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The shape of our world is not what we're told

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Started: 4/12/2016 Category: Science
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I put forth the heliocentric model put forth by modern science in no way accurately describes the terrain on which we live.


I am arguing that yes, the earth and the planets revolve around the sun. Looking forward to the debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Firstly, id like to make it apparent my opponent has a personal vendetta against me for an obvious truth i pointed out in a previous debate. Which i couldn't be more happy about, as it will make for better debating. I could with no effort show you 1000s of instances that heliocentric model in no way accurately describes that world on which we live but I find that has little to no effect on NASAs control of the masses. So first and foremost I'd like to discuss why they would deceive us of our view of the world. Lets begin with that word right there... "world". It subconsciously implies a circle when the word "whirl" d is uttered. Whirling of course means to traverse in a circular fashion, it's by no accident that it's heard when describing the terrain on which you live. What boggles my mind is a globe earthers strongest evidence, the pillars to their whole belief system lies in there precious cgis. (computer generator images) Do you believe Toy Story really happened? The better Disney gets the better NASA gets lol. When it comes to planets they really planned it. See if modern man was aware the truth shape of his terrestrial body that hes been residing on, we'd come to the ultimate realization that were not here by accident. It isn't a cosmic anomaly that we exist and that us mammals are so intellectually superior to every other creature that inhabits the same plane. We are very psychic creatures and entering into the age of Aquarius we will slowly awaken to the deception that plaques mankind among many other things.
Below I will list a few, of the many thousands of instances and growing that can be seen with your own eyes and undeniably prove the heliocentric model is nonsense.
The lighthouse at Port Said, Egypt, at an elevation of only 60 feet has been seen an astonishing 58 miles away, where, according to modern astronomy it should be 2,182 feet below the line of sight!
The Port Nicholson Light in New Zealand is 420 feet above sea-level and visible from 35 miles away where it should be 220 feet below the horizon.
The Eger" Light in Norway is 154 feet above high-water and visible from 28 statute miles where it should be 230 feet below the horizon.
The Light at Madras, on the Esplanade, is 132 feet high and visible from 28 miles away, where it should be 250 feet below the line of sight.
The Cordonan Light on the west coast of France is 207 feet high and visible from 31 miles away, where it should be 280 feet below the line of sight.
The light at Cape Bonavista, Newfoundland is 150 feet above sea-level and visible at 35 miles, where it should be 491 feet below the horizon.
The lighthouse steeple of St. Botolph"s Parish Church in Boston is 290 feet tall and visible from over 40 miles away, where it should be hidden a full 800 feet below the horizon!
The Isle of Wight lighthouse in England is 180 feet high and can be seen up to 42 miles away, a distance at which modern astronomers say the light should fall 996 feet below line of sight.
The Cape L"Agulhas lighthouse in South Africa is 33 feet high, 238 feet above sea level, and can be seen for over 50 miles. If the world were a globe, this light would fall 1,400 feet below an observer"s line of sight.
The Statue of Liberty in New York stands 326 feet above sea level and on a clear day can be seen as far as 60 miles away. If the Earth were a globe, that would put Lady Liberty at an impossible 2,074 feet below the horizon.
The lighthouse at Port Said, Egypt, at an elevation of only 60 feet has been seen an astonishing 58 miles away, where, according to modern astronomy it should be 2,182 feet below the line of sight!
If the Earth were truly a sphere 25,000 miles in circumference, airplane pilots would have to constantly correct their altitudes downwards so as to not fly straight off into "outer space;" a pilot wishing to simply maintain their altitude at a typical cruising speed of 500 mph, would have to constantly dip their nose downwards and descend 2,777 feet (over half a mile) every minute! Otherwise, without compensation, in one hour"s time the pilot would find themselves 31.5 miles higher than expected
If the Earth were truly constantly spinning Eastwards at over 1000mph, helicopters and hot-air balloons should be able to simply hover over the surface of the Earth and wait for their destinations to come to them.
If Earth were truly constantly spinning Eastwards at over 1000mph, during the Red Bull stratosphere dive, Felix Baumgartner, spending 3 hours ascending over New Mexico, should have landed 2500 miles West into the Pacific Ocean but instead landed a few dozen miles East of the take-off point.
If Earth and its atmosphere were constantly spinning eastwards over 1000mph then North/South facing cannons should establish a control while East-firing cannonballs should fall significantly farther than all others while West-firing cannonballs should fall significantly closer. In actual fact, however, regardless of which direction cannons are fired, the distance covered is always the same.
The St. George"s Channel between Holyhead and Kingstown Harbor near Dublin is 60 miles across. When half-way across a ferry passenger will notice behind them the light on Holyhead pier as well as in front of them the Poolbeg light in Dublin Bay. The Holyhead Pier light is 44 feet high, while the Poolbeg lighthouse 68 feet, therefore a vessel in the middle of the channel, 30 miles from either side standing on a deck 24 feet above the water, can clearly see both lights. On a ball Earth 25,000 miles in circumference, however, both lights should be hidden well below both horizons by over 300 feet!
Also, Surveyors, engineers and architects are never required to factor the supposed curvature of the Earth into their projects. Canals, railways, bridges and tunnels for example are always cut and laid horizontally, often over hundreds of miles without any allowance for curvature.
The fact that really opened my eyes is 95 percent of all Internet and phone data between continents is directed via submarine fiber optic cable. NO SATELITTES?
!!!Please con simply google "95 percent of internet traffic is directed via submarine fiber optic cable"!!! What precentage is directed via "satellite" ? Explain the reasoning for the Antarctic treaty and id come back to the round side
Eric Dubay among many other flat earthers explain in vivid detail how the sun and moon illuminate a flat earth for those that cant conceive this.
Regardless of how much overwhelming evidence that is presented to Globe Earthers I feel it's almost scary for them to think deception of this magnitude is even plausible therefore it can't even be considered.
GO OUT OUTSIDE and perform a test for yourself to try find curvature.-And finally to quote Nikola Telsa "Today's scientists have subsituted mathematics for expierments,and they wonder off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality."
I presume the majority of my opponents argument will be their precious cgis. I patiently await your response!


The first 90% of your argument was from a source that is a blog. This blog cannot be counted as a credible source. Please show me a more credible source and then I will refute your claims.

You said that "95% of internet traffic is directed via submarine optic cable." But you failed to mention that "in 2006, submarine cables carried just one per cent of traffic."

And if what you are trying to say is true (No satellites) Then how would the internet have worked in 2006? And wouldn't this also mean that phone, internet, and tv companies are also in on the conspiracy? That seems like too many people to be realistic.

Read more:
Debate Round No. 2


Satellites are purely science-fiction. All supposed images of satellites in orbit show fake CGI "satellites" orbiting a fake CGI "ball-Earth." First conceived by Freemason science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke in 1945, they claim satellites became science-fact soon after .For thousands of years the "planets" were known as "wandering stars" as they differ from the fixed stars in their relative motions only. Through a telescope both the fixed stars and wandering "planets" appear as nothing more than tiny round dots of light, luminaries, circling the night sky. They do NOT appear in any way to be spherical Earth-like terra firma capable of landing on as the Freemasons at NASA would have us believe with their fake CGI pictures and videos. The following video exposes the entire deception proving that Earth is in fact a plane and "planets" do not exist! They just added a "T" and you fell for it.

As I presumed instances of no curvature is completely disregarded by pro. Internet traffic relied mainly on cell phone towers in 2006, prior to the half a million miles of fiber optic that's been laid on our sea floors. You've said it yourself 95 percent is directed via cable, I know your voice of reason throws up some red flags when this fact is made apparent. Phone, Internet, and cable providers would be told the same thing as you believe to be true regarding how the info is directed and would rarely question the information. Oprah doesn't care if her image is sent to space and back at the speed of light or traverses through the seven seas, as long your helping her ratings by tuning in. (To see a clone). Besides the reptilian shape shifters were all humans here, and entitled to the most life altering, uplifting, mesmerizing truth mankind has ever uncovered. We've never laid foot on the moon but that's okay because we've achieved far more than a few footsteps on an imaginary rock. In 1969 man met his maker.

By surreptitiously indoctrinating us into their scientific materialist Sun-worship, not only do we lose faith in anything beyond the material, we gain absolute faith in materiality, superficiality, status, selfishness, hedonism and consumerism. If there is no God, and everyone is just an accident, then all that really matters is me, me, me. They have turned Madonna, the Mother of God, into a material girl living in a material world. Their rich, powerful corporations with slick Sun-cult logos sell us idols to worship, slowly taking over the world while we tacitly believe their "science," vote for their politicians, buy their products, listen to their music, and watch their movies, sacrificing our souls at the altar of materialism.

Our eyes and experience tell us the Earth is flat and motionless, and everything in the sky revolves around us. When we cease to believe our own eyes and experience we must prostrate ourselves at the feet of the very pseudo-scientists who blinded us, to treat them as "experts," astronomical "priests" who have special knowledge only they can access, like the Hubble telescope. By brainwashing us of something so gigantic and fundamental, it makes every other kind of lesser indoctrination a piece of cake!

Earth being the flat, fixed center of the universe, around which everything in the heavens revolves denotes a special importance and significance not only the Earth, but to us humans, the most intelligent among the intelligent designer"s designs. By turning Earth into a spinning ball thrown around the Sun and shot through infinite space from a Godless Big like Bang they turn humanity into a random meaningless, purposeless accident of a blind, dumb universe! It"s trauma-based mind-control! They beat the divinity out of us with their mental manipulations.

It isn't even about winning a debate for me anymore, if I could assist just one person in awakening Id be content. For all its worth you win pro, Globe earthers and flat earthers just divide the population further which plays in their hand. Lastly id to say on the subject, Id rather be ridiculed for knowing the truth than be socially accepted by living a lie. I doubt ive altered pros' views in the slightest, but all and all I enjoyed the debate. Thank you for your time.


The link for your first paragraph supported my side of the debate and had absolutely nothing to do with what point you were making.

Nope, no red flags were thrown up. I'm pretty sure that Oprah is a decent human being and would definitely care if NASA was lying to us. People are not as shallow as you hollowly presume.

You left absolutely no evidence for why the moon landing was fake.

We do not "worship" the sun. We orbit around it. If telling the truth is 'materialistic', then saying the sun orbits around us is 'narcissistic.'

If you think the earth is flat and the sun orbits around us, then you must not believe in gravity or depth perception. Because the mass of the sun is so great that it pulls us into it's gravitational orbit. It simply cannot be the other way around. Also, the rise and set of the sun wouldn't make sense because then there would be a time when the sun sets and the entire world is in darkness. Obviously not true.

You. Are. Delusional. Sorry for the Ad Hominem, but you have invented a crazy conspiracy in your head with absolutely no clerical evidence behind it. Every expert in the world (that undoubtedly knows a lot more than you about this subject, having studied it their entire lives) will tell you that you are wrong, and provide proof. What you are basically saying is that everyone wants to fool you for no apparent reason. You sound like a paranoid schizophrenic. Might want to get that checked out.

We are not living a lie!! Please. Please, I'm begging you, go talk to an astronomer. They can explain it better than I can. If after a good long debate with them you still refuse to accept the truth, whatever. But don't keep yourself in the dark.

You're right, you haven't altered my views in the slightest. Well, I mean, now I'm concerned for your safety. I really don't mean that in an offensive way or anything. I just think you are extremely paranoid. You are entitled to your own opinion, but this is getting to a point where you have tricked yourself into believing in a dangerous conspiracy.

I'm not ridiculing you. I understand where you are coming from, and what you are saying. It just isn't a realistic argument.

And the thing about science, is that it's real whether you believe it or not.

Please, visit NASA headquarters or something. Or direct message me so we can continue the debate. I really hate for it to end like this.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dr_sepheroth 2 years ago
If you are referring to the old assumption that the earth is flat I can definitely say with certainty that you are wrong, the earth is shaped as a sphere.

I how ever am not familiar with the term Heliocentric

I know helio often refers to the sun, so if you are suggesting that the sun is part of the earth's atmosphere then I can again say with certainty you are wrong.

However if your are referring to the shape of reality, I would say the shape of reality is different according to each life forms perception of it. I use the term Life form because this would apply to any life form that is self aware, and 99% of life forms require self awareness.

I could however be going off on the wrong track here. feel free to delete this post if my post is not relevant to the debate.
Posted by Thatguy90 2 years ago
sorry meant con not pro
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