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The statement "All genders are valid" is true.

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Started: 1/2/2017 Category: Politics
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The common trend of making up gender identities completely undermines the medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Individuals with this mental illness (do not label me as transphobic, "mental illness" holds no negative connotations) feel that their gender identity is mismatched with their corresponding sex. Nearly all transgenders of today that have the ability to do not even partake in sex reassignment surgery or get a medical diagnosis and so can not be labelled as having gender dysphoria; which again is an official medical term, not some buzz word to be thrown around.


Yes,all genders are valid, there is 2 genders - male and female. Both of which are valid.
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Posted by Spud 1 year ago
I find myself agreeing with Ragnar; you'd probably be better off if you tackle this from a standpoint of sex (as in biological sex), rather than gender. I'm definitely with you on expressing exasperation at the eye-brow raising nonsense we see prop up from people who are essentially claiming that they sexually identify as an apache attack helicopter or some other clap-trap (like the 76 genders tosh), but you can probably defend yourself better if discussing biological sex. If you really want to tackle the gender thing though, it'd probs be funny to use the appache attack helicopter meme in order to point out just how absurd this scenario is. Ironically enough, that way would probably be your safest bet to try and win an argument. When I was younger I thought that the far off years of 2015+ would be a lot... Better. Did not expect humanity to fall into this state of "You must refer to me as they or zer! Respect my pronouns you cisgender scum!" Truly. We live in such an enlightened society XD hahaha.
Posted by Ragnar 1 year ago
You may want to refine your arguments. With the right source for definitions, they are actually self defeating. People feeling that their gender is a Sharknado or whatever, are in essence claiming Gender Dysphoria, which is a condition you seem to believe to be valid.

"People who have gender dysphoria feel strongly that they are not the gender they physically appear to be."
Posted by mondragoon 1 year ago
This is a valid concern. However, a recent study done in Canada interviewed a large amount of "trans teens". Only 40% showed actual signs of medical gender dysphoria. What I'm saying is that real transsexual people are being mixed up with fake teenagers following a trend. Many of these kids are simply androgynous.
Posted by evanjfarrar 1 year ago
How does classifying oneself as gender non-binary or transgender "undermine the diagnosis" of gender dysphoria? Gender dysphoria only refers to distress one experiences when questioning their own gender identity. It does not necessarily delegitimize these identities or the distress one may feel whilst trying to discern their own gender identity.
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