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The story of Golash, the Goblin Swimmer

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Started: 1/3/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In the year 2052 CE, goblin-like aliens invaded Earth. Originally, they did not come in peace. They were aiming to enslave human beings and all other mammals on Earth.

However, they came just in time for the Olympic Games, and witnessed a spirit of competition within themselves that they had never before experienced.

They were so intrigued and interested in the games, that instead of working towards enslaving the human race, they instead persuaded the IOC to allow them to represent their planet MushiMoshiPichuPichu. Unfortunately, the MushiMoshiPichuPichuians, though they were great engineers, were awful athletes compared to human beings.

The aliens were not able to qualify for a single event, except for one: the 100m freestyle swimming race.

Their representative was, Golash. He represented the aliens in the race and placed 8th.

From then on, he was known as the the Goblin Swimmer. During the event the hashtag #goblinswimmer trended.

The aliens left Earth, and provided human beings with knowledge and technologies that lead to the invention of this time-travelling device which I am using to write this story.

I hope you enjoy the year 2032, when Kanye West finally becomes King of the World.

As for 2014, well, let's just say it is not going to be the best year ever. #fail


I will attempt to tell a far better, original story.

In another world, a planet with blue waters and a shining sun, there yet lived no people. However, from the sea came the Naturis, a race of much varied people who sought closeness with nature. They learned the ways of the plants and animals, the ocean and land. Then came more races. The Ghouls, the Vampyre, the Wolf-men, the Alfya (precursor to Elves. Appear as a mix of elves and fairies) and the Draconis (dragons). The warred and fought, but Naturis became king, but the Alfya had died, leaving only their children, the Elves to inherit their legacy.

And so life continued, until the other races began to appear. The Felines, the Elves, the Dwarves, the Greenskins and the Humans entered this world. Once more the world warred, scattering a great many people to all reaches of the land.

It is unknown when it entered the world, but a force known as Magic came. It roamed from world to world, granting some incredible power. Eventually, in pursuit of more power, they would destroy all life, and Magic would leave and travel to the next world.

The Elves were the first to detect the presence of Magic and harness it, but the Humans were the first to master it. They sought power, and so power they were given. Some gathered enourmous power and were known as the wizard-kings. They ruled the world and defeated the other races, sending them to hide in their homes, save for the Dwarves, who were great friends with the Humans.

The wizard kings ruled with impunity for hundreds of years. They destroyed cities in minutes and raised new ones just as fast. A great many people died in that time. The populations were dropping steadily, and were nearing none for many of the races.

But in a small tribe in the mountains to the north, lived a youth named Diometrix. He was a healer's apprentice to his tribe, and while walking in the forests searching for herbs, he negligently killed an annoying insect with his newfound minor magical abilities. He was incredibly weak, and was unable to summon the strength to do it again. However, he felt a power after he made that kill, and he realized that he could steal the power and energy from those he killed, and raise his maximum potential.

So he continued taking many walks in the forests to search for herbs, all the while killing hundreds of insects to increase his own power. Soon enough, he had enough power to begin killing small animals. He continued in this pattern, gaining more and more strength. However, his dwarfed that of even the weakest of magicians. So he used his access to those near death to mercy kill them, and by it gain significantly more power.

Diometrix was now a fairly competent and powerful wizard. He was not anywhere near the equal of the wizard kings, but neither was he helpless. Diometrix dueled one of the wizards of his tribe, and succeeded in killing him, nearly doubling his strength. Outcast from the tribe, he wandered the mountains increasing his strength by preying on travelers and deer. He soon began to test his power, and he traveled south, where the nearest, and weakest wizard-king ruled. When he got there, he decided to back out, and instead of trying to face the wizard king, he instead killed one of his vassals, which was no small feat. Enticed by the hope of ruling their land, the mountain tribes gave their support to Diometrix, sending him criminals and the wizard-kings soldiers to execute and gain power.

After a year or so, Diometrix felt he had the power to defeat the weakest of the wizard-kings, and thus become one himself. He traveled with his apprentices to his castle, and challenged him to a duel. Many of his apprentices died, but using them as a distraction, Diometrix slashed the wizard-kings neck, and finished him off with his mind. And thus Diometrix had the might of a wizard-king.

The remainder of the story shall be concluded in round 2.
All characters, places and events were created prior to this and are original thoughts by this user. The above writing is original, though this user has written a 8 and a half, single spaced history of the world, this is a far condensed version and leaves out any descriptions of the three war of the races.
Debate Round No. 1


Excellent story so far.

I have tried many times to come up with a debate topic that no one will challenge me on. So far, only topics that I actually want to debate have gone unchallenged.

This wasn't even really a debate, but I guess this has become a contest whereby we will try to write a better story than the other person.

In response, I will begin a new one down here, in hopes that it will be more entertaining than yours.

The Life and Times of Bethesda Moonshiner

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. There lived a beautiful humanoid woman named Bethesda Moonshiner. She was a resident of the planet Gobbledigobbledigoopgobblegobble, or "G", to be brief.

Bethesda had a great fondness for the male anatomy. She was known for having participated in coitus with over 10,000 men. In planet "G" however, slut-shaming was unheard of. The choices that she made did not hurt anyone, and only made her and the people around her happy. The fact that she was a woman and had so much sex was neither a neither to be proud, nor ashamed.

One day Bethesda decided to engage in oral sex with another woman. She liked it so much that she married said woman. This was completely legal and no one hated her for it.

While she was married, Bethesda explained to her spouse that she would continue having sex with other men and woman. The spouse was totally ok with that.

The End


And so Diometrix had gained the power of the weakest of the many wizard kings. He sat on his seat of power, training powerful servants, and killing all who were imprisoned to increase his strength. He purchased captured wizards and slaughtered them by the thousands to increase his own power. He was especially interested in fire elementalists. He brought them in and killed them, thus gaining the most powerful fire magic known to all.

He then left his home in the North, and traveled to the kingdom of Ygrin, the nearest wizard king to Diometrix's kingdom. Diometrix then challenged Ygrin to a duel. Their power was near equal, and their fight lasted for days, tearing down cities and killing many. To end the fighting, one of Diometrix's apprentices, a man whose name has been long forgotten, sought the Elves. He sat in council with the Elves living to the east, who gave the apprentice a powerful enchantment that could allow Diometrix to become the victor. Using this power, Diometrix tipped the balance, and became the victor.

He was now more powerful then any of the other wizard-kings remaining, and his kingdom was by far the largest. He was still afraid of alliances between the wizard-kings that could be more powerful then him. So Diometrix decided to do something to increase his power. He sent his apprentices out to the reaches of his kingdom, and to channel his power, so that he could kill dissenters, assassins, rebels and those near death to increase his power. His reach grew with his power, and soon he became viewed as a god. His power eventually grew to thrice of a standard wizard king.

Then he moved. He marched upon his opponants, killing hundreds of thousands, and massively increasing his power. He killed the vassals of his enemies, and grew more powerful with each kill. He killed many of the remaining wizard kings, forcing the few remaining to hide, or strip themselves of their power to not be persecuted.

Diometrix was unmatched by all, and each day his power grew by much. He was a god to his people, and he had many children. He used his power to become immortal to himself, hunger, age and sickness. He killed even more fire elementalists, and his fire became known as the Holy Flame, the most powerful fire magic in the world. He ruled for hundreds of years.

In a small kingdom in the center of what is now the Western Kingdom, its name forgotten, a man named Belhar lived. He had a similar power to Diometrix. He could steal energy from people, but instead of killing them to gain it, he could steal it by taking it when they attempted to use it. He fought many of Diometrix's children and apprentices and defeated them, gaining in power.

Belhar had reached such a power that Diometrix could not kill him from his palace. So he sent his Holy Flame to destroy Belhar and his allies. The fire burned the land, and it became known as the Ashland, for even when the grass regrew, it remained grey, and the places where the people lived remained the same as the places where the survivors fled, broken refugee camps.

But Belhar lived. He had absorbed the fire, gaining the most powerful fire magic in the world. He was called in Diometrix's kingdoms the Ashking, or the King of Nothing. It was a derogatory term, yet it remained. Belhar passed his fire down to his children and they to theirs in turn, but they could not steal magic as he could.

Unknown to Diometrix, another force came to this world. It was known as Ether, and at its weakest, it could diffuse or weaken magic, and at its strongest it could strip someone of any strength, whether it be oratory, intellect, strength, or magic. When it came and collided with magic, 5 spirits became existent.

They were spirits of balance, and they manifested themselves into five physical beings. The first was Arcessum, who controlled the balance between this world, and the others that Magic allowed you to reach into. It manifested itself as neither gender, and it summoned beings at will to serve it. The second was Arinn, who controlled the balance between life and death. She could cause disease and heal at will. The third was Aerion, who controlled the balance between the powerful and the weak. He could incite rebellion, or see it crumble at his will. The fourth was named Adnak, who controlled the balance between development and nature, and used his power to manipulate his form at will. The fifth was Alphia, who controlled the balance of Magic and Ether. She could weaken the power of one, or strengthen it at will for a small area.

Together, and with the aid of the 9th Ashking, they stormed Diometrix's palace with the aid of the Blood Kings of the Vampires. The High elves did aid them, and so did many human rebels. The Dryads of the race Naturis came to their aid as well. So did the Felines, whom Adnak had gained much respect among by changing his form to match them. Many creatures that Arcessum summoned too were of much help. Together the five reached the top of Diometrix's tower, and using Ether to strip his power, Aerion killed him, earning the name Aerion Kingsbane.

And thus the peoples of the world created an enchantment, that inverted Magic's power on itself, to limit its capabilities, and weaken the wizards to prevent them from possibly recreating the wizard kings once more. They called it the Enchantmente. However, the casting of it was jacked by those with anger against the Vampires, Werewolves and Ghouls, and the Enchantmente unjustly punished their races.
The children of Diometrix, having access to soldiers, wizards and royalty, quickly became the rulers, establishing the kingdoms known today.
And thus, this world has been flawed, and it must be so corrected. The children of Diometrix can no longer rule the kingdoms as they do. The Enchantmente must be corrected, and the balances must be protected. And thus, I come to the Western Kingdom to oust the children of Diometrix, to protect the balance of this world and others against Calet the summoner-prince, and my old master. I come to place the true king. I come to place the one who will correct the Enchantmente and bring peace to this world. I come to place Nothan, the son of a unknown peasant, as the new king of the West!
- A speach by Lord Grae, the character, not the user. Specifically, a character created by the fantasy nerd who uses this profile.
Note: Grae is pronounced the same as the color grey.
Debate Round No. 2


A Very Merry Christmas

Samantha returned home after a long business trip that involved visits to three different continents. It was Christmas eve.

It had been an exorbitantly busy and stressful trip. It spanned all of three months. During this time, Samantha hadn't even had the chance to touch herself, let alone have sex.

She was very lonely, very stressed and very horny. She was also very hungry.

She ordered pizza. Gluten-free, vegan cheese, arugula, spinach, tomato, pineapple toppings. She was very health-concious, and had an incredible physique. Guys would tell her "You are smoking hot!" and "You're a bombshell bangin' blonde girl!". She was used to such compliments. Unfortunately, she did not often get a chance to "bang" any of those guys due to her busy schedule.

The doorbell rang, and Samantha answered the door. The pizza boy was incredibly hot, to her surprise.

"Do you have any more deliveries tonight?" she asked.
"This is my last one."
"Stay with me tonight?"

It was a glorious Christmas eve, and Samantha knew that it was going to be a very merry Christmas.


Lordgrae forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Lordgrae 3 years ago
I am writing. Not a novel, but the first of a 5-part series. The character Grae is the main antagonist.
Posted by BlueSapphire 3 years ago
Interesting (and occasionally weird) stories guys =) Lordgrae should go and write a novel o.O
Posted by Lordgrae 3 years ago
I forfeited because I had nothing else to say. I had no time to do another story, and I would like the first one to rest on its own merits, and not of a second one.
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