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The ten words writing challenge.

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Started: 3/31/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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Each round I will give you ten words then you'll have to write a short story including those words.

1. No profanity
2. The short stories must be sensible.
3. No forfeiture.
4. No plagiarism.
5. You can add prefix and suffix to the words

Voting rules:
1. Only award the better arguments point if you thought con's stories were good not because he was able to do it.
2. Only award the conduct point if anyone broke the rules.
3. No biases

Words for this round:
1. Mountains
2. Shotgun
3. Xbox
4. War hammer
5. Bulldog
6. Grim reaper
7. Laugh
8. Turkey
9. Eaten
10. Ambridge


I sighed and looked up at the *mountains* looming over me. Why had I agreed to this? I hate nature. I'd rather be at home playing my *Xbox*, but instead there I was, about to climb a mountain with my annoying cousin, Daniel.

"James! Hurry up, man! You're taking forever just to climb a little mountain!" Daniel called from somewhere above me. I groaned and trudged further up the path, thinking of nothing in particular until --


I yelped and stumbled backwards. The noise has startled me. I strained my eyes to see Daniel, who was further away than I thought, pointing a *shotgun* at a flock of birds in the sky.

"Daniel!" I yelled, running to his side and grabbing the gun from his hands. "Are you CRAZY? What are you DOING?"

Daniel *laughed*. "Just having a little fun, bro. Chill."

I took a deep breath and tried to "chill". "Look, don't kill innocent animals for no reason, okay? It's wrong."

Daniel gave me a puzzled look. "I thought you hated nature."

I blinked. "Well, I'm not crazy about it, I just don't think killing animals is right. What if I killed that dumb dog of yours? What would you say?"

Daniel narrowed his eyes at me. "If you kill my *bulldog*, I'll kill you."

"I'm not gonna touch that slobber machine! I'm just making a point!"

Daniel rolled his eyes. "Whatever," he muttered, and continued to climb. I put the gun in my backpack and made sure to keep close.

Hours passed without a single exchange between us. I must have angered him with my bulldog comment, but I was too exhausted to bring it up. Finally, Daniel said, "It's getting dark. Time to turn in."

"Thank goodness," I grunted as Daniel pulled the folded-up tent from his bag and began to set it up. Even though I was two years older than the 17-year-old, he knew way more about camping than I did. In minutes, we had a perfect tent, two sleeping bags, and a campfire, which we began to roast hot dogs over.

I decided to attempt conversation. "Uh... Did you pass that level on that video game you were talking about the other day?"

Daniel didn't even look up. "No," he said. "I tried, though. I was hitting the monster with my battle ax but he wasn't dying, so I took out my *war hammer* and started..."

Daniel droned on, but in all honesty, I had no interest in his video game. Once I had eaten my hot dog, I tried to listen, but I just couldn't. It was too boring.

"...And then the psycho wizard cast some spell on me, and I died." Daniel looked up at me as if waiting for commentary.

"Oh," was all I could manage.

Daniel sighed and took a bite out of a *turkey* leg I didn't know he had brought. "Oh," he repeated, "Is that it?"

I hesitated. "That's a terrible way to die," I said finally. "Death by psycho wizard."

Daniel snorted. "Yeah," he agreed. He finished his turkey leg and tossed it in our garbage bag. "Maybe you could come visit me in *Ambridge* one day, and I'll teach you how to play."

I shrugged. I had never been particularly fond of Pennsylvania.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to me.

"Why did you ask me to come with you?" I asked. "I mean, like, to come here? I'm sure you could have asked anyone."

Daniel hung his head. "I don't have a lot of friends," he admitted. "And you're my coolest cousin."

I smiled a little. "You're my coolest cousin, too," I said. I actually didn't have many cousins, but it just felt like the right thing to say.

Daniel looked up at me. "Really?"

I nodded. "Really."

Daniel's mood immediately brightened. "You wanna tell some scary stories before we die from lack of sleep?"

I laughed. "Sure!"

Daniel grinned. "Okay, so, one night, a hundred years ago, the *Grim Reaper* was walking through a town when..."

Daniel and I exchanged stories for hours, and I realized, even though at first I thought he was an annoying little kid, Daniel was actually pretty cool. It was hard to imagine that a guy like this wouldn't have many friends, but I didn't bring it up again. By the end of the night, I could say two things: 1, I actually like nature, and 2, Daniel actually WAS my coolest cousin.

* * *
Debate Round No. 1


Pretty good you sound just like my sister

Words for this round:
1. Con
2. Testicles
3. Xbox
4. Quilt
5. Sword
6. Amputation
7. Died
8. Porsche
10. Vet


"... And here's the paperwork. Just sign here," the *vet* said, sliding a document across his desk to me and pointing at a blank line at the bottom.

I took the pen he handed me and signed my name. "Thanks, Doctor," I said, as a nurse walked into the office with a familiar tiny chihuahua on a blue leash.

I smiled at the nurse, then took the leash and walked out of the clinic, dog in tow. It was a beautiful summer day, with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky, and yet... my girlfriend was waiting in the car.

I opened the driver's side door and smiled at her. "Hey."

She smiled brightly back. "Hey! How'd it go?"

"Good," I said, leaning on the door, although I doubt getting his *testicles* removed was a pleasant experience for the dog.

"Good. Now, you two get in the car."

I sighed and looked down at the dog. Leaning over, I picked him up and --

"Gah!" I yelped as a wave of pain rolled through my left hand, where the dog had sunk his teeth. I dropped the animal on the driver's seat and furiously waved my hand around.

"You stupid dog!" I yelled, glaring at him. He just stared sweetly back.

My girlfriend gasped. "Don't call him stupid! He's just a little cutey-wooty!" she said, scooping him up in his arms and kissing his head. I grumbled something of an apology and got into the car.

I had never wanted this dog. My last dog hadn't been very lucky, and after being hit by a car he had to get an *amputation*. A few years later, he was hit by a *Porsche* -- and he *died*. A few months later, my girlfriend decided it was time for a new dog. This was that dog. She said she had debated the pros and *cons* of a new dog beforehand, but I think she just wanted a "cute" little chihuahua.

When we got home, my girlfriend showed my a tacky *quilt* that she had bought as the dog's bed. I didn't really care, but I pretended to listen. All I really wanted to do was get back to my *Xbox* and find that golden *sword*.

Six hours later. I was asleep when it happened.

The alarm hadn't worked. I only woke up because the dog was licking my face.

"Hey, stop that," I mumbled, pushing the dog away. Then my eyes shot open. I froze.

Fire. I could smell fire.

The dog was barking. I rolled over and shook my girlfriend by the shoulders.

"Wha-" she said, then she sat up. "What's going on? What's that smell?"

"Fire!" I said. "It's fire; there's fire in the house. We have to go. Now. Come on."

After grabbing my cell phone from my night table, I jumped out of bed and ran for the front door, holding my girlfrend's hand tightly. I got a glimpse of red from the kitchen as we passed it.

We gasped as we tumbled out the front door into the fresh air and ran onto the lawn. I turned on my phone and dialed 911.

As the phone rang, I realized something was missing. I panicked.

"Where's the dog?"

Suddenly, he came running out the front door. My girlfriend let out a choked cry of happiness. Then the phone was answered.

"911, what is your emergency?"


Ten minutes later, we were still standing on the lawn, watching our home get soaked by the fire department's water hoses. The fire was gone, and we had been assured that not much more than a few pots and pans had been affected. The lights of the firetruck flashed behind us.

After a while of silence, my girlfriend said, "I think you owe someone an apology."

"Sorry," I replied immediately, assuming I must have done something to offend her at some point.

"Not me," she said. "The dog. Apologize for being mean to him. He just saved us."

I looked down at the chihuahua, who was sitting calmly in the grass next to me. He looked up at me with his big eyes.

I smiled a little. "Thanks," I said. "I guess I could get used to you."

My girlfriend smiled. And I swear, the dog did too.

* * *
Debate Round No. 2



1. Over morrow
2. Nine
3. Older
4. Till
5. Detergent
6. Zippo
7. Limerance
8. Mud
9. Mungo
10. Killer


Sophia13 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Words for this round:

1. Clash
2. And
3. Boom
4. Life
5. Pokemon
6. Platform
7. Giuliani
8. Saying
9. Jajaja
10. Quickly


Sophia13 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Words for this round:
1. Hiking
2. Addiction
3,. Nil
5. Hydro
6. Clash
7. Boom
8. Is
9. Awesome
10. And


Sophia13 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by JR-CreativeGenius 2 years ago
This is a good idea but it is kind of stupid that only con is writing stories while pro does nothing. How about make it a story contest so this actually makes sense.
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