
The increase in tobacco tax hurts the lower class the most, which is not what the country is aiming to do. Therefore it is not a good idea.

Your argument is only that it will force people to quit, but why impose morals and your opinion on others.

I don't see any valid argument so far
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