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The terms "white" and "black" used to represent races are inherently racist

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Started: 12/15/2015 Category: Society
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Hey I just want to start a debate about this cuz I had some questions about it. First round, just say hey, what's up or anything, but no arguments. We start debating second round.


Hey whats up?

Side Question: If you don't mind me asking (if you don't feel comfortable answering that's fine) out of curiosity, what is your ethnicity?
Debate Round No. 1


No worries: I'm part ukrainian and part russian.

Ok so lets start off the debate. Before i begin I'd like to do an off time road map. I will be going on case and providing 1 ad.

Time starts now:
Thanks you opponents, thank you peanut gallery. Today's resolution is as stands: "The terms 'white' and 'black' used to represent races are inherently racist.

"white": represents the american, european, etc
"black" represents african americans, nigerians, etc.
racist: a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another

Background: Racial prejudice is a thing that occurs everyday in people's lives. In social media, economic disputes, sociological affluences all have a link to racial prejudice. However, the terms "white" and "black" are inherently racist. When someone refers to someone as "black" this provokes a deep rooted set of psychological ideologies which prejudices that person into one side. Think about when these terms were coined: during the slave era. During this era, christians, who had disavowed christian slavery were suddenly faced with a dispute: african american slaves had to be allowed for there to be a sufficient amount of people to harvest crops and do work labor. Since they needed these slaves to do the massive amount of labor, Christians had to turn to an alternative; to represent africans as not being equal to americans/europeans, resulting in the 3/5th compromise. This would provide the loophole to allow slavery and keep christians happy. Unfortunately, by them passing this decision, this lead to a century of racial prejudice of african americans by not being fully human, only 3/5th of one. During this time is when the color difference kicked in. The americans/ europeans were referred to as "whites" and the african americans were looked upon as "blacks". Since then this term has been continually used, to no avail.

Point 1:
Using the term "white" and "black" is blatantly racist.
According to a study done Jacob Hills, a sociologist from Columbia, The term "Black" is a racist term to use in modern day america. This color coordination portrays europeans as the complete opposite of african americans. White and black are complete opposites on the color scale, which is what is implied when a race is addressed with it. In everyday tv shows, the good guy is portrayed in white, and the bad guy is portrayed in black, this further demeaning african american prejudice. This sort of portrayal is so embedded within our mind that its is impossible to be rid of it. The simple fact that 76% of people arrested are african american is not a coincidence, it is a direct representation of this "white knight versus black night" event. If the negation tries to bring up any evidence that the white knight is better because of non-prejudicial ideals, then the negation is linking into a white supremacist ontology, which would undermine his entire case. Also, the color representation is morally wrong. If I were to be an extremely tanned man, then why is the term "black" not used on me? Why is it limited specifically to african americans, and not other race? In americans, the rate of unemployment is 6.6% however, the rate of unemployment for the african americans is 13.4%. That is DOUBLE the amount of unemployment in africans rates compared to americans. What happens when, instead of becoming enraged and shocked every time a black person is killed in the United States, we recognize black death as a predictable and constitutive aspect of this democracy? What will happen then if instead of demanding justice we recognize (or at least consider) that the very notion of justice-indeed the gamut of political and cognitive elements that constitute formal, multiracial democratic practices and institutions-produces or requires black exclusion and death as normative?


yasa70 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Ok since yasa forfeit this round, if he forfeits all other rounds i win this debate thank you guys for stopping by, cya in the nest one


yasa70 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I win this debate thank you guys for stopping by cya in the next one


yasa70 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by zepharzival 2 years ago
Here let me show you where i was confused: You state yourself that almost every movie nowadays has an african american person in it. You are assuming that they are put into these lead roles because of their skin color, not the fact that they get their roles by being good at acting. Capitalism ideals make it so that your are hired for your talent and skill, not based on your ethnicity, etc, so your point on how many african americans are portrayed as "good guys" is completely irrelevant

Ok so you agree with the fact that that the color black subconsciously creates a negative view, thanks

Yeah sorry about that, thank you for acknowledging that i didn't use that word

This is a very good point, however, think about the idea the post negative ideals. They could be getting significantly more help if they escaped from the loop of prejudice towards the color black. Also the social media effect comes in here: just because it is easy to say and used as a slang, this does not necessarily justify its use. For example the word "faggot" is used to represent a homosexual person, and is used naturally in social media. However, this does not necessarily mean that homosexuals like to be called this word. Same goes for the word "black"

Ok I understand that the white supremacist was a bit too far but what you were saying did sound really like white supremacist talk. Trust me i know what i'm talking about: i'm a white supremacist Kritik theorist.

Thanks for watching this debate, even though yassa didn't reply this was fun
Posted by Aurigae54 2 years ago
No, I read the whole thing thank you very much. My only point with specifying race and color is because the movie argument that you made is talking more about color than race, at least that is how I understood it. For example Darth Vader vs. Luke, Angels vs Demons, daytime vs nighttime, etc. I brought up African Americans in movies because they represent the term 'black' as a race, not 'black' as a color, so it is actually very relevant.

If you read my comment, I never said the black makes feel good. I said 'it may give me a negative feeling'. And yes, you are right that the color black normally creates a negative feeling sub consciously, probably because darkness and blackness takes away a human's ability to see, making us more prone to be killed.

My bad about the last comment, you didn't throw it around as much as I thought you did.

The government doesn't use black because it is too colloquial, not because it is offensive. African American and colored people are the formal term for blacks. But think of organizations like 'Black Lives Matter', they use it just fine. The government also doesn't use 'aint' or

"I am simply promoting white supremacist ideals" - Haha, this is the funny thing about liberals, whenever someone disagrees with them about anything related to race, instead of arguing they'll just say: "You're a racist, therefore every argument you make is bigoted and invalid'.

I don't have sources because this isn't my debate, but I'd gladly post some if you'd like me to.

And once again, you might be right about the issue, but you'd be better off focusing on the government argument and the fact that whites tend to be more afraid of saying black than African American. But try to be more open minded than calling everyone who disagrees with you a white supremacist.
Posted by zepharzival 2 years ago
First off, I don't think that you, Aurigae54, understands what this debate is about. This debate is about whether or not the term "black" and "white" USED TO REPRESENT A RACE are inherently racist. Not the color in general. Before you make these unorthodox claims you should at least READ the topic. how will anyone be able to debate any topic if people like you don't even acknowledge the topic.

Secondly, your facts about a lot of movies having African Americans has nothing to do with debate since I am talking about a psychological interpretation of white and black. You, as a biased person, may think that black the color represents good, but the majority of people do not, according to Oxford philosopher Hagnes Frutho. The individual person may unintentionally refer the color black to a negative out put, however the simple fact is that they still are referring to it as a negative view. So even if you say you don't think its bad, your mind is still convoking you without your knowledge, that the color black is a bad thing.

Thirdly, you state that I "casually throw" the word "black" to represent these groups of racially segregated people, however, that is simply not the case. if you read my case, the ALWAYS call them African Americans, unless I am referring to the color.

Finally, if the term "black" was so accepted by everyone, as you yourself state, then WHY DOES THE GOVERNMENT NOT USE IT? In every major election, etc, the term "black" IS NEVER USED. Its ALWAYS AFRICAN AMERICAN, why do you think its not "black"? Its because a majority of people voted that they should not use that word since it promotes racial prejudice. If a majority of people voted against this, then MOST PEOPLE DON'T WANT IT. You are simply promoting white supremacist ideals, which prove that EVERYTHING you say is given to you by white supremacist, so nobody can trust what you say. Also, you have NO SOURCES, you could be just pulling "facts" out of the air, even though your entire case was o
Posted by Aurigae54 2 years ago
A few points I'd like to make...

You are making some very bold claims that you have absolutely no evidence to support, here are some points I'd like to make.

1)Where is the Jacob Hills essay?
I haven't read it, but I can't believe the word would be considered racist because of something as subtle as subliminal messaging, especially when that kind of subliminal messaging is color based, not race based. Almost all movies these days have a black person in a lead role as a good guy. When you use black to refer to a color, it may give a negative feeling, but when you use black to refer to a race, the feeling is, at least for me, completely different.

2) No word can be inherently racist, it's just a sound, something being racist or not being racist is a cultural construction. A couple hundred years ago, the word nigger wasn't considered racist, but it is now, thus how can it be inherently racist? I guess you mean using the word is a form of racism in the present day.

4) In an effort to prove your point, you say that use of the word is responsible for prison rates, arrest rates, and unemployment? That is simply absurd. There are countless studies all with very good evidence attributing those issues to different reasons such as IQ differences, socio-economic status, genetics, dysfunctional families, etc.

5) While your claim is that 'black' is a racist word, you throw it around as casually as everyone I know.

6) Honestly, I don't necessarily disagree with you, but if there is any racism in the use of that word, it is minimal at most. I personally use it because it is shorter than all the other words. And if there IS any racism in the word, it would be predominantly because crime rates and poverty are commonly associated with black people, in which case, ANY word referring to blacks would be racist.
Posted by Jonbonbon 2 years ago
Identifying a demographic by the demographic's identifiable factor is not racist.
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