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The role of the U.S government in Developing Nations

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Started: 1/15/2013 Category: Politics
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Currently, the United States of America has a reputation of being considered a foreign power. However, the U.S is currently taking this level to a level beyond other nations to ascertain. For one, the U.S has openly acknowledged that even after the U.S leaves Afghanistan in 2014 they will continue to utilize their military base that is located there. Additionally, an Afghanistan Mujaheddin leader Ishmael Khan has stated that he would like his citizens to rise to the challenge that they should be able to run their own nation. The U.S along with other developed nations should respect the decisions of these developing nations by the use of financial aid. Through the idea of giving financial aid, the nations could set up their own proper governmental and military system. Additionally, the current system of the U.S and loans to the government of other nations is flawed. Currently, the U.S is paying for much of the Pakistani government through donations. Now, the U.S is demanding that the Pakistani government listen to the U.S when it comes into ideology of government. This is a violation of the moral obligation the U.S was obliged to follow by not giving these nations a chance to develop on their own. Overall, through development of a better system, we can help live in a world in which we are all developed and can live in a civilized manner.
Thank You for your time.


I will agree with my opponents statement that the current process of giving aid to forien developing nations is flawed but not in the way that he implys. I believe that when the US chooses to support a GOVERNMENT through aid that we have an obligation to see that that aid is used to fund things that are consistent with US goals. When the US provides HUMANITARIAN aid I believe that aid should go to the people the aid was intended for. If the money is being misused then the money should stop being sent. I think that anytime the US gives out money the US gov. has a responsibility to know that the money is going to the intended recipient and that the money is not being misused.

Thanks for the debate.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent has also brought up an interesting point. However, I disagree as of the fact that the purpose of providing financial aid to nations is so that they can develop and have the ability to run on their own. Currently, in Pakistan, their government is quite dependent on the U.S an other developed nations. They have become so accustomed to have funding provided by these developed nations. They have not been able develop on their own. The only way that these nations will be able to get back on their feet is that if they are given the funding they need to develop. However, let their public openly try to be independent in setting up a proper government. A widely known quote, "You can give a hungry man a fish or a fishing rod." As can be seen the money serves as fishing rod for developing nations to grow. An additionally to target the ideology of assuring that these nations are making proper use of the money; the U.S can intervene in situations where the money is being abused severely. Overall, with a balance between U.S involvement this could lead to a more developed society.

Thank You For responding to my debate.


The reason that the US gives money to developing nations governments is so that those governments gain power. The US doesn't really have any obligation to provide money, rather we chose to provide the money to organizations we believe will benefit and support us in the future. If we believe we have a moral obligation to give money to any government that claims to be "for the people" we would be required to fund certain terrorist groups; don't forget that the Taliban was a government too.

I think its funny that you bring up the quote about the hungry man. Unfortunately you are looking at the issue the wrong way. The money that the US provides to these developing nations is not a proverbial fishing pole, it's the fish itself! When we provide unconditionalized aid to a developing nation we create a dependency that can cripple an economy. Yes, the money can be used to build infrastructure or things of that nature but often it is used to cover costs that should be weeded out of the budget. When we hand these developing nations fish, we only worsen the problem by teaching them that they don't need to learn fiscal responsibility because Uncle Sam will take care of it. Handing out aid might look good in the short term, but in the long term it often just causes more issues.
Debate Round No. 2


vbatheja forfeited this round.


I'm not trying to sound like a cad, but does this mean I win?
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by vbatheja 5 years ago
larztheloser that is what i am defending.
Posted by campbellp10 5 years ago
Wait so what exactly is the topic here?
Posted by larztheloser 5 years ago
So really you're defending...

a) that the USA should give financial aid to developing nations
b) that the USA should not control the political decisions of developing nations
c) that the USA should not premise the giving of financial aid on the voluntary submission of policy

It would help to make this really clear.
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