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The responsible thing for the US to do is increase taxes

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Started: 10/18/2015 Category: Politics
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The government needs to get their crap together when it comes to managing a budget, and raising taxes should be the last option.


we spend 3.5 trillion a year. our deficit is like half a trillion.

we can only find insufficient things to cut. you can rail against things like the department of education or depart of housing etc, but you will find you are talking about small fries. we spend about a fifth on healthcare, a fifth on defense, another on social security, another on interest, and the rest on general governance. to oversimplify s the proportions aren't quite that and mroe could be added to say healthcare. that means cutting those departments is cutting a fraction of the budget. you could cut general governance in half, and it'd only be like ten percent of our budget. paying for the poor as the major problem is a myth as hte feds only spend not much beyond ten percent on them.

reputable sources say our debt is manageable.... but it won't be forever. we need to balance the budget. cutting entitlements ain't gonna work politically. cutting general governance will only take you so far. the poor as the problem is a myth. we've been borrowinng against our future so long that it's starting to catch up with us. it isn't all that politically feasible, but increasing taxes is the most politically feasible thing to do.
and it's not like this is without precedent. our tax rates have been much hghe on a regular basis in the past.
Debate Round No. 1


The government hardly even thinks about the national debt. When Isis first emerged in the Iraq region we gave them 25 million dollars no questions asked. It's irresponsible things like that that make the government irresponsible when it comes to managing the budget. We wouldn't even have to raise taxes to maintain our deficit if our budget was small enough to not even have a deficit. Our government also continues to tax people without representing the people's best interest in what they want their tax dollars to go to. A good example of this is planned parenthood. Some people support it, some people don't. Even though some are against funding this, the government completely overlooked them, and continues to fund planned parenthood without consent of the taxpayers. So therefore before we make rash decisions like raise taxes lets make sure the government knows what to do with it's own money.


con doesn't say what he would cut to make the deficit gone or pay the debt. he just says it's possible. okay, but at what expense? cutting social security and medicare? con says it wouldn't be a problem if the government was small enough. does that include social security and such? does he ignore that general governance is only like a fifth of hte budget, and going so far to cut that in half is only a fraction of our budget?
he points out an excess of twenty five million to iraq. that is a drop in the bucket to what the budget it. i dont deny that lots of small things can add up, but i dont see it being enough to balance the budget or get rid of the debt. we have a budget problem that is more structurally impossible to just do away with... it's structural and bigger than ocn says.

con doesn't have any solutions. he just offers empty rhetoric about "keeping the govenrment smaller"
Debate Round No. 2


bigal1999 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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